Defiant, Resolute, Determined, Independent: The Viacon Spirit

A pure play internet company founded in Kolkata that is revolutionizing the digital landscape through advanced Digital SaaS Solutions and Services.

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Who We Are

Profitable, agile, and building world class tech & digital platforms

Viacon Marketing and Technologies started as a Digital Marketing Agency that offer services to national and international clients. However, very soon, we realized that automation and technology could be leveraged to create global world-class products right here in India. We started with Red Hat Media, our digital publishing wing, and extended it to become a family or more than 100+ blogs in various industry niches. We followed it up by automating SEO through a one-of-a-kind SaaS platform- BloggerOutreach. Our constant innovating spirit led us to identify loopholes in the digital ecosystem. We developed Blog Management, a platform that would bring help monetize thousands of websites. Currently, we are working on two new digital products, Smart Coders and Legal Marketing Agency.

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The Timeline To Success

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Founded in 2018 by Mashum Mollah. Started Guest Posting Services Business with 5 Blogs. Two employees and an office in Nadia, a small district in West Bengal.

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Red Hat Media was born and the blogging platforms grew to 10. Started offering digital marketing services like SMM and Content Writing to national and international clients

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BloggerOutreach was developed as the first SaaS offering. The first orders started in July 2020. New publishers were added and partnerships with foreign agencies was established.

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The expanding workforce necessitated shifting to a new 50-seater office. Blog Management was born with an aim to build the world’s largest publisher ecosystem.

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A second new office was taken to separate teams and expand the business. Viacon hit 1 Million Dollars in annual revenues. Work on Smart Coders and LMA began.

Right from the first day that the business started, the operations were run in a manner that we were profitable from the get-go. Our financially conservative approach meant that we never had any financial obligations in the form of debts, or outstanding loans. We were not only able to survive the pandemic, but grow our business by taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Right now, we are 75-strong, and are looking to hit the 100 mark by the end of the financial year 2022-2023.

Mission and Vision

To be the world’s most successful technology and software company

Viacon Marketing and Technology has been founded with the hope and belief that through our products and services, we will be able to lead the world in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Every product or platform that we built is designed with the singular aim of bettering the lives of anyone that we work with. Whether it is our partner agencies, hundreds of brands, or thousands of publishers that we work with, we always strive to bring value, financial stability, and growth in their personal and professional lives.

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We spare absolutely no effort to achieve greatness. Our teams are driven to keep improving themselves and the products they work on



We understand that the digital is a fast-changing landscape. This has forced us to keep pace in terms of evolution of our products, platforms, and services.



Right from the very outset, we were determined that we will not take any financial help from any external entity. We are 100% bootstrapped.



We stand against the tide. From day one, we are profitable. With revenues of $1 Million, we plan on being the world’s 1st Billion Dollar Bootstrapped Business.



Right from the start, we have empowered our team members to emerge as leaders. They are free to manage teams, decide on strategies, and claim their achievements.



We understand the value of every dollar that is spent. We came from nothing and this is why we are very frugal about how we spend.



Every team member that works in the organization is passionate about making a change. They want to achieve excellence in whatever work is allotted to them.



We are a band of misfits that are attempting to become major disrupter. No fancy colleges or university degrees. Just plain simple logic, hard-work, and perseverance.

Our Services


Social Media Marketing Strategies

A Social Media Agency that is constantly helping brands break from there stagnation and blaze a trail forward.


SEO Services

A great SEO strategy brings together all the three C’s - Code, Content and Context. We place more importance on the Story, the Brands, the offering and the Reputation.


Website Design Services

Your Company Websites deserves the best. After all, it is the internet advertising bill-board for you and your company.


Content Marketing Services

At Viacon Content Marketing Services, we are creating content that resonates with your customers because it is engineered for them.


Branding Services

Viacon helps in creating brands strategy and digital design that transforms brands and maintain their reputation.


Website Development Services

From web hosting to web designing and from e-commerce solution to application development, we offer integrated services.

In Building A Great Working Culture?

Let’s hear it from the professionals that helped build us..

A great team that delivers timely, cost-effective and well researched content pieces that are not only good in terms of grammar and quality but also SEO friendly and keyword optimized.

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Akram Mondal

Assistant SEO Manager

I enjoy working with viacon. I appreciate the smooth transaction that we had from then and now. I would love to continue doing business with Viacon. Thanks a lot Viacon!.

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Sandip Sah

Content Manager

Viacon is an Outstanding SEO company helping us promote search engine ranking of a large number of client sites. We are pleased with their overall services as they have exceeded our expectations.

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Aritra Sarkar

Senior Content Writer

I enjoy working with Viacon. I appreciate the smooth transaction that we had from then and now. I would love to continue doing business with Viacon.

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Subham Shah

Senior SEO Strategist

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