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An Advanced Guide to Quora Marketing

By Moses Siringi July 25, 2019 Form Image 2138 Views

Quora Marketing

Quora is one of the best platforms for gaining and sharing knowledge. With this platform, you can ask questions and connect with individuals who contribute high-quality answers and unique insights. It is one of the best platforms to use for purposes of Quora Marketing.

Internet users ask questions on Quora, answer, and edit them in the form of opinions. Users can collaborate by suggesting edits to the answers that other users have submitted and editing questions. Anyone can ask and answer questions on Quora.

The Quora community votes on the most helpful answers on the platform. You can even ask an SEO question, and professionals will respond to it. There are no limitations to the type and number of questions that you can ask here.

Apart from this straightforward ask-and-answer setup of Quora, the platform also has some advanced features. You need to know some of these features before you begin to use the platform.

First, you can target your questions to specific users on Quora. However, the other members of the community can contribute to your questions.  You can publish your content on Quora the same way you do on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

Quora allows you to search for specific topics and questions that relate to your business and follow them to get notifications for new to questions. With Quora marketing, you can use credits to get your questions in front of the other users.

Quora Marketing: Why Quora is Excellent Platforms for Marketers

Quora Marketing

According to estimates from Quora, over 775,000 individuals in the U.S.A access Quora every month. This audience is significant especially if you are looking for curious knowledge-seekers and well-intentioned people.

Several reasons can make marketers to consider the use of Quora. It will help you to access over 700,000 people who use Quora every month. Quora can also help you to build authority and expertise in the topic that you choose.

You can also learn from other industry experts, customers, and users. Quora marketing will help you to answer the questions that users have about your products. You will also know the questions that people have about your industry and products.

Here are some tips on how to use Quora marketing to sell your products and services.

1. Create Your Optimal Quora Profile:

Each time you type an answer on Quora, part of your profile will appear at the right top corner. It gives you an excellent opportunity to extend some branding. The platform will display the first fifty characters on your profile, including the bio and name as a tagline above your answer.

Make maximum use of the first 50 characters by mentioning your brand name at the beginning. The full bio can contain mentions of other users and clickable links.

You can also create topic-specific bios. You can mention the social media expertise that you possess while answering social media questions. If you are an engineer, say this when answering questions about the code.

If you want to create a topic-specific bio, click on the profile page. You will see a list of “Know About” column in the right column. There is a link next to each topic that allows you to “Describe your experience.” Once you click in this section, you will be able to set the topic-specific bio.

Once you through, proceed to complete your Quora profile. The areas to add include the ‘About me Section,” areas of expertise, interests, cities, colleges, and schools you attended, previous companies, and connect to the other social media accounts that you have.

All this will make sure that you are easily accessible on Quora, and users will quickly get to you when they want people to answer their questions. If you are still new to Quora marketing, take some time to browse for answers, and upvote the ones that catch your eye.

Upvotes appear on your public profile immediately and is a clear indication that you are active on the website. It is a great way to establish your path in Quora marketing.

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2. Use Notifications to Track Topics:

One of the top benefits of Quora to businesses in the market research fun type. You will get to learn the things that people are inquiring about your industry and brand. The platform can send these answers and questions to your inbox every day.

To start, type into the search box of Quora the topic that you would like to follow. Quora produces a list of autocomplete suggestions, and once you click on a topic page, you will even see an additional list of related topics that will follow along the side.

Also, you can search for the users you want to follow and get notifications for their new answers. When dealing with blog posts, search for the author and blog name, and opt to follow the blog so that you can receive new post updates.

To set up your email notifications well, go on the settings page and click on notifications and email. In this place, you can customize the specificity and frequency of the email that you get from Quora.

Besides, each moment you log into Quora, the home feed contains the greatest and latest from the blogs, people, and topics that you follow.

3. Identify the Best Questions You Need to Answer:

You can answer any type of questions that you want on quora. It is the best way to share knowledge and involve in the community.

If you are looking for the most strategic way of answering questions, you need to consider a few things. Search for the topics you have chosen as this will significantly narrow down the questions. The topic that you choose should fit your business well. Go for the one that you have meaningful stats for or you have written about recently.

Find the threads that have a lot of upvotes. You need upvotes signals whose questions are viewed the most. One popular answer can lead to a long list of views per day and several clicks back to your website.

Find new questions to increase your chances of bubbling up to the top of the answer list if your answers come early.

4. Answer a Question Authoritatively:

You gain influence and expertise as you spread knowledge. The most crucial benefit of Quora marketing to customers is the fact that they see you as an authority on a given topic.

Provide great value and answer questions, and your influence will begin to soar. Several things will make your answers excellent. According to the Crazy Egg blog, the best solutions are the ones that provide references, sources, and statistics.

The answers should be short and useful and point to external resources. Some of the compositions of these answers include storytelling with takeaways, focused, specific, personality, passionate about the topic.

After writing a short and good answer that is valuable, you can include a link to your references. It is excellent if you have the information in the form of a long blog or website. The answer should be brief, specific, and focused if you want to take your Quora marketing to the next level.

5. Re-answer the Questions You Have Previously Answered in the Blog and Link Back to Your Answer:

By now, we are getting to the repurposing content realm. You have to make your articles and blog posts offer value after publication. For instance, you could have written an article that has several problems and common question.

Take the blog post, look for questions that you have already answered and got some of these questions on Quora. From here, you can share the answers in your article to the Quora questions and link them back to your blog post for full details.

6. Set Up a Quora Page for Your Brand:

Just as is the case with Wikipedia, you can create a page on Quora about anything.  Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to promote your Quora marketing initiatives. The starting point is the search for your business name on Quora.

If you don’t see the name appearing as a topic on the results page, you can search for it in the right sidebar under the “Add Question” box and click the link for creating a topic and adding a brief description.

After the topic goes live, it is good to request the Quora community to review your topic. It will help those people who are wondering if they should invest in a service subscription or deal with the company. It will add some testimonials and social proof for the presence of your brand on Quora.

7. Carry Out Research on a Topic:

Quora Marketing

You need to ask what people are asking on Quora. These are the questions that can lead to great posts. You can do this in several ways. The most important thing is to have a successful Quora marketing initiative.

Go through the main questions and answers that are covered in your blog topic. Also, you need to check the popularity of the threads. Determine whether there are several upvotes and conversations. These elements can help you to make great blog posts.

The nest thing is to validate your ideas with Quora. Once you have a rough idea of the seed, search for the topic on Quora to see what people have to say about it. You may get a new angle or particular direction or the validation you are searching for.

8. Get Easy and Quick Crowd-Sourced Content:

Apart from helping you to generate story ideas, Quora can help you to come up with the whole blog post. Ask users about their opinion on a particular topic and summarize all their answers on an article. Quora allows you to ask for experiences and stories that other people go through.

It is better than a closed or specific question that has a single answer. Look for some good examples of great questions and use them. In some general questions, value comes from any or all answers. If you have a specific question to people who know their stuff within your niche, you can go through additional steps.

Make sure that your questions are categorized correctly and unique. It will make sure that the right people are finding the content. The second strategy is to invite specific Quora users to answer your questions. You will see this option after posting your question to Quora.

If you understand the experts in your field, search them by name and seek answers from them. After your answers come in, you will have the foundation for excellent roundup posts with a broad range of input and sources.

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9. Discover Ideas for New Headlines:

Just like doing headline research by typing relevant keywords in the Google search, you need to do the same thing with Quora. Type your keyword in the Quora search and filter your results to show the questions.

On the results page, you will see how people ask questions about the keywords you have chosen and this will help you in framing your content.

The most common questions in terms of upvotes and answers will tell you the value that is awarded to the theme. It will also help you to craft your upcoming blog posts.

10. Help With Influence and Customer Support:

One of the top benefits of Quora marketing is building authority. You can use Quora to offer customer support to your users. It can also give the discussions about your product a positive impact on the market.

Like any other social media platforms, Quora marketing allows you to communicate with your customers directly. You may find your customers asking questions about your products in Quora. It is good to have one of your employees answering all these questions. Thus, Quora is one of the most effective marketing platforms in the market.


Quora is one of the most effective marketing platforms in the market. With Quora marketing, users ask questions and they get answers from professionals. You can answer questions about your product and optimize your product pages. Taking advantage of this platform will make sure that you get the best for your brand.

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