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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Capabilities To Achieve Better Social Media Presence

By Ejaz Ahmed October 6, 2023 Form Image 664 Views

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Have you joined the bandwagon of thinking that AI or Artificial Intelligence tools can do wonders? Not me, these are the words of the world’s eminent digital marketing experts. These latest, advanced and robust technology models work faster and without any flaws. The integration of AI tools are emerging as a game-changer in terms of optimizing social media posts on various platforms.    

The main purpose of this blog is to understand the pros and cons of using AI tools to track optimize and analyse social media posts. These unique models and tools can even analyse the potentiality of any particular social media post. The question arises, whether using AI tools for Social Media Optimization is always a win-win situation or it also has some drawbacks.

Are these AI tools really helpful in offering insights to organizations or not? Let’s not waste more time and delve deep into the topic and find the advantages of AI tools in Social Media Marketing.  

Advantages Of Using AI For Social Media Platforms

There are several advantages of using AI for your social media platforms. Let’s have a look!

1. Increasing Customization In Terms Of Creating Posts

Increasing Customization In Terms Of Creating Posts

Increasing customization is one of the most significant advantages of incorporating AI into the social media marketing process. Artificial Intelligence algorithms assist organizations in creating tailor-made content that can be used as Social Media Ads, LinkedIn content, and Twitter and Instagram Posts following the behaviours of the targeted audience of any specific industry.

These customized or personalised content help businesses in growing deeper connections along with improving business engagements. This also helps in developing the brand’s loyalty among the customers.

2. In-sync Data Analysis

In-sync Data Analysis

It is important to avail yourself of real-time insights for your business. We are living in a world where every analysis is fast-paced and we need to address the issues with real-time solutions. AI tools manage to stay relevant in terms of analysing the latest business trends and customers’ behavioural approaches to any product or service. So, AI models provide you with the opportunity for data-driven decision-making for your business. 

For example, if you are a product-based organization, you can analyse last month’s report of your social media handles and can act accordingly in the next month. It means it helps you take quick actions for the betterment of your business.

Using AI tools empowers you to create business strategies; capitalize on the latest trends and even take a proactive approach to designing your social media marketing.     

3. Improved Chatbots And Robust Customer Support

Improved Chatbots And Robust Customer Support

Attending to your customer’s queries, and comments are the straight way to improve customer service. If sources are to be believed, AI-enabled chatbots have already revolutionised the process of offering customer support. An AI-powered chatbot helps attend to your customers’ queries instantly.

It focuses on complex customer interactions and engagements. It is easier to answer all the routine queries for your businesses. Hence, this improves customer satisfaction creates a positive brand image, and enhances customers’ loyalty. 

4. Scope Of Automation In Content Scheduling

Scope Of Automation In Content Scheduling

AI models are efficient in automating content scheduling for varied content posting on social media platforms. The latest process ensures hassle-free content delivery even when your target audience is most active.

Apart from automated content scheduling, AI models help in optimising the timing of social media posts, ensuring they are delivered when the target audience is most active. 

By utilising Artificial Intelligence-driven scheduling, businesses can maximise the visibility of their content, leading to higher engagement and interaction rates. This automated approach also saves time for marketers, enabling them to concentrate on crafting compelling content and developing overall marketing strategies.

5. Identifying Both Negative & Positive Comments

Identifying Both Negative & Positive Comments

AI tools help in identifying both negative and positive comments on your social media profiles. It is easier to attend and take action for those comments regularly. So, with this feature, one can easily keep track of their brand image.

After discussing these top 5 advantages, let’s find out some measures of using AI tools for social media channels.

Disadvantages Of Integrating AI Tools For Social Media Platforms 

As we say, everything has its pros and cons! AI-integrated tools which are used for social media platforms do face challenges in many parameters. Let’s have a look at the major drawbacks which come with AI integration on Social Media platforms.            

1. Possibilities Of Data Breaching

Possibilities Of Data Breaching

AI generates and deals with huge amounts of data. It can simplify, identify and structure according to the requirement. During these processes, the major shortcomings are data breaching/compromise. So, protecting confidential or sensitive data becomes an added process for businesses during the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  

To avoid data breaches and such circumstances, the companies should start practising and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. It is essential to implement robust security measures when business data is concerned. Organizations should be concerned about using sensitive data on social media platforms.

2. Over-trusting On AI Automation

Over-trusting On AI Automation

It is true that AI offers huge benefits and accelerates marketing processes. But, is it enough and can be the reason for over-using AI? It is not! Leaving the human touch completely and following AI blindly can create issues on many levels.

Hence, we all should strike a balance using automation technology and human brains. Any social media interaction that lacks those personal emotions can be felt robotic.

A balance between AI-driven automation and human involvement makes it difficult to create meaningful connections with your targeted audience.

3. Investment In learning

Investment In learning

Automated social media marketing processes are not that easy. It requires skill and expertise to perform accordingly.  Apart from that, integrating Artificial Intelligence technology into social media marketing requires initial investments by the organizations.

Businesses require investing time and resources to understand different tools and platforms. So, training is important for the employees.

Though, there are several long-term benefits of integrating AI. For example, the technology helps you to achieve efficiency and improve social media campaign performance. 

4. Keep Tracking The Performances

Keep Tracking The Performances

It is not always that you can leave everything on AI-driven processes. It requires being monitored and overseen to ensure that it is meeting all the aspects of your business.

Every business has its value and goal in terms of achieving its marketing objectives. Evaluating Artificial Intelligence performances and tracking the feedback on the loop help identify the improvement areas.

5. Miss-leading Information And Being Bias

Miss-leading Information And Being Bias

There are several instances, where relying on AI tools has backfired organizations in spreading wrong information and being biased on social platforms. So, again intervening on the human resource level is not necessary but mandatory.

One thing is clear it is machine-generated work and without that human brain, it can be one-tracked. This thing can be heavily harmful for an organization in terms of brand value and more. 

Final Thoughts

Augmentation of human efforts is important with technical advancements. So, if you are planning to use the most valuable Artificial Intelligence tool for marketing, do not forget that you need to have a dedicated team of people to work on that. Human efforts can’t be replaced with robust tools.

It is better that we try to combine human ingenuity with AI’s analytical prowess!

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