10 Steps to Improve Your Brand’s Reputation Management Online

Brand's Reputation Management

Brand’s reputation management is as one of the vital parts of any business. Companies will agree that building a good reputation takes years of consistency services and customer orientation coupled with painstaking efforts, and hard work. From the online community of users, it is usually tough to earn trust and reputations of customers. Also, it can take only minutes to lose the confidence that you had once gained with negative feedback or comments from viewers. In 2019, online brand reputation management has emerged as a separate digital marketing sub-discipline. 

Hence, it is necessary for maintaining online reputations for any businesses in the present context of online frauds and possible troublemaker activity of the competitor. The fact is that gaining your reputation can take a single day; however, with a perfect brand’s reputation management strategy, you are sure of having good online reputations. Creative agencies are drafting brand reputation management strategies to help brand maintain their online personalities.

Brand reputation management is a wide-ranging strategic approach that aids to maintain the reputation of any brands or businesses. Many service providers are offering online reputations control with effective search engine optimization services. These brand reputation reputation strategies blended with the SEO will not only aid you in holding up your reputation and credibility on the World Wide Web arena but also help in high ranking of your websites in the search engine results.

Below are some of the approaches to online reputation management strategies:

Promoting and creating sister websites:

When you improve your website via the sister sites or micro-sites that have promotions with the keywords desired, then this can be the best way of overcoming the negative feedback. By doing this, the micro-sites gain first-page keyword rankings with the promotion relatively easier than your websites.at the moment you have the adequate number of keywords on the first page of SERP, pushing back the complaint link to the results page, can be easy thereby helping you maintain your brands reputation management to its original positions.

Removing all the negative feedback links:

It is a fact that removing any link from the search engine page is not that possible, but you can downgrade them to the extent of becoming invisible to users. At times you can become successful in removing all the allegations links from your featuring website. Removing negative links are a critical component of online brand reputation management.



Having a well-maintained profile blog for your websites is an excellent idea for brand reputation management. These blogs containing information that is rich in the text will always attract visitors. You can also choose to add social media links like Twitter and Facebook along with your blogs so that those visiting your blog go on spreading its links in their circles.

This is very advantageous as it helps in the maintenance of online brand reputation that are of informative websites with quality blogging contents. Blogging has emerged in recent years as a brand reputation strategy followed by the biggest brands in the world.

The process of Brand Reputation Management:

Usually, the process of brands reputation management is broken down into four main categories; monitoring, influencing, maintenance, and recovery. By monitoring what other people say about your brands is crucial as it helps in revealing what action you need to take next. During the influencing stage you apply the right strategies to assist in influencing what others are saying about your brands.

Once you have achieved a good reputation, then the goal of the brand managers is always to ensure they maintain a positive status. And in the case, your brand’s reputation management is hitting maybe due to several negative reviewing’s or some other reasons, and then you need to take back the steps to aid recovering the loss. Your digital marketing agency should always have a standing brand reputation management strategy in place.

In case you are looking for a company to manage your online brand image, what are the things you should consider?

  • They need to know your audience:

For as long as advertisements exist, demographics are a critical factor in successful marketing. But due to the advancement of the internet, slot marketing has taken on new levels of importance. Due to the data gathering tools availability in marketing the professionals, competent companies should isolate particular characteristics about your target demographic zeroing in the untouched and precise corners of the marketplaces that you can exploit successfully.

  • Be sure that the agency understands your vision:

You should have confidence that the company you are contacting is fully aware of the bright and concise view that your brand holds. Possibly, before reaching out to any marketing companies, you should ensure that you spend some time to clarify the online brand reputation you strive for yourself.

  • They should do speaking with your voice:

This goes in hand with brand vision understanding. The company that you are contracting at final should always be able to represent you successfully to your potential clientele by speaking with your voice. This voice is aimed at meeting the needs and desires of the targeted consumer audiences.

More so, before a company manifests your brand’s vision, spending some time and deciding what your vision constitutes is vital.is your brand voice warm and enthusiastic?  Indifferent and hip? Carefree and fun? These are the key things you should consider before reaching out to any marketing companies. The stronger your vision is for your brands, the more effective marketing companies present it to the public.

Anything people say about your brands will create a significant impact on your potential buyers and the available customer’s minds. Therefore, online brand’s reputation management is essential to enable your customers to read good things and about it getting the right influence to purchase from you. Below are some critical steps that can aid you:

1. Establishing your presence on social media:

social media

People are using social media on a scale like never before. This makes it is essential to ensure that you have a definite presence on all the major social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, to name but a few. Research shows that nine out of ten percent of people listen to what their families, friends, and other customers say about your brand and its products before choosing to buy.

And due to the existence of Google’s presence, for making fresh posts and contents on social media, make sure that you are posting interesting and informative posts to aid you in connecting much better with your customers. Social media is the most important wheel in online brand reputation management strategies.

2. Get enough positive reviews:

Whenever your brand gets positive reviews, this can do it a world of good. Just picture customers were searching for particular products online, and they get all hunky dory postings on the first pages of Google. Think of how this will boost the chance of the customers daring to buy the products. It is essential for you to go to great lengths for ensuring that positive reviews are posted about your brands across all the popular customer review sites. This is achieved by encouragin satisfied clients rating and reviewing your products and promoting their studies as much as they can.

3. Listening to what your customers say:

It is very vital to pay interest in what your customers are conveying to you on social media websites. Listening is a useful communication tool and interfaces between brands and their customer’s. Thus, customer’s messages and shot outs serve great sources of feedbacks and reviews helping you in improving your services and products.

4. Engaging the negative reviewers:

Those writing negative reviews about you may have some reasons. This may be due to either the unethical practices of competition or it may be due to grudges because of the unpleasant experiences of services or products. You can engage them and try knowing the reason behind their bad adventures. Also, since you can’t do much in the case of grudges, you can report abuse against the reviews and try pushing as further down as possible.in the case you become successful in turning that around, you can also try turning them into satisfied customers thus increasing your customer’s bases as well.

5. Monitoring the brand mentions:

brand mentions

This comes in first in the first phase of the brand’s management process. Keeping an eye at what others are saying about your brands online is necessary. This will facilitate the jumping into the conversations where crucial and steering it in your favor. You can use google alerts to keep track of your brand around the websites.

7. Creating and deploying quality content:

Quality Content

Content marketing is being used by about eighty-eight percent of B2B organizations for good reasons. The strategic and creative deployment of quality contents is great reputations builder. This is through strategies like research reports, blogs, videos, eBooks, infographics, and white papers. This is where you display your expertise and earn the reputation much quicker as a leader within your industries.

Also, leadership positions your brands as trusted authorities, leading to ultimately and centrality more businesses. Remember that great content is about what matters to your customers and business partner. Therefore, when you invest in professional writers this will actively play a role in brand building.

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8. Select a social media platform that supports the image of your product:

It is evident that most people are using social media multiple times in a single day. This makes social media one of the best ways of promoting your services and products. There exists a wide range of social networking platforms, so making a wise choice is necessary. Most of the social media platforms are not worth investing your energy and time. It is ideal to find a platform that suits your brands. Example if your brands are of visual, you can use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

9. Leverage influencers:

Publishing excellent contents on your social profiles is critical, but this is only a part of the equation. If you have got relatively unknown brands, your voices are probably going to induce lost within the noises. While you may eventually build your viewers through the sharing of excellent contents, these approaches take time.  A far quicker method is influencing the viewers of well-known consultants in your businesses. You can do this by using their names or refer their websites while sharing the contents.

10. Use of social campaigns in promoting content:

We are in the era of paid marketing and diminishing organic reach. So building your social networks can be done by running native advertisements through paid campaigns .this can help in generating more leads and also increasing our visibilities through the strategic contest and social media campaign. You can take advantage of this impact by giving your reviewers valuable incentives. This can persuade user engagements and making sure that the campaigns are offering value to any or all participants.


In the current world, your personal brand’s reputation management is practically everything. Before people make a purchase from you or obtain your services, they go to the internet. This helps them find out any information, feedback, and reviews about you. In the case, they find negative reviews, and it is almost sure that you kiss a job or customers goodbye.

This is thus important for you to control and manage information on the web that has relations to you. Any feedback, comments, reviews will affect your brands either in a good or bad way.

Would you like to handle your brand’s reputation management online in the best way possible? Feel free to contact us through info@viacon.in for the best way forward.

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