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How to choose a Digital Marketing agency in India

By Ejaz Ahmed April 9, 2019 Form Image 1337 Views

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Are you looking for the right Digital Marketing Agency in India for your brand or product? If you are unsure with regard to the way forward, then this article will help you in your quest for the perfect Digital Marketing Agency in India to fit your needs and requirements.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming a booming business in India that will grow even further in 2019. It is interesting to note that if you go online, you will find as many consumers as you can possibly imagine. In other words, digital marketing is competing for the neck to neck with other mediums of marketing such as mainline marketing and advertising (ATL).

This is the reason why there are so many companies coming up in India around this niche industry over the past 2 years. This means that finding the right agency today that is willing to collaborate with your business can be quite hectic and daunting at the same time.

It is obvious here to find a steep competitive landscape with agencies trying as hard as they can to convince potential clients to sign up with their services.

This is something that can be confusing for small businesses not to know which agency to work with in order to achieve success. There are also newbies in the digital marketing industry looking to have a hand on a contract with small businesses in order to taste the waters in the industry and grow their experience.

Before we can look forward to what to anticipate in 2019, it is very important for us to review some of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when choosing the best digital marketing agency to work with.

Mistake #1

The truth of the matter is that today, marketing operations cannot work separately as though they were watertight compartments! They have to be willing to work together hand in hand so that each marketing team is able to learn from the other and perfect their skill set.

For instance, the content team and the design team has to work with the SEO team in order for them to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience, their problems, and needs in order to come up with targeted marketing campaigns tailored just for them.

Otherwise, you may end up outsourcing various services because of lack of coordination-something that is very costly.

Mistake #2

Failing to see the agency as part of the team. Well, when you are looking for a digital marketing agency for your business, you have to understand that you are getting into a partnership despite the fact that you are coughing up the paycheck!

When you consider the digital marketing agency in India you select as part of your team, there will be better coordination when it comes to tasks that help to achieve your business needs and success. You will be able to work together step by step to come up with the right output and outcomes.

Rather than focusing too much on the deadlines and setting targets, consider working together towards a common goal-successful digital marketing campaign that not only builds your brand but also drives targeted traffic, leads, conversions, and sales!

Mistake #3

The other main mistake is that so many business owners choose creativity in place of industry experience and expertise. What you need is an agency that can create outstanding lead-generating digital content.

You want someone that can create content grounded in solid keywords that searchers use. You want your website to be a lead-capture engine.

Rather than looking out for creative and entertaining content, that simply does not drive serious visitors and customers to your website, look for an agency that can meet your needs. Maintaining creativity on the background as a plus!

How to choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency in India for your Brand?

Before you decide what kind of a digital marketing agency you want to collaborate with, you need to identify what kind of a brand are you. In other words, whether you are a start-up or a well-established multi-million dollar company.

If you understand your brand, you might want to select an agency that best suits your needs and requirements. If you are a start-up, you might want to stay away from the bigger digital agencies. There are many reasons for this.

Digital Marketing Start-ups: A Good Idea?

Digital Marketing Start-ups

A bigger digital marketing agency in India might be an expensive proposition with retainers running into thousands of dollars per month. For a young start-up, the affordability might be a big concern.

However, apart from the cost factor, bigger agencies might not give you the kind of attention that your small brand deserves. Commitment and the allotment of a lesser experienced team to your brand is a routine issue when start-ups decide to work with bigger agencies.

For a young start-up, collaborating with a digital marketing agency that is young, dynamic, aggressive and creative is a good idea. A younger digital agency (who might itself be a start-up) will have the enthusiasm, the will and hunger to do well.

As they would want to prove themselves, they will be eager to over-deliver, in terms of the quality, deadlines, and other work. A younger digital start-up will also be affordable, and cost-efficient, and might want to bargain or negotiate more for your business.

The digital domain is a highly evolutionary industry. Bigger agencies become static and stagnant in their creative approach over time. Younger agencies have at their foundation, fresh blood, and are eager to prove themselves on every account.

Big Digital Marketing Agencies: A Bad Idea?

Big Digital Marketing Agencies A Bad Idea

Bigger digital marketing agencies are a good fit if you are a well-established brand with revenues running into millions of dollars. Bigger agencies have a lot of experience in conducting big campaigns that involve huge budgets.

They are also good in extending credit lines and maintaining relationships with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms. This means that they will always be able to stretch your credit and buy you a crucial time when it comes to running campaigns.

Sometimes, digital marketing and creative is all about troubleshooting, and bigger agencies with vastly experienced CEOs are adept at doing that. If you are into fancy lunches and receiving gifts during the festival, you might want to opt for the bigger agencies.

However, in my experience of working with both types of agencies, I have concluded, that smaller agencies are willing to go out of their way to help you. I have seen designers, and copywriters at digital start-ups work through weekends, holidays, and deadlines as if their life depended on it.

This is a good thing if you want your brand to be cared about in the same way as you do. The kind of ownership and responsibility that digital start-ups take is amazing, to say the least. You will end up working with passionate people, who are not afraid of speaking their minds or proposing ideas that seem revolutionary.

How to choose the best Digital Marketing agency in India?

Step 1: Have clearly defined goals and expectations:

Have clearly defined goals and expectations

Think of this as selecting a strategic partner that will be an extension of your digital marketing team for so many years ahead.

You have to bear in mind that working with a digital marketing agency for the very first time ever is not a decision that you should make impulsively.

This means that you have to plan for it by conducting a rigorous evaluation so that you do not end up wasting time and resources.

Prior to conducting your search, you have to think seriously about the goals. In other words, what you would like the digital marketing agency to help you achieve. In other words, ‘what is their role in helping you achieve your business objectives?’

The truth is, whether you are planning for increased growth, driving traffic, more leads, more conversions, redesigning your brand or even creating new business territories, these objectives need to be fully formed prior to finding an agent.

Take into consideration the amount of time you would like to invest in the partnership. The money you will put in as well as the skills your team already has and those that they lack.

All these things will help you put into perspective your goals and your expectations. If you have everything done thoroughly to the last atom, the search is going to be a success.

The best ways to do this is-

  • List your Marketing Requirements
  • Get ready for a Long-Term Partnership
  • Decide on the Agency type
  • Understand the Nature of Relationship

Step 2: Does the Digital Marketing Agency in India understand your needs?

One of the most important things that you can address is whether they have similar clients.

If you are going to have an optimal experience with the digital marketing agency in India of your choice, you have to be sure that they know your industry inside out.

For a long list, you can start with Google. You can start by narrowing your list. This is based on factors as geographical location, the types of services they offer compared to what you are seeking. Affordability and cost efficiency need to look at.

One quick thing you can also do is performing an online search of digital marketing agencies. Those that appear at the top of your search results are indicative of certain things. These are those agencies that have invested a good amount of their time and resources. They have to build a website based on their search term, which shows you that they definitely know what they are doing.

Ask yourself, how effective is their website? One of the most expansive and honest instances is their blog, website or social media visibility.

Before you can start perusing through their portfolio, visit their own blog. This will give you a clear idea about their train of thought, ideas and best practices.

If their blog is properly designed and maintained, has well researched and informed articles shared frequently online, it is a true indicator that they are competent with their business and can be a valuable addition to your company.

Step 3: Conduct proper research:

proper research

You should be able to dig deep into the manner in which the agency has been able to help its clients achieve success. It is important that you find real and credible results and use that to pay closer attention to their strategy of how it drives results.

Find out if your digital marketing agency in India is a Google partner, which is indicative of its accreditation. You could also check whether Yahoo, Bing or other reputable search engines, accredits it.

With Google partners, you can easily determine how many employees in the agency are certified and in what category. You can also find out what their minimum monthly budget is and whether it fits into your budget.

In other words, when you know that the digital marketing agency in India is a partner of big brands, you are sure that they are legitimate and you can trust them.

You may hate me a little for this, but if you pay high, your agency will be obliged to offer you the best services. The agency will also give you access to the most experienced and senior members of their staff. If you pay lowly, then the truth is you get equal value for your money.

Make the right choice here friend!

Step 4: Send a Request for Proposal:

Send a Request for Proposal

The truth is no one knows your business and target audience as well as you do. This means that when considering an agency, you have to be able to pass along that information. This is usually done through a request for proposal (RFP).

Digital Marketing agencies share a lot of information when it comes to a proposal. Request for one that is informative, in terms of not only the services but also the prices.

You will be able to understand their advertising goals and their financial requirements along with contractual stipulations. In other words, it is all about what they are and what makes them unique.

When expressing the vision of your business to a digital marketing agency in India, try as much as you can to be realistic. You can only do this if you have a pure understanding of your business model. You need to be also aware of the demographics of your target customers.

Step 5: Offer them an assignment:

Well, you may be thinking ‘but I have not chosen an agency yet?’ well, by the time you are in step 4, you will have narrowed down your list as much as possible. Trust me, you will cross so many on the list for not meeting one or more of the requirements.

Conducting an audit by means of an assignment is a great way to understand the agency’s marketing capabilities. This also goes a long way in giving you deeper insights. You can use these to improve your marketing.

You could also ask the agencies to come up with a broad strategy report and an audit report based on a brief that you offer them. Crazy as this may sound, you will be able to learn who is creative. You will also know who has valuable skills in digital marketing that your company will benefit from.

Step 6: Assess the assignments:

Now that you have offered them an assignment/brief service, and they have delivered, it is time for assessment.  Is the agency making realistic claims about what they can do that are too good to be true?

You can review the proposal and assignments in person or through teleconferencing. This will allow the agency ample time to present the proposal to you rather than just emailing it to you.

You have to ensure that you are clear about what criteria you will use in evaluating these proposals. Evaluate such things as- expectations, concepts, budget analysis, recommendations and suggestions among others.

While these are things that come soon after speaking with your potential agency, there are a number of red flags that you can look out for. You need to spot them and stay away. In case they are making claims that are quite unrealistic, strip them from your list.

Remember, the right digital marketing agency in India is one that understands and acknowledges your needs. The agency should also point out that achieving these goals can take some time.

Step 7: Meet the team:

Meet the team

By this time, you should have asked as many relevant questions as you possibly can. You need to arrive at an informed decision on what digital marketing agencies you are likely to collaborate with.

If you have been conducting thorough research, you now have a handful. Now you can take some time to book appointments to visit them at their office.

You may be thinking, why visit them when I can just hire and have them working already? Well, this can be the simplest route. There is a reason why you had to go through all the trouble of finding the best one.

This is not the time to quit and make stupid mistakes! Meeting with these agencies allows you to appreciate how they operate from a  business perspective.

This is also your opportunity to make clarifications and ask questions.  You should have all the answers and assurances that you require before you can take a final stand.

Do not restrict yourself to meeting certain members of their staff. Tour the place and interact with everyone that you meet, so that you have a sense of the agency’s culture. Be relaxed and be ready to engage in some informal conversations.

Step 8: Legal Documentation

Finally, you should be ready to make a decision and sign a service contract. Be clear on important aspects. as ownership of ideas, confidentiality as well as non-compete clauses and what they really mean.

Anything that you do not understand in the agreement needs a separate explanation from the agency. Where necessary, you can negotiate the terms of the contract.

All these precautions ensure that everything has solid legal documentation. This is in terms of confidentiality agreements, terms, and conditions that apply to the partnership and how long they last.

Be very steadfast on issues that concern your company. You do not want to end up in a legal dispute just because you rushed into signing the contract. If you would like to involve a lawyer to help you understand legal clauses, go for it!

The Right Digital Marketing Agency in India: The Final Word:

Like most big decisions in life, this would also be a gamble of sorts. However, if you are shrewd and smart, you will be able to get the best out of your digital agency.

This means that your brand will benefit. Not only from their creative prowess but also in terms of saving a lot of crucial money.

The digital industry is a claustrophobic place. You should find an agency that is not afraid to give you out-of-the-box ideas. This will help your brand on platforms that are not traditional.

Selecting a digital marketing company is probably one of the most beneficial decisions for your brand. It requires you to invest time, energy and resources. However, if you are able to take the right decision, your brand will benefit from it immensely.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you have all the requirements and needs in place? What is your ideal digital marketing agency in India? Hit us up in the comments section.

These steps will lead you there. Good luck!

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