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Top 10 Content Ideas To Explore For Social Media In 2019

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Content Ideas

Good quality and imaginative content are what drives engagement on Social Media. Brands and agencies run out of content ideas after a while. Through our list of Top 10 Content Ideas for Social Media, you can maintain a rocking social media profile. If you are looking to increase followers, drive revenues and build a community, you need the best content ideas.

The Value of Great Content Ideas for Social Media:

In 2019, the value of good content on social media is higher than it was ever before. With millions of brands and agencies using social media to push themselves, the chaos is deafening.

This combined with the decreasing organic reach on social media channels makes it very difficult.

If you want to stand out from millions of brands, your content strategy needs to be different. One reason why content is key to improving social media metrics is that users are bombarded with content 24×7!

If you are unable to maintain and execute a brilliant content strategy, you will see your reach diminishing drastically. The digital world especially search engines and social media are valuing good quality content. High organic reach is now becoming directly proportional to quality content.

Quality content ideas for social media help in:

  1. Increasing the number of followers.
  2. Improves the amount of Page Likes overtime.
  3. Has a direct impact on Followers and increasing the same.
  4. Growing engagement from your followers and other people who discover you.
  5. Can be immensely helpful for driving sales and revenues from social media.

However, all the benefits are something that most people already know about. What they do not know is what content ideas engineer such benefits. This is the domain of expert social media marketing!

Different Content Types that Benefit Social Media:

Social Media Content

In 2019, standard image postings are not going to get you anywhere.

If you want to have a successful social media marketing strategy, you need to invest in content creation. This means that it is imperative that you divide your content strategy into different content types.

For example, a good social media strategy should always have a mix of-

  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Image Albums
  • Static Images
  • Audio Podcasts
  • Blog Links

If you see the list above, you can take this as an example of creating different content types. The best brands post at least 12 times a week. You can use the above list to create at least 2 posts per content type.

Trust me; I have myself engineered significant turnarounds through just changing the content types. However, content types cannot exist in isolation. They need to be backed by string content ideas.

Content types fall at the execution level. If you have a great designer, you will get different content types done.

Obviously, he or she needs to have imagination and software running skills.

If you have a great social media marketing service agency, you can rest assured that creating different content types will not be a problem.

Top 10 Content Ideas for Social Media: The List

In this section, we list the top ten content ideas for social media that help you achieve the best results from social media.

1. User-Generated Content:

User-Generated Content

Social media has a tendency of becoming increasingly fake! I have spoken to many users who are fed up of stock images flooding their feeds. People like to see real and authentic things on social media.

UGC is as real and as authentic as it can get. If your consumers are happy and sharing your content, you are the king!

By encouraging users to share content, you can re-share the same on the brand page. This will give a terrific boost to your page metrics. Moreover, once a brand shares its consumer’s image, it becomes a source of pride for the consumer.

You can expect his friends, family, and colleagues to step up on the engagement quotient. This will project your brand’s humane and customer loyalty side as well. UGC is a must for any brand on social media.

2. Topical Content:

Topical Content

The world is becoming increasingly social. Users want their brands to engage with real happenings in the world. Users also want their brands to take stands and have a voice in what is happening in world affairs.

In 2019, most brands are trying to use topical issues and generate social media content around it. Driven by smart copy and great designs, brands are cashing in on issues that affect the world.

This immediately gives a bump to the engagement metrics. The key is to use relative hashtags and push a line of communication that people will engage with. Topical content will help you reach out to newer audiences and ride the wave of the topical content.

You can create topical content ideas for social media at least once every fortnight. You can also use events like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day to push topical content.

3. Publish more about your Company on Social Media:

People are tired of brands pushing products and services down their feeds at all times. For Generation Z, knowing about who works behind the scenes is equally important.

By showing the faces and people of your brand, you will be able to strike a chord with audiences.

This includes sharing posts about your office, workspace, employees, and events in the office. This will help increase the relatability quotient on social media.

By using your employees as brand ambassadors, you will be able to convince many people to become consumers.

This is why pages like Humans of New York do very well on social media. Everyone wants to empathize and sympathize on the platform. This will also help people know more about your brand, its values, and the ethics you follow.

4. Live Sessions and Stories:

Live Sessions

Facebook and Instagram actively promote Live Sessions and Stories. IGTV and Facebook Live have far greater organic reach than standard posts.

I also believe that Stories generate great engagement and help in maintaining an active social presence. I follow a general 1×5 rule. In other words, for everyone post, you should post five stories. If you are doing two posts, you should at least have 10 stories.

You can create Live Sessions on any number of ideas- Interviews, Behind the Scenes, Production, How-To Videos, Q and A sessions and so on.

Most of the best brands on social media go Live at least once a week. This helps them to interact directly and routinely with their audiences.

Everyone wants to have a voice on social media. When brands give users the platform, it encourages loyalty, build confidence and increases engagement.

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5. Contests and Quizzes:

Everyone loves to win prizes on social media. This also gives users an opportunity to become famous. Most brands share the manes and images of winners on social media contests.

Contests are a great way for any brand to stay relevant on social media. Just by using the #contest and #contest alert, you can rest assured that your contest post is going to get a lot of engagement.

By keeping it simple, winnable and offering a tangible gratification, brands can expect users to keep coming back. The best ones organize a contest once a fortnight. You can give away simple things like t-shirts, cups, wall-clocks amongst other things.

If you are looking to bump up your metrics, contests are a great content idea to pursue. For many social media marketing experts, no content strategy is complete without contests!

6. Influencer Marketing on Social Media:

Influencer Marketing on Social Media

Some months ago, most brands could not think of Influencer Marketing on social media. It was too expensive to execute. However, in the last few months, issues of fake and paid followers and fake engagement have arisen.

This has forced most brands and social media influencers to alter their strategies. Brands are now going for ‘Micro’ (>10,000 Followers) and “Nano’ (>1,000 Followers) Influencers.

These influencers are niche and have high engagement. In addition, they do not buy followers. This has brought influencer marketing on social media to affordable levels.

By re-sharing content from influencers who promote your products, brands can reach out to followers of the influencer. This helps increase follower counts, boosts engagements and even converts into sales.

Influencer marketing as a content idea should be part of the monthly content strategy for all brands. Brands should also work routinely with the same influencer for a longer period. This helps build loyalty and trust.

7. Hold Regular Offline Events and Amplify on Social Media:

A brand, which does not have a strong offline presence, has a serious handicap. As social media users want to engage with brands physically, brands need to hold more and more offline activations.

Think of it in terms of small campaigns that can be run over the weekend. It can be a store opening, or a fan get-together, or even just a simple screening for some sports event.

If brands are able to build offline-online integrations, they will see a significant boost to their social media.

This will also present brands with moments for creating real assets from actual fans. The same can be used on social media. Real assets are important to demonstrate authenticity and establish connections with existing followers and future prospects.

When people see their friends enjoying offline activations, they too want to be part of that community. By having at least one offline activation per month, brands can improve engagement and follower count.

8. Be an Active Part of a Related Leisure Activity:

If the content on social media is important, brands need to create content on related industries and activities. In other words, every brand needs to project a leisure activity. You see the biggest camera companies use to travel, holidays and vacations to push their products.

Likewise, soft drink manufacturers are related to sports. Food appliance manufacturers turn to cook to market themselves effectively.

In such a scenario, creating content becomes much easier and beneficial. Even if people are not buying your product, they can appreciate your brand for sharing a similar hobby or activity.

You can then use this start to convert them to your brand. This might be a long drawn strategy, but sharing related activities helps attract newer followers and boost engagement levels.

The idea is to present a lifestyle that people will relate to. By pushing such content, you will not be pushing your own brand, but rather the sentiment and the experience of the process.

9. Blog Post Sharing:

Blog Post Sharing

A huge percentage of users on social media are looking for information. In 2019, if a brand does not have a blog section, it is not serious about being successful on digital.

By sharing your blog article on social media, you will encourage users to seek detailed information about a problem they might be facing. The biggest health and wellness brands routinely write comprehensive blogs and share them on their social media.

Social media can be an announcement platform that your brand is creating information that is-

  • Useful
  • Helpful
  • Informative, and
  • Credible

This will enable more and more people to keep in touch with your social media page. These people would be coming for the announcement that a new blog post is up on the website.

Sharing blogs on social media also helps you redirect traffic from social to the website. If you are able to integrate a buy-now process, you will be able to convert traffic into sales.

10. Give your Fans a Chance to Run your Social Handles for a Day:

social media fans

If you really want to have some fun and build a community, why don’t you allow a special fan to post for a day? This means handling access to a fan to post content that they feel is best for the brand.

This can be turned into a social media campaign and really provide a boost to your social media. You can go one better, by turning it into a contest and rewarding fans by letting them take charge of your page.

If you are creating good content on social media and have a decent follower base, no one will be able to resist this. The key is to leverage this content idea strategically. This will give your content a much needed ‘freshness’, and also show how real you are as a brand.

When users see one of their own engagement with a brand so closely, they will see you in a different light. You can expect amazing levels of engagements on this particular day.


Even the best brands and social media marketing agencies run of out content ideas. It happens to the best of us. However, the key is to constantly keep learning and evolving as you go along. The above ten points will help you create content for at least the next year or so.

If anyone reading the article is stuck in a creative block, we suggest you reach out to us now…

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