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How Can Direct Marketing Be Beneficial For Product Branding?

By Aritra Sarkar April 19, 2022 Form Image 623 Views

direct marketing

There was a time when mass marketing was the “one-idea-for-all” strategy for most marketers. And, let’s be honest – it used to offer excellent results back then too!

However, with time (and the rise of technologies, of course), the traditional way of advertising became a little stagnant. Besides, your overall expense also increases to some extent if you use an intermediary to promote your products.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could cut the chase and advertise to your consumers directly?

Well, it would, we know. And, that’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to direct marketing through this article.

However, that’s not where it ends, though!

In this resource, we are going to talk about the following important aspects of Direct Marketing-

  1. An introduction to what direct marketing is all about
  2. What you can ask your consumers through direct marketing
  3. Major benefits of direct marketing
  4. Important FAQs
  5. Our take on why it is best for your business

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the topic right away!

Direct Marketing – A Brief Introduction

direct marketing introduction

When it comes to advertising variants, the world of marketing can be divided into two different strategies – mass and direct marketing.

The former usually focuses on mass media channels (radio, television, newspapers, etc.) to broadcast promotional messages to everyone. And as you can understand, it does not target any specific audience as a whole.

However, the fundamentals of direct response advertising are entirely different. In this aspect, you can target a specific audience and prompt the required action from them through your marketing approach. Therefore, the chances of generating leads will increase to some extent.

For example, through direct marketing, you can ask your consumers to –

  1. Ask for their personal information.
  2. Prompt them to place an order.
  3. Visit your website.

The best thing about direct marketing is that you can deploy it through various methods. If you want to know more regarding how you can execute the strategies, we’d suggest going through this resource.

What Are The Benefits Of Direct Marketing?

benefits of direct marketing

In essence, it enables you to promote your service or product directly to your targeted consumer segment. However, the core benefits of this lead generation technique go far beyond the aforementioned one –

Advantage – 1: Better Segmentation

benefits of direct marketing - better segmentation

With direct marketing, it will be easier for you to reach your targeted market, especially if you are sending personalized messages to everyone.

However, to be successful in your approach, you have to invest your time in researching and pinpointing consumers who’re more likely to convert.

Advantage – 2: Build Long-Lasting Relationship

benefits of direct marketing - build long-lasting relationship

All campaigns, such as remarketing or email marketing, will allow you to build stronger relationships with your audience.

Besides, you will also have the option to build up your conversation through newer messages. Hence, it will be easier for you to nurture the budding relationship pretty quickly.

Furthermore, the correct execution of direct marketing can help you make your consumers feel valued. It, in turn, can boost their loyalty toward you.

Advantage – 3: Measurable Results

benefits of direct marketing - measurable results

As mentioned before, while following the direct marketing techniques, you’re dealing with the audience… well, directly. Therefore, it would be easier for you to measure the results through data mining and check how your campaign is working.

For example, you can use pixels to determine how many users have used a discount code or clicked on an advert. Physical mail can be a little more challenging to measure. However, you can attribute that to the sales of items during the campaign duration.

Advantage – 4: Higher Conversion Rate

benefits of direct marketing - higher conversion rate

Direct response advertising usually involves performing thorough research to focus on and identify consumers who are more likely to make purchases. Due to this reason, the chances of making conversions become much higher than usual. Direct marketing can help you discover various types of engaged buyers pretty quickly.

Besides, in this form of marketing, you can set realistic goals regarding sales. Hence, there will be no need to spend extra cash on other segments of advertising. This way, you can save your budget while increasing your overall sales to some extent.

Advantage – 5: Discover A New Consumer Base

benefits of direct marketing - discover a new consumer base

Once you find someone, you can begin researching other people with similar interests. This way, it’ll be easier for you to expand your reach in the market and form a more extensive consumer base as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is The Role Of Direct Marketing?

The actual purpose of direct marketing is to find, reach, and appeal to a specific target market directly. This type of advertising tends to be pretty straightforward yet engaging. Hence, it will be easier for you to convert leads quickly if you can execute the strategies flawlessly.

2. What Is The Fastest Growing Form Of Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing, in essence, is pretty much web-oriented. Therefore, almost any form of internet-based advertising can be included in the list of this type of advertising. However, email and social media marketing are the fastest-growing ones amongst them.

3. Are Facebook Ads Direct Marketing?

Yes, Facebook ads do follow a specific form of direct marketing approach. However, unlike the core direct advertising options, it usually targets a broader audience, as Facebook consists of varied consumers.

4. What Are The 4 Methods Of Direct Marketing?

There are several ways in which you can deploy your direct marketing strategies properly.

Nonetheless, the popular ones amongst them are -

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Direct Mailing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media marketing

5. What Are The 3 Elements Of Direct Marketing?

The three core elements of direct marketing are -

  1. Developing an effective consumer database
  2. Building consumer relationships directly
  3. Direct response advertising

Final Thoughts

When it comes to direct marketing, social media advertising tends to be the most popular option among others.


Well, to begin with, it’s much more far-reaching than the other variants of direct advertising. Besides, it’s also easier to deploy marketing strategies on social media than on anything else.

Therefore, if you are considering investing in this form of marketing, social media should be the ideal “beginner’s” choice.

Do you still need some assistance in this aspect?

If so, then don’t hesitate to contact Viacon today. As one of the best Social Media Marketing agencies in India, we can help you set the “right tone” for your business’s social media profile.

Besides creating varied strategies, we’ll also manage your social communities, work on initiating events, and assist you with targeted advertising.

So, if you need any help regarding this segment of marketing, don’t forget to give us a knock here. We’re always available for you!

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