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How Is Display Marketing Going To Boost The Upcoming Marketing Trends?

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Display Marketing

Do you love reading something or watching a graphical representation of the same through a video? Well, if we’re talking about ourselves, we’ll definitely choose the latter. Why? In our opinion, compared to a piece of text, a video offers the same information more descriptively and engagingly. And, due to this very reason, the prominence of display marketing has increased so much recently.

We’re expecting the same trend to continue in 2022 as well.

However, contrary to the bouts of digital marketing, display-based advertising is different, nature and strategic perspective.

So, if you are trying to incorporate smart display campaigns in your marketing plan, you’ve to think a little differently. Additionally, you also have to understand the trends related to the segment.

However, finding a detailed guide on such aspects will be pretty tricky for you. So, here, we will be offering you some insights on display marketing so that you can kickstart your business with a bang. There will be some details on other aspects available here as well. So, keep reading!

What Is Display Marketing?

The term “display advertising” can refer to any visual or text-based ads portrayed on a website for promotional purposes. If used strategically, it can help you prompt your consumer base to take action (buying your offerings) or increase brand awareness.

The prices of the ads in display marketing are usually calculated by following a CPC model. So, you will only have to pay for the advertisement when someone clicks on it.

Often, the display ads are played in programmatic display advertising. However, if you want, you can also use them for retargeting campaigns to improve consumer engagement. 

The best thing about these ads is that you can use them for promotional and informational purposes. This way, it becomes easier for you to invoke buying intent in people looking for data on a product or service.

Types Of Display Marketing

The online display advertising genre is pretty versatile and can be utilized in various ways. In this section, we will offer information on its multiple categories. So, let’s get started!

1. Interstitial Ads

The interstitial ads work almost like the pop-up ads of the vintage era of digital marketing. The advertisement will appear whenever someone clicks on your website and tries to open the landing page. However, most people dislike this form of display marketing as it prevents them from opening a site directly. Also, they can make your website load less quickly than usual.

2. Banner Ads

Ass their name implies, the banner ads work almost like the banners in real life. They usually appear in a thin line on the top, bottom, or sides of a website. So, they typically do not hamper the user experience metrics. Besides, if you can place them strategically, you can expect many people to notice them while they’re going through your site. 

3. Video Ads

Video ads are probably the most popular form of display marketing. They appear almost anywhere on the internet, especially on YouTube, and often feature more than 30 seconds of duration. In addition, most video ads usually occur in two different formats – outstream and instream. The former generally manifests on a website while the latter features in the mid-, pre-, or post-roll sections of a video.

4. Rich Media

Unlike other videos, Rich Media ads come with a more interactive and engaging persona. For example, it can appear as a communicative video, an animated button, or something as such. Rich media ads are generally used to prompt users to do something, such as clicking on a link.

Benefits Of Display Marketing

Display ads usually offer an average click-through rate (CTR) of only 0.35%. Due to this reason, many people do not consider them to be effective. However, being prejudiced, especially when talking about marketing strategies, isn’t an ideal proposition at all. 

So, in this segment, we’ll discuss the benefits of display marketing to let you decide if it’s advantageous for you or not!

1. Impressive Reach

Did you know that the Google Display Network alone helps businesses reach 90% of internet users throughout the world? Yes, you’ve seen it right! So, if you can make your ad content engaging and interactive, it will be easier for you to boost your consumer base quickly. 

2. Helps In Improving Brand Awareness

Aside from offering an impressive reach, display marketing can also help you positively raise your brand’s awareness.

But how?

The display ads primarily target those who are only looking for information. So, it will be easier for you to grab their attention with these almost instantly. Besides, display ads are also relatively cost-effective. So, they’ll be an ideal choice for building your audience efficiently. 

3. Offers A Plethora Of Targeting Options

With display marketing, you can target specific parts of your audience simultaneously. So, if you can use it correctly, it will become a real game-changer for your business. Concerning the targeting alternatives, here are a few things that you will have at your disposal –

4. Placement Targeting

With this form of targeting, you can select the websites where you want your ads to appear. This way, you can create different ads and launch them simultaneously to attract a large consumer base. 

5. Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting helps you target consumers based on their search history and search engine activity. So, whenever someone searches by using a niche keyword, they will find your ads at the beginning. 

6. Behavioral Targeting

As the name implies, behavioral targeting usually helps you attract people depending on their online behavior. This way, you can find out the people who are genuinely interested in your service or products. 

7. Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting allows you to focus on consumers who belong to a specific location or region. So, to work on this type of ad, you have to know your customers’ salary, financial condition, etc. 

8. Fantastic Tracking Efficiency

No matter what advertising strategy you are using, you have to keep track of your results as intently as possible. And, the same goes for display marketing as well. However, for this form of promotion, you can track your results pretty easily by counting how many people have clicked on your ads. So, once you find out how your ads are doing, you can tweak your tactics and adapt your stratagems accordingly.

Display Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On

Creating your display marketing strategy will not only depend on metrics but the ongoing trends as well. Here, we have talked about them pretty descriptively. So, make sure to keep reading till the end. 

A) Mobile Advertising

According to a report, almost 7.1 billion people (nearly 89.76% of the world population) are using smartphones currently in 2021. So, if you want your marketing plan to be successful, you have to focus on this segment. But where or how are you going to post your ads? 

Well, in this aspect, we’d ask you to follow the path of amazon display advertising and try out social media platforms. The usage of formats is pretty easy in both cases. So, if you have a decent following, you can easily reach your audience through your video content.

B) DIY Videos

People want to watch or read informative content, whether it’s a video or a textual masterclass. So, if you wish your display marketing strategies to seem more engaging, you can try creating DIY videos. It can help you provide details on your product, teach your audience how to use them, and perform an indirect promotion.

C) Influencers

Finally, you can also try working with an influencer to promote your product more commendably. So, how does it work? To begin with, you have to reach a social media influencer first and ask them if they are interested in your product. 

If they are fascinated about the same, they will promote your offering through a video. While doing so, they can use your product, offer insights on its benefits, tell everyone about how it works, etc. 

So, all in all, an influencer will provide a complete package of your display marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is An Example Of Display Advertising?

Some of the examples of display marketing are –

1. Animations
2. Banners
3. Square images with promotional texts
4. Animated buttons that prompt you to click on it

2. What Is A Display Ad In Digital Marketing?
Display ads are a form of online advertisement, which combines images, text, and an URL that leads to the service provider’s website. These ads can come in the shape of a static image or small animations.
3. How Do You Use Display Advertising?
Most people use display advertising to inform an individual about their products. Hence, they will be targeted towards an audience that does not have purchasing intent in most cases. However, you can also use them for promotional purposes.

The Bottom Line

While it may not seem so at first glance, display marketing strategies rely on social marketing. Hence, if you do not have a well-polished SM following, it will be almost impossible to promote your pitch correctly. 

So, do you need any help regarding tweaking your social marketing strategy? Then, you can reach us at Viacon with your proposal. With our excellent social media specialists, we can help you –

  • Create a well-planned strategy for your social media
  • Manage your community
  • Work on the advertising segment on social media
  • Help you find a social media influencer to promote your products
  • Keer online reputation or credibility intact
  • Assist you in hosting online and offline events

So, if you need anything at all, do not forget to knock us here. Also, if you have any queries regarding this topic or our suggestions, kindly let us know in the comment section. We’ll be happy to help you. 

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