Why Every Company Needs Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Every company has some outlet, in short, brick and mortar stores where customers come in, either to purchase your product or your service or to inquire about it so that they have a fair idea regarding which product or which service is suitable for them.  

You simply do not put your product in front of them and sit idle! You never wait for them. 

The simplest answer to this question is that you need to convince your customers whether your product will benefit them or not. Now comes the most common and foremost question: 

What is Content Marketing?  

The convincing methods that companies apply to clients, generally need three things and they are:  

  • Provision of enough information on Content Marketing
  • Valid reasons why your service is best for them. 
  • Be communicative in conversation so that you can be comfortable with your customers’ queries and needs. 

All the above reasons need a good piece of planned and organized content, whether they are catered orally or in writing. Now imagine the same scenario for your online website, it is the digital storefront showcasing your brand. It is also expressing your brand visions and motive to the users.  

Therefore, content marketing is the sole communication and convincing factor which does the following well to your company:  

  • keep your users engaged to your website. 
  • Brings credibility to your service. 
  • Increases your website organic traffic thus helping in search engine page ranking.
  • It generates leads which convert into sales. 
  • Outreaches consumers globally and increase awareness of your brand. 

Now that we have featured the benefits of content, let us roll our eyes into some of the content marketing statistics to see whether the claims that this marketing technique makes are authentic or not.  

Some Content Marketing Statistics:

Content Marketing Statistics

Content is the only thing that maintains the consistency of any company online and creates some credibility for it so that buyers can rely on their product or service.  

  • First of all, according to a survey, 42% of the B2B marketers claim that they’re actually doing good via content marketing. This actually holds great significance among the content marketing statistics.  
  • Another research says that 60% of the marketers are writing at least 1 post per day. Their main inspiration is McKinsey and Company which says that the one roadway to online success in consistency.  
  • Aberdeen here also speaks highly of the efficiency of content marketing, stating that over the years, the site traffic for content marketers is 7.8 times higher compared to the followers. The followers consist only 2.6% of the traffic while traffic on content marketing is a whopping 19.7%.  

Nevertheless, content marketing always has something new, unique and prosperous for us in its store.  

Now that we are through the statistics which clearly state how much successful content writing is, let us have a look at some of the content marketing ideas and their reasons.  

List of Content Marketing Ideas and Their Valid Reasons:

Content Marketing Ideas

The main race is between organic traffic and inorganic traffic. Inorganic traffic mainly comes from paid campaigns, but most people, especially startups. Small scale businesses too, look for organic traffic which does not need any investment of money.  

Organic traffic is also healthy for any company, as people are naturally visiting your page, staying on reviewing on it which enhances the online reputation management of the company.  

Moreover, when you are selling something online, the reputation of your company is your biggest asset. Reputation is also the art of convincing the prospect who is sitting in front of their computer.  

Content marketing really comes in handy in case of gaining organic traffic. Let us see the content marketing ideas and why they are effective:

Blog Posting:

Blogs are one of the most effective ideas of content marketing. Say suppose you are running a dog center and you want to reach out to all the dog owners.

Posting blogs on how to take care of dogs, dog vaccinations, tips for raising puppies to come as useful information to the dog owners. It also increases the credibility of your service. The result being, all the dog owners rushing into your store. 

Social Media Posts:

Social media posts are a fun part of content marketing as they do not need many elaborations and word count, simply put your ideologies, exciting ideas, creativity, and objectives out there and done!

It will reach billions of people in just a couple of seconds. It is also an effective way of reaching more audiences. Plus it creates brand awareness on a large scale.  

Say suppose you are running a shoe store and you have launched some new designs. Just put on some ideas on how girls and boys can trend on these shoes with different outfits and before you know, you’ll be getting more positive results.  

There are many more ideas of content marketing which are really useful but for now, let us look into a business example which proves how small scale businesses can also benefit from content marketing.  

Small Business Content Marketing Success Story:

We all know Lenovo as one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware, mobile phones, and tabs. But what we don’t know is that when Lenovo started off, they distinctively opted out for content marketing. 

Their main motive was to create awareness of their brand amongst people and then slowly build trust. Lenovo started off as an influencer, primarily focusing on providing information regarding buying decisions. For that, they developed an exclusive content hub and named it “Tech Revolution”.  

For a long time, they were maintaining the quality and authenticity of information along with consistency in building an online presence for themselves. Slowly they were getting counted amongst the experts of technology and since then, IT professionals trust every product of Lenovo, not only because they make good products but their brand carries knowledge in which they can rely on.  

Lenovo is now a huge brand with over 250 articles with 350 million impressions, approx 308 clicks and more than 1,70,000 visitors each day.  


If you are still thinking about whether to use content marketing as your primary weapon in the digital arena or not, then one common suggestion is that it is the only method where you can get optimum results with minimal investments provided you give it a try!

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