Facebook Is Now ‘Meta’ – Is Facebook’s Rebranding Reputation Damage Control?

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It’s Finally ‘Meta’. After weeks of speculation and discussion, Mark Zuckerberg has finally Changed Facebook to Meta. In explaining the change, he highlighted the fact that Facebook can no longer be called Facebook because of the different trying they do than being only a social media company.

With the Meta, Mark Zukerberg envisioned a platform where people can connect, play and run businesses. While speaking at the conference, he showed his excitement about Meta’s potential. He was inspired by the term Meta which originates from a Greek word meaning ‘Beyond’. To him, this world is the sole definition of there is always more to build.

What Other Things Mark Zuckerberg Discussed During Facebook’s Connect Event?

During Facebook’s connect event, Zukerberg placed his thoughts in front of the others by saying he hopes Facebook will be seen as a Metaverse company in the future. He believes that currently, their brand is doing too many things, and hence, tying it down to a name that represents only one is not doing justice.

In the event, he said he wanted to create a brand that encompasses every aspect of their business. He also added that under his new company banner, they would not be asked to use Facebook to use its other products.,

Is Facebook’s Rebranding Reputation Damage Control?

After facing one of the biggest scandals of the year over their internal documents, Facebook is finally changing its name to ‘Meta’. The name change was first reported by The Verge on October 19 and was later announced this Thursday, 28the October.

Facebook is one of the few companies that is valued at nearly a trillion. Along with the social media application of the same, it owns Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Speaking to The Verge earlier this year, Zuckerberg has shown his intention to do something about his company so that people can start seeing them as more than a social media company to a Metaverse company.

So, can the name change be linked with the damage control strategy after the whistleblower leak, or does the company have bigger plans for the future?

What Facebook Oversight Board Has To Say About This Name Change?

In response to the change of name, experts hold Facebook accountable for its effects on society. For them, changing just the name will not change the reality. They believe Facebook is not only changing democracy but has also established itself as a platform with misleading information and hate.

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