10 Great Link Building Tips for Small Brands

Link Building Tips

“Link Building is the process of placing your website’s backlinks on another website. This helps you attract audiences from that website. Good links also help your website climb higher on Google’s SERPs and better the health of your website.” 

Why Do Small Brands Need Link Building Tips? 

Let us start with a real story. 

A patisserie reached out to me for digital marketing solutions. 3 meetings and 12 cups of coffee later, we agreed on- 

  1. A brand website 
  2. Setting up Social Media Pages for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest 
  3. A Blog Section (mostly related to recipes) 

They did not want to do SEO or Link Building! 

When brands want to go digital, explaining the benefits of SEO and Link Building seems impossible. However, I soldiered on in spite of the reluctance.  

I requested them to try it out for just two months, and then take a call. The young baker/entrepreneur hesitated at first but gave the go ahead.  

Long story short, within two months, she had  

  1. More than 100 backlinks in over 90 websites (sites with 30+ DA) 
  2. Started e-commerce delivery (online cake delivery business) 
  3. Got 14 specialized baking orders for marriages, birthdays, anniversaries 
  4. Grew her online business from 3 orders (from digital platforms) per week to 35 orders. 

As I write this article, she has opened up her third patisserie in her second city. The time between her store’s first day and today- 13 months! 

If you are a small brand owner, going digital is the first good decision that you will take. Doing link building is going to be the next best decision that you should take.  

10 years back, it was impossible explaining the benefits of digital to brands.  

5 years back, it was impossible explaining the benefits of social media. 

In 2019, if brands want to succeed, they need to adapt to the intricacies of the digital domain.  

Link Building for Small Brands: Benefits and Intention 

When individuals and brands ask me for some link building tips, they usually know about the benefits it brings. However, people who are trading cautiously are often unaware.  

Let us list some of the major benefits of link building for small brands- 

  1. Link building helps you drive traffic to your website 
  2. The strategy helps you reach out to newer audiences 
  3. This approach helps you climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs) 
  4. It improves the health (metrics) of your website 
  5.  Improves credibility and establishes you as an authority voice 
  6. Link building helps improve direct revenues 

Apart from this, there are several other benefits. However, for small brands looking for link building tips, the above 6 points should count as most important.  

There is a lot of difference in terms of how big brands approach link building. This difference is important, and small brands should do link building for the right reasons.  

For big brands, link building means climbing the SERPs. For small brands, link building should mean reaching out, expanding, winning consumers, growing a community. This differentiation needs to spelled out at the very outset. This differentiation is because of a number of factors.  

A small brand will never be able to compete with the economic resources or the digital prowess of big brands. For a small brand, link building needs to be different. It should prioritize engagement, expanding audiences, and developing credibility.  

“There are no shortcuts, and you must invest in proven strategies to build the types of links that will stand the test of time and help your business. 

                                          – Matt Cutts, Former Head of Google’s Web Spam 

Link Building Tips for Small Brands:

More than ‘link building tips’, this section is about how small brands can use the best practices of link building. Without further ado, let us jump right in.  

1. Create a Stunning Blog Section:


A blog is a lifeline for a small brand. Without a blog, it is very difficult for small brands to establish their voice in the digital cacophony. If you are a small brand, a blog helps you with inbound marketing, engaging visitors, and setting a narrative.  

Most authentic community sites allow links to pages of information (blogs) and not service or product pages. A blog helps small brands to control their bounce rate, grow a community and attract neutral audiences.  

For example, if you are a bakery, writing about baking tips helps engage audiences loyal to other brands.  

2. Quality Content:

Quality Content

Along with blogs, quality content is the lifeblood of a small brand. Your tone, narrative, and information will set you apart from the crowd. Investing in content writing is essential. This will help you get your guest posts accepted on other community websites. Some of the better community sites have content guidelines that are strict and moderated.  

A good start is writing original, non-plagiarised long format articles. Google will source your long format article as informative, educational and promote it. The long format also gives you ample room to fit in keywords (try using long tail).  

If you do not have time to write content (website and blog), please hire a content writer or look for credible content writing services.  

3. Create Videos and Set Up a YouTube Channel:

Create Videos

You might be wondering what this cannot qualify as a link building tip. However, you are forgetting that links in the description section of YouTube attract 3x time click rate than a static in-content link.  

For small brands, investing in video content is becoming quite a rage. Driving traffic from your YouTube channel to your website is one of the best steps according to Google. (Do not forget Google Search and YouTube all belong to Google’s ecosystem).  

Link building has evolved, and Links in YouTube’s description section has become big in 2019.  

4. Guest Posting:

Guest Posting

As a small brand, it is difficult for you to spend money, building backlinks. What you can do is let good old-fashioned content win. Some of the best content sites (irrespective of industry) accept quality guest posts.  

However, they do so only if you- 

  • Reach out to them 
  • Engage with them 
  • Pitch an awesome idea 
  • Write an amazing article 
  • Agree on a ‘No-Follow’ link 

Let us not get disheartened because of the no-follow. A no-follow does not contribute to your SEO score; however, it opens up the audience base and traffic. This is good for a small brand.  

The key is drawing up a list of authority sites and approaching them. This will help your brand immensely. From getting traffic to converting visitors into consumers. Most importantly, you will establish your credibility amongst the best in the industry.  

5. Social Media and Social Links:

Social Media

In 2019, no small brand can afford to ignore social media. From small brands, social media has become like a second home. There are plenty of reasons for social media attaining a cult status for small businesses. However, that is not the purpose of this article.  

One crucial way to link building for small brands is through social media. By sharing your blog articles and links on your social page, you can redirect traffic from your social to the website. Google thinks of such traffic movement as authentic. Social media platforms also promote content that moves traffic in a big way. 

From products to services to your blog, it is key you try and share as much of it on social as you can. Social media link building will help your website build traffic and contribute to sales.  

6. White Hat Link Building:

White Hat Link Building

While there are many agencies who will tell you to do link building, you need to be careful. Understand the difference between- 

  • White Hat Link Building 
  • Grey Hat Link Building 
  • Black Hat Link Building 

You need to stay away from the grey hat and black hat at all times. No matter how attractive they sound, they will land you in trouble. All the tips in this article qualify as white hat.  

It is also important for a small business to stay away from Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and Link Directories. You should be aware at all times where your backlinks are. If you are employing an agency, please request them to inform you at all times.  

7. Engage with Review Sites like Reddit and Quora:

Sites like Quora have become the next go-to platforms for digital marketers. They hold a lot of potentials. By engaging with topics on Quora and providing valuable information, you can establish your authority.  

The key is putting in a link that takes people back to your website in the comments section. After a long and useful write-up, you can place a link and ask people to visit the site for more information.  

People visit Quora and Reddit in the hope of getting information on a wide variety of topics. No matter which industry you belong to, you will always find topics on Quora.  

8. Be a Part of the Online Community in your Industry:

Online Community

The digital, even though it appears chaotic and never ending is a closed space. Almost everyone knows everyone. In such a situation, it is important for you to be a part of an eco-system. Take the earlier story that I had written about.  

I made it a part that her brand interacted with 10 top bloggers in the cakes and confectionary business. By sponsoring things (very small- $15 dollar giveaways on someone’s website), you can request people to be a part of their community.  

As a small brand, you do not have to do it with 100 bloggers, 10 to 15 good ones will do. Request them to write for your blog, or write for theirs. Try and merge traffic so that both of you can benefit.  

9. Write Testimonials for others in the Industry:

Like you, there are several other small brands looking to up their exposure digitally. By engaging with similar businesses and writing testimonials for them, you can help your brand.  

You can request them as well to return the favor. Most brands are more than happy to write testimonials. This point also follows the above point of becoming a part of a community. By working together, you will increase the chances of local businesses benefitting.  

You can build not only links but also helpful people-to-people relationships through this. 

10. Have Patience and Time:

You will need to exhibit some patience and time. In the absence of huge funds (like big brands), doing things organically needs time. If you do it right, following the link building tips, you will not need a lot of time.  

However, if you are able to implement all the tips simultaneously, you will need to be patient. White Hat link building is a patient exercise. If you want to blow cash and do a black hat or grey hat, then the time factor decreases.  

Things will not change overnight. Even a couple of months will appear to be a long time. However, you need to understand that time invested in the profit earned. While this holds true for most businesses, it is even more important for small brands.  

Link Building Tips: The Final Word 

If you are a small brand owner, now is the right time to get into link building. Why? Most small brand owners do not know about the potential it offers, nor do they have the skills.  

I keep telling small brand owners that link building is going to get important as social media. If brands are able to get out in front and take the first mover’s advantage, they will benefit. Link building is slowly becoming a no-brainer when it comes to digital marketing.  

The benefits of link building for small brands far outweigh the negatives (there are hardly any).  

Do let us know what you think about the link building tips list in the comments section. If you have any other queries, please feel free to drop me a mail at info@viacon.in

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