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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

By Moses Siringi July 1, 2019 Form Image 1880 Views

Grow your youtube channel

YouTube is an American-based video sharing platform with its headquarters in San Bruno of California.  Three previous PayPal workers established this platform. The employees were Steve, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karin.  These three individuals invented the service in 2005 but later sold it to Google at an approximated cost of $1.65 billion. 

YouTube allows you as its user to, upload, view, etc. content. The website offers many different users generated or corporate generated content.  The content available on YouTube includes video clips, TV shows, music videos, documentaries among many others.

If you not registered on YouTube, then you are only allowed to watch videos on the website. However, registered users are at liberty to upload an unlimited number of videos and audio.

Videos that are considered to be inappropriate are only availed to subscribed users so long they prove that they are beyond the age of 18 years. It is good to grow your YouTube channel if you want to enhance your brand awareness.

YouTube content creators earn revenue from advertisements. This revenue is paid for by Google through a program known as AdSense. This program and by the web site’s content and audience.  Most videos available on YouTube are free to view with exceptions to subscription-based premium channels.

YouTube has found itself under criticism over its ways of operations. This criticism includes how they handle copyrighted content and videos that appear to promote conspiracy theories and materials that also appear to be promoting falsehood.

In general, the invention of YouTube has helped millions of people upload view and shares various videos online. You can find almost all the videos that you might be looking for on YouTube. Despite the criticism from some people, YouTube remains the best video-sharing site ever created.

In this article, we will be learning how to grow your YouTube channel. You will discover that it is one of the best ways to grow your brand awareness.

YouTube channel:

YouTube channel is a channel that is available to everyone who joins YouTube as a member.  The platform gets used as a home page for the account of the user.  After entering and approving the information, the platform then shows the account name and any other relevant information about the user.

If you are a member of YouTube, then you have the liberty of making changes that please you to your channel including customizing the background and color scheme.  You also have the privilege of controlling all the information that appears on your YouTube channel if you are a registered member of your tube.

Businesses too can own YouTube channels. However, these channels are not similar to personal YouTube channels.  This channel can have more than one owner and manager. In some incidents, a member of the brand may open a YouTube channel using the name of the company.

 How to create a YouTube channel:

youtube channel

It is very much possible to view content on YouTube without necessarily being a member, provided you have the right device you might be able to do so.  However, for you to upload videos to YouTube and even make comments about other videos, you might need to have a YouTube channel.

Below are some of the steps you can use to create a YouTube channel.

Log in to YouTube using your own Google account:

Try out any action that requires a channel like for instance uploading a video

At this level, you may be compelled to create a channel if at all you ‘don’t have any

Go through the displayed information, including the name of your account and image.  Confirm the accuracy of this information to create your account.

After successfully creating your youtube channel, you may now need to look for ways of growing it to your desired levels.  You need to note that whatever field you think you wish to found your channel on, there are already hundreds of other users who have created channels in the same area.

This idea, therefore, necessitates the need to try and grow your YouTube channel to compete with these other channels at the same level.  If you are planning to start a YouTube channel, then the steps below should be able to help you grow it competitive levels.

Build videos around a single topic:

Even though this might sound or seem too obvious, it is the best way to draw traffic to your channel and help you grow your audience.  Most people, unaware of these best practices, tend to avoid this vital step, but it is essential in getting the maximum of users to your YouTube channel to enable you to grow your YouTube channel.

Picking a keyword even before constructing your content helps you build the best information for your channel around a specific topic.  Picking a keyword also helps you to remember, including the keyword naturally into your content.  This action enables YouTube to pick up the word upon the addition of captions.

After choosing your keyword, ensure you are on the right track intent by checking out the videos that are ranking for the topic.  Also, remember to optimize your title description. It is essential for you to make sure you create short sweet and on-point videos.

Research has shown that shorter videos are more productive, usually 5 minutes and below compared to long videos that tend to dizzy the viewers, especially if the topic is not impressive. So ‘don’t feel like you have to create a film. Aim for shorter useful videos for your YouTube channel.

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Reformat quality to grow you’re a YouTube channel:

The secret to increasing your YouTube channel following is by building incredible content.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to create your channel content from scratch. You can also create the best videos by engaging valuable and useful content you created in the past.

Most people who visit YouTube do so in their quest to find answers to the different challenges they may be encountering. So if you are going to post content that solves problems, then you are going to be in a much better position to rapidly grow your YouTube channel.

Look at the tutorials and blogs that you may be having and see if you can convert them into meaningful YouTube content for your YouTube channel as well.

Engage your audience to grow you’re a YouTube channel:

youtube subscribe

YouTube being a social media platform, is one aspect you should never forget.  You, therefore, need to offer you your tube channel the social interaction it deserves.  Posting videos followed by encouraging comments and discussion is an essential trick of growing your YouTube channel.  YouTube will, therefore, reward your YouTube channel with higher engagement.

Try and respond to comments posted from your audience and even respond to their question.  This engagement with your audience will be very integral in helping you grow your YouTube channel.

Get branded to grow you’re a YouTube channel:

Great content should get complimented by appealing YouTube channels.  If you want to create a YouTube channel that will be taken seriously by visitors, then make it as appealing as you can.  A branded channel is easy to recognize, and this will help your audience understand your content much faster.

If you are lucky to have a blog channel, then you probably know how this works. In addition to this, remember to include visual branding custom URLs t your channel header.

Also, including some information about your bio makes your channel appealing and might be essential in helping you to grow your YouTube channel.

Promote your channel videos on other social media platforms:

social media platform

The best thing about social media is that it makes it possible for you to cross-promote content on other available channels.  Promoting your content on social media too is useful to grow your YouTube channel. This method ensures that you come into contact with as many potential audiences for your YouTube channel.

If you or on, for instance, you can tease off your audience by posting shorter videos and referring them to your YouTube channel. This teasing helps you to optimize your engagement with your audience and improves your chances of growing your channel following.  Also, remember to post shorter videos on your blog to tease off your audience.

 Show up to grow in your YouTube channel:

Putting your face on your YouTube channel screen is also another proven way through which you can use to improve your YouTube channel.  Putting your face on the display of your YouTube channel makes it easier for your audience to connect with you.

The photo gives your page a personal impression.  You ‘don’t need to include your face on every video that you make but including your face on your channel is the right way connecting with your audience.

Post great thumbnails to grow you’re a YouTube channel:

Thumbnails may look like a small thing, but their impact is enormous.  YouTube makes advertisements through thumbnails using the sidebar, and for you to remain ahead of the pack, you probably need to do the same.  This style is also applicable to the YouTube search.

Posted videos with an appealing thumbnail usually rank higher regardless of their content quality.  This simply because their click-through rate is much higher.  To enhance your click-through rate to grow your YouTube channel. You may need to employ tactics such as highlighted areas, extensive texts, and even if possible unexpected photos or videos.

Leverage YouTube cards to grow a YouTube channel:

YouTube rewards channels that keep maintaining followers on their pages.  The longer the people watch your content, the more money you make and perhaps an indication that your content is quite engaging.   This s shows that you are on the right track in trying to grow your YouTube channel.

By adding YouTube cards, you will be in a position to add videos at points where users drop off. Though your users might get fed up with your videos and try to exit your channel, users will be tempted to have a look at your additional content. This view will, in turn, lead to more time taken on your channel hence helping you to grow your YouTube channel.

Push for subscription to grow you’re a YouTube channel:

Signup to your channel is one of the ways of knowing that viewers are engaged in your channel. Usually, people will subscribe to your channel to watch new videos or look for any updates for that matter.  Always remember never to pay for your subscribers.  This action will only work well to bring down your channel by bringing down its authenticity.

Always remind your viewers to subscribe to your content.  It will help you to grow your YouTube channel by attracting more followers.

Increase uploading frequency to grow your YouTube channel:

To build your audience correctly, you need to increase the speed at which you post videos on YouTube. Make it at least a video or two per week.  The most important thing is that it takes limited resources and doing to ensure that you post a video or two to grow your YouTube channel.

In ‘today’s world, smartphones offer immense recording ability.  These smartphones may be of great help to you in recording editing and posting videos.  Consistency is very integral in sustaining YouTube a channel. Try and be consistent with your posts by posting at least once the same time every week.

These posts will help you to keep your subscribers engaged and updated on your channel. Always recall that driving engagements followed by quality content posts are what keeps your followers retained to your channel. Be an advocate of your brand by engaging mostly your audience on the content of your channel. This engagement with your audience will help you to grow your YouTube channel to desire your levels.


Maintaining a good and active YouTube channel is of great importance, not only for brands but also for Influencers. It can earn you revenue through advertisements, among many other benefits. The steps mentioned above are an excellent and elaborate guide on how you can grow your YouTube channel to levels that you may desire.

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