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How Content Marketing Strategies can Transform a Brand Completely

By Mashum Mollah April 26, 2019 Form Image 1210 Views

Content Marketing Strategies

The more Google started to modify its algorithms within the past few years, more content marketing started gaining prominence. Now there arise two major questions along the course, how and why?

To answer the latter part of the question, we can easily just explain what content marketing actually is. Content marketing is mainly a strategic marketing technique. It consists of engaging and informative content that create interests in a sense of brand awareness among online visitors. It is also effective in driving prospects to a brand’s website.

Now here you can easily see how content marketing strategies have contributed to the success of any brand. Moreover, Statista states that the global digital population has just reached over 4 billion out of which, about 77% of the US adults stay mostly online, according to Pew Research. The rest of the percentage come online at least once in an entire day.

Another survey run by CMI, states that content is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand. With PointVisible agreeing to it because according to the 60% of the B2C marketers have gained more from online content marketing.

With so much statistics in hand, you must be dying out of curiosity to know how content marketing actually works. So here we are, presenting some of the many positive effects of content marketing on a brand:

How does content marketing strategies work?

content marketing strategies work

Imagine content marketing to be the all-rounder of a sports team. It does half of the digital marketing for the brand. Let us see what are those.

Easy Content Marketing Strategies:

  • SEO is practically lame without content marketing. No matter whether you are a small brand or a large brand or just a start-up, until and unless you do some of the content marketing strategies, SEO cannot be used for your promotion or on your website.
  • Content marketing work wonders for google search. Say suppose you are a prominent blogger on fashion tips; writing unique content and properly optimizing it for the search engines, to help you rank in the search engine page. This surely brings some credibility for you as an expert on fashion blogs and also increases the value of your brand.
  • Google loves fresh content. So more content means your brand is likely to reach more customers and will be loved by google bots the most. When you reach your target audiences via content, you are actually promoting your brand in a way.
  • Content marketing builds up a relationship of trust and authenticity between the customer and the brand. As said earlier, when you become an expert in what you do and people are able to see that every day, they are bound to trust your company.
  • Content marketing strategies tool is very good in terms of generating leads. It consists of different kinds of attractive elements such as visuals, graphics, snippets and other things which captivates the reader’s attention. Content acts as a convincing method for a prospect; hence unique and quality content not only stands out in the SERP crowd but also turns the prospect into a customer.

Now that we know how much worth is of content marketing for any business. Let us not waste any moment and get straight into the types of content and when they come in handy.

Types of content and their usage

If we broadly measure content by its types, then it can be divided into four major categories.

  1. Visual Content
  2. Audible Content
  3. Video Content
  4. Written Content

Now pay attention while I say this, that the types of content can overlap and sometimes they can sound similar to each other but they all bring some positive approach towards the brand. Now we will further explain the main four pillars.

1. Visual Content:

Visual Content

Visual content is those types of content which convince people through a short film or through an interview or such kinds. Now, visual content is one of the most effective implements of content marketing. It is because of the popular belief that people believe in their eyes more than they believe in their ears.

One very good example of visual content is the story-telling method of the brand through television or youtube advertisements, banners, flyers, and even hoardings. Such as iPhone and Samsung always present unique advertisements which make people more curious about the brand itself. Flyers are used by small brands to reach as many prospects as they can.

Nowadays short films are being presented on different online portals. This is done to create a hype about the brand or convince the customer of the brand’s efficiency. Such as the dove skin challenge campaign which let random women test dove body soap for a week. They were interviewed later because of the positive results that they got from it.

2. Audible Content:

Although audible content is quite rare in the industry because it is a new concept which has been recently adopted. The best example could be given that of radio. Radio advertisements are supposed to be one of the most primitive forms of advertisement, but it had lost its charm in the late 80s.

Nowadays radio commercials are considered to be a lot more reachable than other modes because and is a lot cheaper method than other ones. Audible content mainly triggers the subconscious mind of the buyer and that is why they are most relatable. Using radio as one of the content marketing strategies is feasible if the content itself is strong.

However, this was just about the offline method. Online method is something which is very creative and very much challenging at the same time. Audible content came into existence when audio narrations of fictional books were launched as a method of reading. Nowadays audible content is emerging as one of the most engaging contents over the internet and also other media like television.

One of the most relevant examples of audio commercials are Vaseline #TouchOfCare advertisement, which consists of visuals but does not actually focus on the drama like other stereotypical advertisements, it mainly focuses on the narration of a little girl adopted by a transgender.

3. Video Content:

Video Content

Video content almost overlaps visual content. However, the main difference between the two is that visual content has a big arena, counting from promotional posts, to banners, flyers, posters, and not to forget hoardings; however, video content only consists of short ad films.

They are much more convincing than visual content because they mainly adopt the method of storytelling and trigger their audiences emotionally.

The best advertisement of the year was of Samsung Service which touched millions of hearts of people. It was the perfect example of video content because there was a story, there was drama and there was the marketing of the brand in a very subtle way, their content marketing strategies were emotionally strong, thus reaching millions of hearts.

4. Written Content:

Written Content

Written content is the main part of online content because this type of content mainly helps in SERP ranking of the brand. These type of content can vary from blogs to social media posts and from website content to informative articles published on various platforms.

The demand for written content is growing day by day because written content has become an inevitable part of content marketing. Written content can be seen all over the internet because if they were not there then where would all the information come from?


Content marketing needs tactical SEO techniques along with creative thinking, so it is very important that you first get these two pieces together and then you can rest assured about your company’s branding if your content marketing strategies are well executed.

So which type of content do you think is most effective? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Always remember, we value your thoughts and look forward to inculcating it in our services!

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