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How To Change Username In Snapchat | All You Need To Know

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How To Change username In Snapchat

Your unique username is a prominent characteristic of your Snapchat profile. You need to create a username, password, and other details when opening a Snapchat account. You will get several suggestions of username too during this time.

However, unlike Facebook, changing the Snapchat username is a bit more challenging. Generally, you have to create a new account if you want to change the username. So let’s find out some other ways to change it in this article.

Snapchat Details

Snapchat is a messaging app and a pretty popular one because it enables users to exchange videos and photos. Once your friends view the image or video once, it disappears. A new kind of camera on this app lets you click your pictures with different, unique filters. 

It is a mobile messaging application, and it is free to download. Apart from chatting, you can create memorable moments on your phone and share them with your friends. It has become a popular app in a short time, especially among millennial users.

How To Change Username In Snapchat

There are several ways that you can use to change your username on Snapchat. The ideas are; 

Idea 1: Change Your Display Name

Changing your old Snapchat Username with the custom display name option is the easiest way. You can change the display name when you want, and it will appear to your contacts immediately. You have to follow a few steps to do so, such as;

Firstly, you need to log in to the Snapchat profile. 

You will see a tiny ghost icon at the topmost left side of your screen. Click on that icon to access your profile.

Now, you will see a gear icon at the topmost right side of your screen. That is the settings option, so click on that.

It’s time to edit your display name. If you think you will click the username button, and you will be able to change it, you are wrong. Instead, click on the icon present beside the username option, and it will allow you to share your new Snapchat Username through other apps. 

Edit your first name and last name from the name icon, and press the save button.

Once you have made the specific changes, go back to your profile, and check if the new name displays correctly there or not. Then, when your friends open a chat with you, they will see your new username.

Idea 2: Use Your Email Id

Your email id can help if you want to know how to change your username in Snapchat. In this method, you will change the Snapchat username with an alternative Snapchat account. The ways to do that are mentioned below;

Firstly, log in to your Snapchat profile.

Click on the ghost icon and then on the gear icon to access the settings option. Now, click on the Settings option, go down, and log out.

Now, tap on the signup option.

Enter all the details they ask there to open a new Snapchat account. But, use a different email address this time from the one already registered in your original Snapchat account.

From your profile, you will see the option to add friends. You can access it via your contact list too. 

Click on the continue option.

Now, click on the okay option, and access your Snapchat buddies through your contact list.

After that, log in to your previous Snapchat account, and go to your profile. 

Click on my friend’s option, and select anyone to view their username on your mobile screen.

Bunk those friends who are already there in your new Snapchat account.

Now, log in to your new account again, and add friends via their name or username.

Delete your original account permanently after you make the required changes.

Idea 3: Create A New Account

This is the idea you will have the easiest access to when you will search on Google ‘How To Change username In Snapchat.’ However, since we have already given you two other alternatives, let’s discuss the most typical solution as well.

You need to delete your previous account first. Type the

Log in to your account by entering the login credentials.

Click on next, and the option of deleting your account will be there.

Enter your Snapchat details there again, and click on continue.

Now, click on the signup option.

Create a Snapchat username that you like.

Once you are done setting up your account, go to the ghost icon again.

Click on the add friends option to make your friend list through your contact.

What Are Some Snapchat Username Ideas?

There are some community guidelines that you can follow if you want to have some cute ideas for your new Snapchat username. First, make sure your display name relates to your username when you follow the How To Change username In Snapchat guide. 

You must avoid too many characters or too many words. Make sure your username restricts between two worlds and uses something interesting and catchy to appear unique to your friends. 

If it is a personal account, there are millions of username ideas. For example, Twinkle Eyes, Lucky Dragon, Femme Fatale, Sorted Foodie, Kiwi lover, Blue Pineapple, etc. If it is a business account, Dream Cruise, Bright Smile, Fitness Freak, etc., are possible ideas. 

These are a few examples of how you can create an interesting Snapchat username with only two words. These names are not registered on Snapchat, so you can use any one of these if it feels fitting to your personality or your brand name. 

Putting It All together

All the ideas we have mentioned here on how to change the username in Snapchat are applicable for both android and iPhone users. So, you can be carefree and apply any of these ideas to transform the Snapchat username. But, since it is a more troubling option than Facebook, we suggest you pick the correct username once and for all. Deleting your account repeatedly and creating a new version is time-consuming. Therefore, choose the username that will constantly reflect your personality and will complement your display name. 

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