How To Change Your Name On Facebook

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How To Change Your Name On Facebook

Sometimes we feel like creating a new identity of our right? Whether it is on social media or in real life, that doesn’t matter. But, since most of our lives revolve around social media, changing your identity is essential.

Well, the good news is that Facebook allows you to change your name on Facebook so that you can come out to the world as a better version of yourself. So, if you are one of those people thinking, how do I change my name on Facebook? We are here for you.

How to change your name on the Facebook app? A Step-by-Step Guide for android phones

Firstly: you need to open your Facebook application.

Then click on the top right portion, where you can see three horizontal lines. That is where you will see the settings option.

Then, you will need to scroll down that menu, and you will notice settings and privacy options. 

After that, you will tap on the settings and privacy option.

After that, you click on personal information, and a menu will pop up again.

Now, you tap on the name option from that list.

Then, you can modify your existing name, or you can add a new name.

After that, click on the review change option. It will help you to have a look at how your new name appears on your Facebook page.

Now, you will need to enter your password once again. It will enable you to login into your old account with a new name. 

Finally, tap on the save changes option. 

This is the guide on how to change your name on Facebook. However, this guideline is for the android version. But, before you move on to the ios version, you should remember you can only change your name at the interval of 60 days.

How to change your name on the Facebook app? A Step-by-Step Guide for iPhones

Like the android phone, you also need to log in to your Facebook application on iPhone.

You will need to click on the three horizontal lines where you will find the settings option. But, the lines will be situated at the bottom right corner of the iPhone instead of the top right like an android.

Once you scroll down that list, you will find the settings and privacy option.

Now, you need to click on the Settings option.

Tap on the personal information option in the new list.

Press on the name option.

Like the android phones, you will also have to type your new name here, or you can choose to modify your existing name here.

Once you are done with the changes, you must click on the review change button. Thus, you will know how your new name will look on your old Facebook account.

After that, you will need to re-enter your password. After that, it will allow you to enter your account once again because you have changed your name on the settings.

Finally, you will tap on the save changes option.

How to change your name on Facebook? (A Guide to doing it on your Computer)

Some of you who are reading the post probably don’t own a personal phone yet, but you have your Facebook account. So, we are bringing you the guide on how to change your name on Facebook, which is exclusively for computer and laptop users.

After you log in to your account, click on the down-right-facing triangle located at the topmost right corner of your homepage. It is comparatively dark in color than other options, so you will be able to notice it quickly.

Now, click on that menu, and a popup list will appear where you will find the settings option.

Click on that settings option. It will take you to the general account settings page.

You will find the name option, and next to that, you will also notice the edit option. Click on that.

At the top of the page, there will be a few name options displayed for you. Since Facebook encourages you to use your real name, you should take one of those suggestions if you don’t want to go to Facebook Jail in the future.

After you type your new name, you will need to click on the review change button. Then, check if your new name appears correctly on your timeline or not for the final time in the popup.

Finally, you will re-enter your password and tap on the save changes option.

Bonus Tips to remember 

Every social media platform may give you the option of changing your name frequently, but Facebook only allows you to do that in 60 days. However, if you change your name too often on Facebook, they may extend your interval from 60 to 120 days. It may seem like spammy behavior in the eyes of Facebook authority, and they may send you to Facebook Jail for it. 

Facebook generally wants you to use your real names so, it is better not to go for pseudonyms. Facebook itself provides a list of derivative names that you can use as a short form of your real name. For example, Liz or Elizabeth, and Bob for Robert, etc.

As long as your new name does not violate Facebook’s security settings, you are safe. Your friends will still be able to connect with you on your old account. You won’t need any new connections. All the posts you have been tagged into and your comments will still appear with your new name. So, follow these bonus tips, and your plan of how to change your name on Facebook will be fulfilled with no adverse impacts. 

The Bottom Line

Now you have figured out how to change your name on Facebook on several platforms. So, if you have an iPhone, or an android phone, or no phone at all, but you still want to change your name, here is your guide. Follow these steps thoroughly and always remember the safety tips we provided at the end of this article. Now, go and create your new identity on Facebook, and add some new spark into your old Facebook account.

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