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Pro Tips on How to Improve the Website for More Profit

By Mashum Mollah April 30, 2019 Form Image 1650 Views

How to Improve the Website

The main purpose of doing online business is to bring traffic to one’s brand and generate leads for product sales, and the website is your storefront in that case. Just like your brick and mortar store, it also holds some factors which ultimately leads to users stepping in your website and staying there. In case you do not know how to improve the website, you need to understand its different aspects. You should see how those parts appeal to people. Call-to-action is a part which is very important on a website.  If they pass by, then remember that your website is not working as well as you had thought earlier.

Therefore, this blog is not only about how to improve the website, but also about how to make profits out of it. However, first, we are going to see the benefits of having an online presence.

What do you get out of a website?

If you listen to the professional marketers, they all will agree on one thing: online business with a cool website to show is much cooler than having an extravagant brick and mortar store. So naturally, the benefits that we get from a brick and mortar store is not greater than a website as one of the strategies to improve profitability. Have a look at the reason why:

Benefits of Website:

  • Your business is online for 24/7, which means that customers will keep on coming to your store, which will increase your website traffic.
  • It is an effortless and exciting way to meet your customers. Moreover, you can connect anytime with them.
  • The greater amount of website traffic leads to good ranking, which means the probability of your website shown on the first page of search engine results is an added value.
  • To know how to improve the website, the first thing which you will have to learn is how website content can be optimized. without making it awkward.
  • Digital marketing becomes easy. When your website is at the top, then your main purpose has been served, so the marketing costs and stress reduces to an extent.
  • You can gain an online reputation via social media references and customers reviews. It is actually helpful in building an online brand if you know how to build a website.
  • You can sell products much more conveniently via shopping cart integration and drop shipping association.
  • Some way or the other, every link is linked to another link. That means that every website is connected to some other website, which means that every road will ultimately lead to your website also.
  • Online marketing is much easier as you can skip the physical banner, poster and flyer part for mass promotion. The cost of digital marketing is also lower than in physical marketing.

Studies to Show How Profitable a Website is:

Profitable a Website

A website can make all these differences that were shown above. Researchers found out by a survey that it is seen that 75% of the people admit that they judge a company’s credibility based on the layout of their website’s design and content.

Another study shows that it takes only 2.6 seconds for a user to focus its eye on the area of the website which is most highlighted and influential as well. These two studies prove a fact that website is not less than your products in case of sales.

Therefore, our next venture will be to point out the tips as to how to improve the website, which will help us in building a website and improvising it for more profits.

How to improve the website?

improve the website

For noting down the strategies to improve profitability from your website, you will first have to jot down the thoughts and motive which has led you to this search. Streaming down all the possibilities, here are the main question you need to answer to on your own before you look out for ways of boosted sales.

1. Clean the extra junk:

Clean the extra junk

A website eventually gains a lot of clutter which needs to be cleared. The user finds for all the things that he or she needs when they are on the website. However, that may get lost if there are too many things on the website to distract them. To avoid that situation you can follow these few things:

  • Give ample amount of whitespace in your website to make it look spacious and clean. The whitespace helps people to find what they need.
  • Use animation to create an extra hype for your website, but too much of that is just being messy. So use animation wisely in places where animation is needed.
  • Use menu nesting, if you have too much content on your website. In that way, you can cluster similar content into categories. Your website also looks clean and organized that way.
  • The content on your website should be something which intrigues and influences online visitors. It has to be simple so that it can read by anyone. Unless and until you are running an academic website, use of language should be less and use of service or product related information should be more.
  • Get rid of flashy advertising because sometimes they turn out to spam and ultimately make your website slow.

2. The website should be fast:

website load speed

It is evident from a few surveys done, that most of the people skip the website which takes a long time to load. The slow page load speed not only leads to bad customer experience but also degrades the quality of the website. It ultimately hampers the ranking part. You need to focus on the website load speed if you properly want to grab the idea of how to improve the website.

In such a case, have an analysis of your website from Google, or any other relevant portal offering the same service. You can also try other strategies to improve profitability which will help you to speed up your website such as:

  • Use more Jpg images instead of png graphics.
  • Optimize your Javascript to avoid hacking and fragility of your website.
  • Optimize CSS because bloating of your CSS can make your site slow.
  • Use minification and get your site cached.
  • Check your plugins and carefully resolve the 404 issues.

3. 404 errors are a big No-No for your website:

404 errors

The 404 issues have always been a common enemy for every website owner. Many people who know how to improve website have come across this problem once in a while in their life. It mainly happens if the page, the user is finding for does not exist anymore or if there is a glitch in the URL.

Therefore, there are some tips which can help you to get rid of this problem regarding how to improve the website and they are:

  • Create a redirect of 301 for your 404 pages.
  • You can use the user-friendly language.
  • Provide immediate solutions to your user by giving them options of pages which are relevant to their search.
  • Provide your user with the availability to report.
  • Give them insights on what could possibly go wrong with the page.

4. A check-up of your plugin is a must:

Many plugins contain spam, whereas there are other plugins which protect a website from spams and other viruses. There are plugins which help you to improve your search rankings. Do not forget to check out your plugins and make sure to eliminate the ones which are not necessary.

Moreover, keep in mind that there are several plugins which are super useful to your website and hence keep those such as:

  • Plugins which protect you from viruses.
  • The plugins which analyze your website traffic and growth are much productive.
  • It helps you to manage your product and ERP.
  • Some plugins which help you to optimize your content according to the search engine algorithms (especially Google).
  • Plugins which provide you to give a specific site map for your users.

5. Provide proof of your brand’s authenticity:

The Internet has its own pros and cons. While there are many scam sites providing people with fake information, there are also other sites which are genuine and will only give you confirmed information relevant to your search.

The consequences that your website will face is skepticism and resistance from people who have come across such scams previously. Next time when you teach how to improve the website, remember that every website serves a different purpose. Therefore, every website should be presented differently.


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