Top Ten Ways For Increasing Website Traffic

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Increasing Traffic

Most brands and digital agencies come up short when questions of increasing traffic to your website come up. They do not know how to use SEO Services to-

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Convert visitors into buyers
  • Improve the metrics of the site
  • Help improve the website’s metrics and health
  • Climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)

Over the last decade or so, I have heard hundreds of brands suffer voice the same concerns. I have also heard numerous digital agencies and experts write 5000+ word articles on how their strategies can help increase traffic to your website.

This has gotten to a stage that brands are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars without any ROI. Digital Marketing agencies and companies offering SEO services are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

Ways of Increasing Website Traffic: Top Problems:

The digital marketing industry is a highly dynamic and evolving industry. What works today becomes redundant tomorrow. There are updates, best practices, and penalties that are part and parcel of the digital domain.

Most agencies and SEO experts are not apt enough to keep abreast of all the developments. They have been following a module of SEO services from the early 2000s. Frankly, it is not going to work anymore.

Brands too cannot concentrate exclusively on this. They have thousands of other verticals to look after. While leaving it to so-called digital marketing experts is a good thing, total freedom often breeds complacency.

Before lead generation and revenue targets are set, brands and agencies need to look at ways of delivering the basics.

What are the basics you ask? For starters, increasing website traffic stands at the very foundation of any SEO services strategy. Unless you are able to get the desired volume, no attempt made on your part is going to be successful.

In this article, I will look at ten ways of increasing website traffic. All these strategies are actionable. They will help you see results in less than 3 months.

1. Social Media Presence and Strategy:

Social Media

Let us address the elephant in the room. Social Media had officially overtaken search engines to become the number one platform in the world. I am not saying that good old-fashioned Google is no longer important.

What I intend to say is that finding exclusive SEO services driven strategy for Google is not the way to go. What you need to realize is that Google can no longer control the digital eco-system like it used to. In other words, if you are able to drive insane amounts of traffic from social to your website, your website metrics will improve.

From creating great content on your social media to linking blogs from your website to your page, you can try anything. Not to mention, you can use one blog article, rephrase the language and post it on five different platforms. All will drive their respective audiences to your website.

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2. Use Sponsored Content Aggressively:

Sponsored Content

When you talk about your brand, it has some results. When others talk about you, it has improved results. By strategically using-

You can reach newer audiences within your industry, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. There are experts who shout at the top of their voice about how you should spend three months contacting, approaching and commenting for guest posting.

There are investments that need to be made if you want quick results. Let us not get judgmental about what experts feel and what you should do. Every expert out there was a Link Reseller or ran a PBN at some point of their lives.

With the right sponsored content strategy, you will see an immediate upshot to your website traffic. In 2019, sponsored content is a sure-shot way of increasing traffic to your website. Sponsored content is a key ingredient for SEO services. Increasing site traffic is a critical component of any Off-Page SEO strategy.

3. Kick-Ass Content Creation:

Content Creation

Pardon my language. However, I would not like to apologize for the importance that content holds for increasing website traffic. Before you hire an agency for SEO services, I would recommend hiring a content writing team first.

I know what you must be thinking, but I have made the above assertion after being a part of the industry for over ten years. Content writing is the magical cloak that will protect you against any black hat strategy that Google might penalize you for.

Increasing site traffic requires original, informative, SEO friendly content on-

  • Website Pages
  • Blog Sections
  • Social Media
  • Platforms like Quora and Reddit
  • Sponsored Content (any article which carries your link should be excellent)

Please bear in mind that I am not only referring to written text-based content, I am also referring to content types like-

  • Infographics
  • Audio Podcasts
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Images

Content that is different, useful and impactful helps drive meaningful traffic to the website

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4. Video is the Future of SEO Services:

video marketing

I caught up to this trend first in 2017. Since then, I have introduced my clients to video as SEO service. Most people are quickly taken aback when I mention that SEO services include video creation and video marketing.

However, over the past couple of years, Google and social media have come up with something quite simple. As we know, the algorithms work on what human beings interact with the most. These platforms, in turn, promote such contents further. To this end, video is something that has phenomenal effects on increasing engagements and increasing site traffic.

If any brand wants to increase website traffic, creating videos for-

Is essential for increasing website traffic for your brand.

5. Quora, Reddit, Glassdoor and other similar platforms:

With so many Private Blog Networks offering tainted information, users have turned to community-based platforms for ‘real’ information. Quora Marketing is quickly emerging as a key strategy for driving audiences to websites.

However, in order to succeed on Quora or Reddit, the content needs to be of high quality. Unless you are able to engage users in a meaningful fashion, no one is going to click on the links and follow you to the website.

In addition to Quora, Reddit and Glassdoor are also less used mediums that have still not being exploited by agencies. As people shift their attention from blogs to forums, maintaining a presence on such platforms is instrumental for increasing website traffic.

(Quick tip- Content in the form of listicles works really well on Quora)

6. Google My Business (GMB):

Google My Business

I know all of you must be wondering why I am mentioning the most common Local SEO strategy out there. However, I do not want to dwell on the obvious anymore. What I want to raise your attention to is how GMB is slowly evolving as a similar product to Facebook for Business.

Ever since Google Plus closed shop in 2019, several Silicon Valley journalists have noticed unusual activities around GMB. The rumor is that Google is going to make GMB the next big Google product in the coming years.

Whenever you hear GMB or YouTube, keep in mind the Google promotes its search within its own eco-system. If you are maintaining a solid presence on GMB and YouTube, you will ace your SERPs without a doubt.

This is the right time to follow all the best practices of GMB. From posting (just like social, ahem ahem), to maintaining updated information, to reviews, GMB will help you in increasing traffic to your website.

7. Maintain a Blog on your Website:


Nobody wants to be pushed products or services the first time they come across your brand. I develop this weird knot in my stomach when I see brands push products to me on social media. The standard procedure ‘Reporting’ the brand, both on social, as well as on Google.

I am sure there are millions of people out there like me. (Hence, I am not a big proponent of artificial digital marketing). By creating a blog, the first connect with audiences will be from a pure content point of view. By offering useful information in rich keyword laden SEO optimized articles, you will be increasing website traffic for all the right reasons.

I want you to do a simple exercise. Write one 2000+ word article daily for your blog for three months. It goes without saying you need to do your keyword research and optimize it from an SEO standpoint. If you need any help, just drop me a mail. (I have given my email id at the end of the article).

After the end of 3 months, see your traffic. Go on, I challenge you.

8. Newsletter and Email-Marketing:

Email Marketing

Never ever, spam people! Period. If you are writing one article every day, it would be a wise idea to send out 4 Newsletters every month. Always remember, you are providing useful information, not pushing products.

Once you are able to maintain this distinction, you will start doing things differently. Newsletters should be visually rich and impactful. Great copy skills are necessary to make the desired impact. Email marketing might be a traditional digital marketing strategy, but it still works well. The key is to make your content stand out.

Having a different theme for every email and newsletter that you send out will increase the clicks. Subject lines, which start with- ‘Get 25% Off by clicking this email’ is considered as spam. The title should be catchy, but not superficial.

9. Maintain a Presence on Review Sites:

No matter what industry you belong to, there is an Industry Authority Review site for you. From Yelp to Trip Advisor, maintaining a presence on review sites is instrumental for increasing web traffic.

If you are astute enough, you will find close to ten review sites where active presence helps. By active presence I mean, engaging with users, commenting and replying on posts, following up with disgruntled customers and more.

You will not believe the amount of traffic you can get if you turn around an unhappy customer to a happy one. I am not suggesting that you wait long enough for that. However, there are ways and means through which you can veer conversation to your brand.

10. Have a Multi-Pronged Strategy:

Where most brands and agencies fail is not being able to do all the above simultaneously. If you are reading this article, I would request you to try the above at one point. There might be confusion in terms of tracking, but you will reach your end goal.

Doing just a couple of things at one go is counter-productive to what we are doing to do. I know that the above requires investments; however, I also know that these can deliver significant ROIs for your brand.

This is where you also need to do the traditional SEO services optimization- On-Page more specifically.

Think of your website in terms of a human body. In order to function at optimum levels, the human body needs to do everything together- food, sleep, exercise, avoid bad habits, learn, etc. Your website also needs the same eco-system to do well. Can you tell the human body to sleep for this month; we will take care of the eating next month? I guess not.

The Final Word

Increasing web traffic might be the easiest or the most difficult problem you would have encountered. However, there is always a solution to every problem. This is especially true of the digital domain where there is a lot of dynamism with regard to every approach.

By being strategic, smart and steady, you will be in a position to increase website traffic within a period of 3 months. I am not saying that there will not be hindrances or problems. Yes, there will be infinite hurdles. The key is to implement the multi-pronged strategy simultaneously. (I guess that is why SEO has been called as a multi-pronged strategy).

If you need any help in increasing traffic to your website, please do not hesitate to reach me at [email protected]

If you need any clarification with regard to SEO services, feel free to hit us up on our social media platforms.

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