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9 Hurdles To Your Digital Marketing Transformation

By Shane Brown October 11, 2021 Form Image 561 Views

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Jeff Bezos once said, ‘It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.’ Even if we did not comprehend its true meaning back then, we certainly understand it now. You just need to have a growth mindset, and you can sell absolutely anything online. That is why digital marketing is flourishing to such a vast extent in the contemporary business environment.

But, looking for the perfect post for digital marketing is not an easy job. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why many firms fail to execute their digital marketing transformation campaigns. You have to understand that it is much more than sharing a product image online. You have to engage with your customers virtually so that they trust you enough to buy your product. 

This article will share some of the most significant hurdles companies face during digital marketing transformation. But, first, we will know a little about what digital marketing is exactly.

What Is Digital Marketing?

If you want a simple explanation, digital marketing is the act of promoting your products and services online. It includes video editing, text messaging, social media posts, instant messaging, electronic billboards, radio, digital television, etc. More than 80% of companies worldwide have a digital marketing program set underway because that’s how widespread this phenomenon is.

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is letting a brand connect with its customers via mobile phones. Since there are more than 3 billion people who have a smartphone, it is easier to widen your reach if you use digital marketing strategies. You just have to find an SEO-optimized post for digital marketing, and you will have customers swarming on your site in no time.

What Are The Top 9 Hurdles To Your Digital Marketing Transformation?

Before you look for a suitable post for digital marketing, you have to understand where companies make most of the mistakes. You may not know it all too well, but you can elevate brand awareness with digital marketing only then when it happens at the three most important levels. The three levels are management, corporate governance, and execution. But, almost 80% of companies make mistakes in these three levels, and that’s why their online marketing strategies don’t work as expected.

So, let’s look at the common obstacles companies face during their digital marketing transformation.

Obstacle 1: Inability To Experiment

No matter how much you brag about change management, companies mostly favor sticking to something they are familiar with. But, unfortunately, many firms often don’t understand what a suitable post for digital marketing can do to their audience engagement and site traffic. Moreover, they don’t know how the industry is changing, so they lag behind the race.


Companies should think about how incorporating digital marketing can reinvent their existing business operations. But, instead, they stay occupied in thinking about how it will uproot their entire workflow. So, if you want your firm to be a successful pioneer in digital marketing transformation, you must experiment quickly.

Obstacle 2: Excessive Inward Thinking

Online marketing strategies cannot be successful if you don’t prioritize your customers’ needs and wants. If you have even a little knowledge of social media marketing services, you know how to create catchy content to grab your audience’s attention in a fraction of a second. But, companies often fail to determine what their customers want, and that’s a significant obstacle in digital marketing strategy.

Most business leaders lack the vision of how digital marketing can change the entire business environment. If you think digital marketing is yet another change management model, you are wrong. With the right post for digital marketing, you can work wonders on your customers. So, this kind of inward thinking is holding many companies back from executing this transformation.

Obstacle 3: Risk-Averse Work Culture

A survey conducted by HBR showed that almost 50% of companies are prone to avoid risks while implementing change. However, digital marketing transformation necessitates risk at the core. So, if a company with no knowledge of digital marketing won’t risk their business over a new hype in the market. 

But, if you ask any professional about content marketing services, you will know how the right content can make digital marketing a risk-free investment. Digitization won’t seem like a risk anymore if you know which post will best attract an online audience.

Obstacle 4: Lack Of Corporate Vision

Many companies are willing to execute digital marketing but don’t know how to do it. The primary purpose of digital marketing is indeed increasing brand awareness, but that’s not the only vision. If a company does not envision itself in a digitized future, it cannot think of unique strategies to make the digital campaign work.

If your firm thinks protecting a company from the recent buzz of digital marketing will ensure its long-term survival, it is wrong. You have to do the upfront work and conduct in-depth research on your market. Only then will you understand the true vision of digital marketing and will implement it the right way.

Obstacle 5: Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats indeed go hand in hand with digital marketing transformation. But that is not a reason why you should not apply the most promising online marketing strategies. Many business owners fear the loss of money and reputation if their data is released online. We agree it is something to be afraid of, but tech experts have given its solution too.


That’s why we said just finding the right post for digital marketing is not the end. You have to implement the best security protection software to ensure your customers a secure transaction. Just remember that the future holds all possibilities for digital transformation. So, you have to be cautious if you want to implement it.

Obstacle 6: Lack Of Talent

Without the right skills, a digital marketing campaign cannot survive and yield a positive output. If you think posting a product image on Facebook is enough to make your social media marketing services successful, you are wrong. So, with the lack of talent, companies suffer a significant setback when they try out digital marketing.

But, just like every other field, digital marketing also requires its experts. A firm can hire a social media manager or a digital marketer to take over this activity. A digital marketing trainer can also mend the skill gaps in employees and make the entire firm technology-centric.

Obstacle 7: Lack Of Budget

Digital marketing may not seem too pricey, apparently, but it is. In fact, by the end of 2019, the global investment in digital marketing was $1.7 trillion. So, if the senior managers are unwilling to invest in digital marketing, it will never work. Many times small-sized companies also fail to apply it due to a lack of funds.


But, the companies can allocate a particular portion of their monthly marketing budget in the digital transformation. They can also opt for the crowdfunding option as it will help them collect funds faster. Whatever option your firm chooses, just remember you will need the fund because finding an eye-catching post for digital marketing is just the start.

Obstacle 8: Inadequate Collaboration Between IT, And Other Departments

The IT department has the upper hand when it comes to executing digital marketing. But, we have seen in many companies the IT department does not collaborate with other departments in the right way. As a result, digital marketing efforts fail. It also discourages the firm from taking over such actions again.

But, this hurdle is entirely avoidable. First, the managers must instruct the IT department properly to join hands with other business units. Second, they should also teach each other about digital marketing analytics. It will enable them to know how successful their digital marketing campaign was. 

Obstacle 9: Too Much Uncertainty

Digital marketing has just stepped its foot in the market, so there is no concrete strategy yet to make it work for the long term. However, this is not an uncommon issue. In fact, any change brings this uncertainty along with it, but that does not mean companies won’t employ any change management, right?

Although digital marketing goals are not yet defined, that doesn’t mean they won’t be evident along the way. Your firm will just have to let the transformation take its place without worrying too much about the stakes. Moreover, if you hire an experienced digital marketing manager, he can show you the certainties of this initiative.

Final Thoughts

So, as you know, having the right post for digital marketing is not enough, and that’s just the start. If you want to get rid of these hurdles and leverage the maximum potential of digital marketing, we think once you employ these solutions; you won’t find digital marketing so elusive once you utilize these solutions anymore. 

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