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Top 5 Ways A Residential Proxy Can Help Your Business Gain A Competitive Edge

By Ejaz Ahmed June 23, 2020 Form Image 844 Views

Residential Proxy

As a business entity, a business has as much interest in protecting its identity as an individual does. No business wants to divulge critical information, make public innovations (websites, apps, etc.) or even fall prey to some hacking incident.

In such a situation, most businesses are now opting for residential proxies to help them maintain a discreet identity on the internet. Businesses, like individuals, sometimes need to access blocked information in a specific domain on the internet. They also need to use the internet in geographical locations, which might limit access.

For businesses, there are four major proxies, which they can go for-

  1. Residential Proxies
  2. Data Centres Proxies
  3. Shared Proxies
  4. Dedicated Proxies

Even though there are four proxies, which are more than capable of masking IPs, most businesses opt for residential proxies.

Why do Businesses prefer Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies have several advantages over the different kinds of proxies mentioned in the last section. For starters, they accord credibility and genuineness to IPs as they are based on real homes, locations, and ISPs.

When you use a residential proxy to establish communication with a different website, it appears as though a real individual is looking to strike a communication from their home location. In terms of threat perception, this appears to be significantly lower.

What happens post this is that the website’s firewall does not alert the website or activate the security systems. You do not get blocked and your IP does not end up in Google’s database of mischievous IPs.

In the following section, we look at the top five ways Residential Proxies can be great for businesses.

Top 5 Ways Residential Proxies can help Businesses: The List

1. Competitor Analysis, Research, and Information-

Competitor Analysis

In order for competitors to stop snooping around, businesses block a complete range of IPs, which they think represents the competition. This means that your office IP is blocked without a doubt. If you are a competitor brand, start with the assumption, that the brand you are spying on is already aware of you.

A credible residential proxy helps you stay ahead of the suspicion curve and visit the competitor website from multiple IPs in different locations. This prevents setting off the alarm bells, and you can partake in whatever analysis of the website you are looking to do.

2. Testing New Software and Performances-

Imagine you have created a new app of a website, which is targeted for the entire global audience. You will try to see how the IPs of various countries are reacting to your website/software/app. This is where a residential proxy comes in very handy.

You can analyze the speed, the restrictions, and test the performance of your new platform from multiple global locations. If you experience a high volume or load from a specific location, you can work to address the issue before it is launched in the real world.

3. Optimizing a Business’ Marketing and Advertising-


Many businesses rely heavily on ad campaigns for their major revenue source. Many of the leading digital agencies always use residential proxies to check ad placements. You need to be always certain as to how they appear in different countries.

The digital laws of some countries differ from others. This makes it necessary to use a residential proxy to check whether the display banner is functioning properly or not. If you are making the same requests, search engines might block you. This is where residential proxies mimic real IPs and help you get your work done.

4. Data Collection and Analysis-

No matter how much business denies, collecting user data, and storing it, the same happens. While governments and international regulators are clamping down upon this, residential proxies offer a credible way forward.

By not appearing as a business, and hiding behind the identity of a real physical IP, data collection, storage and processing become much easier. You are likely to fly under the radar and engage in data collection and analysis, which can help your business.

4. Improving Branding and Exposure-


If you are a business, who is looking to ace search engines and SEO, using residential proxies can be a great approach. Search engines track users and website traffic by looking at IPs. The more diverse your IPs, the better will be your digital performance in terms of metrics.

Businesses who are looking to work in different countries of the world can also know more about the places by using residential proxies. This can help them get an idea of how local IPs behave when interacting with websites and apps.

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In 2020, almost all businesses looking to succeed on digital platforms are using residential proxies. Be it software companies, eCommerce platforms, or even businesses looking to explore new markets. Infatica.io, a leading residential proxy service provider states that companies are increasingly turning to this software to accelerate their growth strategies.

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