SEO Content: The Complete Guide for 2019

SEO Content

Are you failing to create quality SEO Content for your brand website?

Is your brand sick and tired of amateur content writers who do not know how to do keyword research?

Do you feel you are falling behind in the search rankings?

Have all the digital experts and SEO gurus confused you with technical SEO content jargon?

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, you have reached the right article.

The right SEO services prioritize one thing above everything else- quality SEO content. If your SEO services agency tells you otherwise, it is time to give your association with them a rethink.

In this article, we look at why SEO content, which is search engine friendly, is the one and only mechanism for you to ace digital marketing.

What is SEO Content? Meaning and Definitions

In simple terms, SEO content refers to content on your website, which is readable and accessible for search engines.

Search engines work differently when compared to human beings. I am sure all of you know that already.

However, search engines look for causal relationships between what users are searching for, and what your website is offering.

In other words, think of search engines as platforms connecting users and websites.

The more appropriate your content to search queries, the better are your chances of ranking higher.

Even though this is a simple understanding of how search and SEO content works, this is the truest foundation.

Always remember, everyone can write. However, not everyone can write SEO friendly content.

There are major benefits of quality SEO content on your website. Some of the major ones are-

  1. You will be able to attract better traffic.
  2. Google and other search engines will see you as a credible and informative source.
  3. The above will result in better site metrics and SEO scores.
  4. It will be easy for your website to climb the search rankings (SERPs).
  5. More traffic, higher metrics and better rankings will result in increased revenue generation.

Why Do Most Brands and Agencies fail at SEO Content?

First things first, creating SEO content is not easy. However, it is not as hard as you think.

A typical SEO service will dish out a lot of technical SEO jargon, like On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization and so on.

Every brand needs to understand that the more services you take, the better are your chances of ranking.

This is fine. However, what most agencies who offer SEO services do not pay close attention to is content.

This is also because ‘language’ is something that, unfortunately, most of us do not excel at. The technical aspects of SEO can be done by anyone.

However, the language part of SEO content needs someone who is proficient in ‘English’.

Ever wondered why all SEO services providers, mention- native UK and USA English?

In 2019, if there are a hundred thousand SEO services agencies, I can guarantee, there are less than 100, who can create SEO content.

As most agencies cannot create SEO content, they try to make up for it by offering a range of different services.

While this is no comment on their expertise, it speaks a lot on the differences between what Google wants and what we give.

SEO Challenges for Brands and Agencies

Most brands and agencies start prioritizing digital marketing strategies like-

Link Building, Guest Posting, Blogger Outreach, and so on.

However, what they base these strategies on are scraped and plagiarised content. Keyword stuffing is also one major flaw that most agencies carry out routinely.

I have always maintained that great SEO content means that any digital marketing strategy has a solid foundation. If you are able to create great content, you have already won 50% of the battle.

In order for search engines to consider your content as optimal to the search query, your SEO content should be rich in-

  • Keywords that users are using for search queries.
  • Original, useful and informative content.
  • Content which is easy to comprehend, understand and engage.
  • Has a lot of graphics- images, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Is shared and popularised on social media.

The Best SEO Content Guide for 2019: The List

1. Original, Useful and Informative SEO Content:

This is the foundation of any great SEO content.

Unless your content serves a purpose or solves a problem, no one is going to search for it.

This is an important criterion, for being successful in search rankings.

I keep stressing on this as agencies and writers fail to create a mental set-up when creating SEO content.

The mental set-up involves asking yourself why anyone would want to read this article or blog. Once you have this as your starting point.

All the other peculiarities fall into place.

The key is to start with an intention or a thought. Take a pause, step back and evaluate your writing.

Writing SEO content as an answer to a problem is always something you can try.

Your content needs to be 100% original and non-plagiarised. The only thing Google hates more than shoddy link building is plagiarised content.

2. Long Format Content:

Long Format Content

Let me start with a small story.

One of my clients wanted a website built. When I said that we will be charging separately for content, he was up in arms. He chose to get a website done from somewhere else. A few months later, he asked me why I kept insisting on charging for the website content when everyone was offering it free. By now, I was monitoring the traffic on his site. He was not getting any. The website content was not optimized, there were no keywords. The total length of his content on individual pages was less than 500 words.

I told him that writing website content is an art. Creating SEO content that ranks websites is expertise. No expertise comes free. He asked me half-heartedly to change the content. I asked my content writing team to do the keyword research and create the website content.  We created web pages that had at least 1500+ words of keyword rich content. His traffic grew by 1200% in less than 2 months!

The rest, as they say, is history! How much did I charge? Get in touch with me to know the pricing.

Long format content is informative, gives scope for keyword placements and Google loves it.

3. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research

If I may, keyword research is what distinguishes the professionals from the amateurs in SEO content writing!

By doing your keyword research, you will be able to plan your content.

Simple things as Google Suggest or free tools like Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest can help you do your keyword research.

Let us face it; ranking for highly competitive keywords is difficult. It is not impossible, but difficult.

The key is to set realistic targets for your SEO content.

Once you have settled on the keywords, you need to ensure that you are using them optimally.

Please do not get over-excited and indulge in keyword stuffing.

Google’s algorithms are smart enough to spot that.

A standard practice that I use successfully is dividing the length of the article and the keyword in a 2% rule.

For example, if your article length is 1000 words, you can have the focus keyword a maximum of 20 times.

4. Take help from WordPress and SEO Yoast:

I have many budding content writers ask me one specific question- How will I know if my article is good enough for SEO.

I tell them that WordPress and Yoast are the two most underutilized tools for optimizing articles.

We all publish articles; however, we do not check if it is SEO friendly.

I can understand that it can get frustrating to correct the errors.

Someone told me that it is like discussing a question paper after coming out of the examination hall. No one wants to do it.

While I can relate to that analogy, I can also state that it needs to be done.

Unlike an exam paper where you will be marked just once, on the internet, you will be marked every day.

By checking for things like ‘Passive Words’, ‘Sentence Length’, ‘Paragraph Word Count’, etc. you can always ensure that your article is 100% SEO friendly.

This is a discipline, which most content writers need to inculcate.

I always encourage my writers to publish articles as well. This helps them get into the groove.

By the end of three months, they do not need to check anything as the habit is already developed.

5. Excellent SEO Content opens Doors and Opportunities:

If you are familiar with advanced digital marketing strategies like Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach, you will understand the importance of great content.

Sure, you can pay your way to get a place on a blogger’s platform. However, what if you did not want to. In such an instance, your content will help you open doors and opportunities.

No blogger, worth his grain in salt, is going to turn down a good piece of content.

Good content on a publisher’ platform will attract traffic and lessen his bounce rate.

It will also help build your credibility as someone who writes well.

The best SEO services excel at guest posting and blogger outreach because they have a great content writing team.

I always keep saying that great SEO content is the foundation of any good digital marketing strategy.

Great content helps your brand be accepted in a wide community of experts.

Have you ever wondered why Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Gary Vaynerchuck, always seem so embedded?

6. Images, Videos, Infographics are the Key:


Standard text content is important. However, graphics enrich a piece of content 3x times. According to Google, articles that have graphics are expected to do three times better than articles, which do not have any graphics in them.

This means that any piece of content you create should have the following-

  • Images
  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Infographics

By following a pattern of text content, intermittently being expressed with graphics, you will end up enriching your article.

This is something that is related to the psychology of human beings.

They cannot keep on consuming and engaging with plain text content.

It needs to have graphics to enrich it. Google promotes whatever audiences like, consume and engage.

This is also the reason why you will see many brands on social media actively pushing video content.

Video content has greater organic reach, attracts visitors and improves engagement.

7. Pay attention to Meta Description and Title Tags:

Meta Description

This might be something that is infinitely small’ however, it is very important when it comes to search engines.

You might be doing everything (according to the above six points), yet, if you are not optimizing your title and Meta tags, your SEO content strategy is incomplete.

Think of Meta description as the face of your article on search pages.

The two things people look for are titles, title tags, and Meta description.

The best Meta description should have the title of the article, the focus keyword, and a CTA.

You want to tell audiences what your 3000+ word article contains in 60 characters or less.

This is a challenge, but the best content writers find a way to present the gist of their article in those 60 characters.

Google identifies articles and their content through Meta tags and title tags.

If it finds them relevant to the search query, it then goes inside and checks for keywords, and so on.

8. Invest in a Content Writing Team:

Content Writing Team

We all hire the best designers, developers, SEO experts, and social media managers.

What we all do not pay attention to is Content Writers. I do not understand when and how did content writers end up lowest on the hierarchy.

Your 1000 dollar a month SEO services agency with SEO experts might be using spun articles for link building.

This is the reality of our times. I request all brands and agencies to invest in a quality content writing team. They are and always will be your biggest asset.

From website content to social media, great content always stands the test of time.

All SEO strategies will change over time. What will not change is Google’s emphasis on quality content.

If you have not yet invested in content, you are letting your brand fall way behind your competitors.


Not all SEO services agency can create amazing content. This is a fact that you will have to live with. As a brand, if you are unable to create quality SEO content, your digital marketing strategy will never deliver the desired ROIs.

The funny part about SEO content is that what is good today was also good three years back. In other words, the best practices of SEO content do not change. Google and search engines lay this importance on quality content.

If you have any questions regarding SEO content or Content Marketing, feel free to drop me a mail.

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