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If you are looking for the top 10 SEO tips for business websites, you have come to the right article. The world of search engine optimization has gone through several changes. However, some fundamental principles have not changed. For instance, search engines no longer rely on targeting keywords for the sole reason of improving organic ranking. Keywords reveal a lot of information about users and their struggles in addition to giving you the SEO juice.

The market has countless SEO techniques and it becomes hard to distinguish between the effective and ineffective ones. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 SEO tips for website optimization. The best SEO techniques will generate thousands on leads from the organic searches. Here are the top ten SEO tips for Best website optimization.

1. Remove all the Things That Slow Down Your Website:

Slow Down Your Website

One of the most critical factors in the SEO world is the speed of your pages. In the past, people would easily get away with slow-loading pages. However, modern users are searching for fast-loading pages.

Slow loading pages give your users the worst experience and can throw you out of the market. Such pages frustrate the experience of your users and may discourage people from purchasing your products. According to Strange Loop data, even a delay of one second can reduce the conversions by 7%.

Potential buyers believe that slow loading websites are untrustworthy. Page speed is crucial for both search engines and users. EConsultancy reports that 40 percent of individuals abandon sites that take over three seconds to load.

There is a high demand for speed as users get to know the available opportunities for using search engine optimization to increase revenue and generate targeted leads. Google included the speed of the website as one of the key ranking factors on 9th April 2010.

Therefore, if you have slow loading pages, you will lose the battle of organic ranking even if you have a professional website and high-quality content. The internal studies by the search engine giant revealed that slow loading pages make visitors spend less time on them.

On the contrary, a fast-loading page will improve user experience and lower the operational costs. Thus, you need to remove all the non-essential elements that slow down the speed of your website. In case you have plugins that you are not using, make sure that you deactivate them.

You also need to de-clutter the sidebar and only place the essential widgets in that place. It is among the most effective top 10 SEO tips that you cannot overlook if you own a website.

2. Link to Other Sites That Have Relevant Content:

One of the top SEO tips is to link out to other blogs. Let no one cheat you that linking out to relevant and authoritative blogs is bad as it will be moving people away from your page. Link building is a critical element in the search engine optimization strategy.

Linking to other websites sends out tractable traffic that turns your website into a more scalable resource that is valuable. The most important thing is to link out to other trustworthy sites in the market.

Unless you start by giving out, you cannot expect to receive from others. Therefore, the best ways to get inbound links from authoritative sites is by linking out the respective blogs from your website. However, make sure that the pages that you are linking out to offer great value. It is the best SEO practice that you can include in your strategy.

It is also good to notify influencers once you link out to their websites. You will find most of them linking back to you as long as you have a valuable post. Most of them have a long list of email subscribers that can benefit your brand.

Link building is more about quality and not quantity. Getting a few authoritative links as opposed to dozens of poor quality ones will help you to build a lot of trust in your niche.

3. Write for Human Beings Before Search Engines:

As a content writer or blogger, you should not go back to the old school SEO technique where the desire to use keywords to drive search results were higher than the real quality of valuable and engaging content. This mindset is long overdue and you need to be keen with your approach.

You need to capitalize on the use of long-tail keywords and not try to manipulate search engines. You should not prioritize the search engine over the real people who will be reading your content. It is good to write for your readers and not search engines.

Remember search spiders are mere scripts that will neither purchase your products nor engage with you on social media. Therefore, you cannot expect them to join your list of loyal customers. One of the best SEO tips is putting your readers first.

Writing for users is considered by experts as one of the top SEO tips in the industry. Most digital marketing gurus involve this point in any article on top ten SEO tips. This is because, writing for users has found to show several SEO advantages and benefits.

The secret is having a passion to help other people. Writing for users before search engines mean forgetting that search engines exist and creating content that will help someone. It is what we refer to as copywriting.

The good thing about putting users first is that you will write helpful content that even the search engines will reward. The reason is that search engines always follow users and not the other way round. You will also be building trust with your target audience and enhancing the user experience. It is among the most practical SEO tips that work across all brands.

4. Encourage the Other Authoritative Sites to Link Back to You:

Inbound links remain to be the lifeblood of the search engine ranking to a large extent. A combination of the no-follow or do-follow links will result in a natural link profile that Google will not hesitate to reward.

Implementing some of these top ten SEO tips is not an easy process. Content marketing entails creating engaging and high-quality content. The posts should create the urgency and need is people to share your content on social media and link to it.

You need to invest a lot of resources, time and money on creating each post if you want people to link out to it. You cannot create poor quality content and expect people to link to it. If you create useful content in your niche and link to other authoritative blogs, people will naturally begin to link to your website.

5. Have in Place Web Analytics From the Onset:

Web Analytics

One of the top SEO tips is having web analytics in place from the beginning. Once you provide a clear definition to your search engine optimization goals, you should have a tool to track what is working and what does not work.

Some of the private web analytics solutions that can help you to achieve this objective are the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Another great tool is CrazyEgg that will show you where the visitor is clicking and the way they navigate from your website.

Make sure you have in place all these web analytics. It should take place before you even send the first visitor to your landing page or website.

6. Write Relevant and Unique Meta Descriptions for Each Page:

Meta Descriptions

This is one of the top ten SEO tips yet most individuals neglect it. You need to craft your Meta description in the best way possible. Remember the first section that your visitors will see when the search engine serves the page in the search results is the Meta.

The search engine giant (Google) does not like duplicate content. However, there may come a time when you need to cite a sentence or paragraph from another website and then link it back to its source. Publishing duplicate content should not become your way of life because Google will penalize you.

Similarly, duplicating Meta descriptions can also land you into trouble. The search engine giant may not penalize you right away but you still won’t be providing a great user experience to your audience. For instance, you cannot have a single Meta description for a page that talks about making sales and one on email marketing. These two topics have a huge difference and the Meta description that you use has to communicate that fact.

WordPress users can install Yoast Plugins or the All-In-One Pack to fix Duplicate Meta descriptions. Then, scroll down to the bottom page in the WordPress editor to add a unique Meta description and title tag. It is one of the top SEO tips that are not hard to implement once you gain the relevant experience.

7. Only Use Meaningful and Readable URLs:

If users cannot read your URL and understand it, there is a high possibility that search engines will also be confused. You need a URL that both the search engines and users will find easy to understand. There are no characters or numbers apart from the dashes and words.

One thing you need to remember is that search engines always follow your search users. Bo wonders Brian Clark asserts that search engines are similar to infants that you need to spoon feed on a regular basis.

We are living in an age of search evolution like RankBrain but search spiders remain to be programs and not human beings. Therefore, you need to give them proper guidance. A good URL should have two to four words so that it can be memorable to the user. Such URLs are also easy to type and search-engine friendly. These top ten SEO tips will make sure that you optimize your website in the best way possible.

8. Use Social Signals to Build Momentum:

Social media is an important part of the SEO strategy and hence we cannot leave it out of our top ten SEO tips for website optimization. Search signals are critical and hence you need to focus on increasing yours.

The truth of the matter is that Google has not added social signals in its algorithm ranking factors SEO. However, social signals have a great impact on your ranking in the search engine. Several case studies reveal that social pins, tweets, likes, and shares have a significant impact on the search engine ranking.

The rules for getting more social signals have not changed. These include;

  • Creating useful content that is share-worthy across all your social media platforms
  • Asking people to share your content so that you can encourage them to do so.
  • Adding share buttons to all your posts and making sure that they are visible.
  • Mentioning and linking to social media influencers and power users in your post and notifying them.
  • Hosting a social media contest to allow you to increase your number of shares

Social media is at your disposal and these are just some of the ways that will help you to make maximum use of it.

9. Include Relevant Keywords in Your Images:


Images have a critical role to play in search engine optimization. Google dedicates a whole section in its search results to images. It shows you that the search giant pays a lot of attention to pictures.

When the user searches for a specific image, they will always use the keywords to carry out the search. Therefore, your image names and the accompanying text such as the caption should have the right keywords. However, be careful not to engage in keyword stuffing. Relevance is more important than cleverness and creativity when it comes to search engine optimization.

10. Consistently Create and Publish Unique Content to Enhance Your Ranking:

Unique Content

Most marketers find it challenging to produce engaging and unique content. Both B2C and B2B marketers should have discipline when creating content.

Content is more important than you could be imagining because of the ‘fresh factor.’ One of the factors that affect this level of freshness is unique content. It also has significant effects in the search engine ranking for that specific page.

The best way out is to create fresh content for your website consistently. The secret is having unique and helpful posts all the time. Content falls under the SEO tips that you need to manage with a close eye.

Top 10 SEO Tips for Website Optimization: Final Words

The age of your web page or domain comes in last as one of the top SEO tips that you need to keep in mind. It is one of the critical success factors when it comes to website optimization. Therefore, don’t keep on changing your domain name from time to time. Just pick one and then stick to it unless you have a good reason to make changes.

A need may arise to change your domain name but you should not make it a regular practice. There is no problem even if you use the same domain name for over ten years.

If you have an old post that is no longer useful to your audience especially because of the recent changes in Google, you can avoid writing a new piece of content from the start and just update the page. It will help you to retain the on-site engagement metrics that you have already earned such as social media shares and backlinks.

The last thing that you need to do is focusing on long-tail keywords and creating your content around them. You need to think about the quality and not quantity whenever you are building links. Also, remember to make all your web pages mobile-friendly.

If you pay attention to all the above top 10 SEO tips, you can be sure of creating better content, driving more organic traffic, acquiring more leads, and growing your revenue. Learn the SEO tips and techniques that can improve your ranking in the search engine and stick to them.

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