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Skipio vs. Textiful Review: Text Marketing Software to Use 2020

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Skipio vs. Textiful

As the name suggests, text marketing is just as it sounds. It is the use of text messages in the marketing process. This marketing campaign or strategy delivers promotions to mobile device users. You need to compare between Skipio Vs. Textiful and choose the best solution.

The message type varies by strategy and industry. However, it can incorporate anything from promotions and sales alerts to website links and product images.

Since text-marketing is permission-based, users give explicit permission to get text messages from your brand. It uses a platform that allows visitors to send bulk messages. This article will look at two such messages in depth. However, it is good to understand why text marketing is important before proceeding further with Skipio Vs. Textiful analysis.

The Top Benefits of Text Marketing

Benefits of Text Marketing

At first glance, it is easier to see how to text message marketing may be more of a hindrance and not helpful to the users. However, it is good to note that this marketing is permission-based hence the users agree to receive a text. Therefore, you will not be sending the text messages unsolicited.

In this light, text marketing is highly comparable to email marketing. Both of them operate on the opt-in system. Therefore, each of them also gives participants the opportunity of opting out at any time. The beauty of text marketing is that most of the people are on their phones 24/7.

We have close to 7 billion mobile subscribers globally. This tallies up to approximately 95.5 of the global population. It means that text marketing has the potential of expanding your reach exponentially.

According to Mobile Marketing Watch Reports, the open rates of text messages stands at 98%. On the other hand, the open rate of email is close to 22%. SMS marketing is the best way especially if you are targeting the millennial audience.

Text is the most preferred notification channel from businesses among the 18 to 34-year-olds. 84% of the Millenials open text messages within the first 90 seconds. 75% of Millenials prefer SMS communication for surveys, promotions, and deliveries.

In addition to this, text communication delivers a more one to one vibe with your clients. Take some time and think about the increase in the popularity of various messaging apps like Chatbots. People like these solutions because the approach that they offer is more personal without having to pick up a phone.

The main challenge is that the reach is limited to the people who engage with your bot or download the app. You can also offer a similar experience when it comes to text marketing. There is an added assurance that your audience is certainly of the texts. It explains why you need to examine Skipio Vs. Textiful and choose one that will work best for your brand.

How to Grow Your Text List

Grow Your Text List

As we have already mentioned, text marketing is exclusively an opt-in practice. It means that as you start with a texting software, you should have a customer list to upload. You may also begin to build a new, text-only list.

The question you should be asking yourself is how do I get people opting-in to my text messages? Like email marketing, you can include several CTAs on your site via pop-ups among other strategies.

However, the most effective and popular strategy is using keywords and shortcodes. There is a high possibility that you have seen these before. These are the ads that will tell you to send the word ‘JOIN’ or ‘TEXT’ to 54321 to receive 20% off. In such a case, the shortcode is ‘54321’ while the keyword is ‘JOIN.’

You may get as imaginative as you wish with the use of keywords and utilize them in grouping your contacts as they join. For instance, if you sell flowers, you can request your audience to text back with their best flowers. You can use the information to group your contacts accordingly.

Most software, including the ones in this article, come with this option inbuilt. They will help you generate the shortcode and add new users to the contact lists as they continue to opt-in.

The only work you will have is promoting the keyword. You can see this taking place on several sites, digital ads across social channels and Google, package inserts, and email newsletter to name a few. It forms a great basis when examining the topic of Skipio Vs. Textiful.

SMS Texting Software: Skipio vs. Textiful

Skipio vs. Textiful

I want to learn more about Skipio Vs. Textifuland which one to choose? Several people are now adopting text messaging. As a result, so many software are coming up to help in streamlining and managing the process. This article will only focus on two tools; Skipio and Textiful.

However, it is good to understand the basics of what this software does. Essentially, this software streamlines the whole process for you. If you are using a service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, for email marketing, you could be having a good idea of what you expect.

The only difference is that you will be sending text messages instead of sending emails. The actual function is simultaneously sending a single message from one source to a large group of audience.

Remember, these text blasts are not just utilized to update clients on special discounts and sales codes. All organizations should be using this approach in keeping in touch with their members.

As you select software to use, you need to put a few things into consideration. First, you need the option of segmenting your contacts into groups. Like with the email list, you should create various audience segments basing on demographics, interests, and many more.

You also need personalized text features such as the ability to include each receivers’ name and the ability to send GIFs, images, etc. You also need the ability to monitor how your campaigns are faring. Lastly, you need the ability to save your text templates for future use. The features of each software vary from one tool to another. Thus, it is crucial to understand the whole topic of Skipio Vs. Textiful.

Key Differences between Skipio and Textiful

These two tools are great when it comes to text marketing. Both of them deliver quick and clean texts and meet all the desired criteria. The only difference between the two is the approach and your goals should define the one that you select.

Skipio pays all its attention to text message marketing. It comes out as the latest and greatest platform and as a tool that has the ability to overtake email marketing. We have users who prefer to be reached through text messages and Skipio serves them well.

Most people spend their time communicating through the mobile phone. Therefore, you can use it to create a personal connection with all your customers.

On the other hand, the approach that Textiful takes is more integrated. They integrate with other software such as MailChimp to help you to use text to grow your email list. And while they strictly offer text marketing services, one of their defining elements is the use of text as a vehicle for collecting more emails. With this in mind, the best text marketing software narrows down to how much you are willing to invest in text marketing. Get to know the differentiating factors between Skipio Vs. Textiful before you move forward.

Highlights of Skipio Review


It is hard to beat Skipio if you are solely shopping for text marketing software. First, this tool delivers fully automated campaigns that work with the current contact lists. It can also work with your shortcode that is known as SkipLinks in this place.

Once you are opt-in as a user, the tool triggers a Smart Campaign that sends a text message automatically. You can also separate users automatically into different campaign flows based on the responses and questions within the conversation.

Like email marketing, it triggers various messages to be sent out to users basing on the segments. Like any other good software in the market, you can send multimedia messages through Skipio. These messages can have videos and images and offer a set of analytics including the number of links that are clicked in your messages, totally sent messages, total pending messages, and the response rate by sentiment.

Skipio also gives you a local ten-digit number for you to send messages and also collect numbers from together with sending ring-less voicemails. With ring-less voicemails, you can record your message in advance and directly send it to the voicemails of your contacts.

The bonus of Skipio is that its blog is frequently updated to offer ideas, insights, and tips on how to use text marketing. Skipio comes with a month-to-month subscription plan with unlimited inbound and outbound text messaging. These highlights will help you understand the whole topic of Skipio Vs. Textiful in a better manner.

Campaign Creation with Skipio

Skipio Campaign

After signing up with Skipio, the first thing to do is creating a campaign. The good thing about Skipio is that it is extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is navigating to the campaign button and clicking on the new campaign tab.

It will prompt you to insert a description and name and choose whether you will run a keyword campaign. A keyword is a word that the recipient will text back and this will trigger another action from the sender. For instance, if the recipient texts back, you can send him or her a discount code.

The next section is creating a message. You will be able to create a series of messages for every campaign from this place.

The first thing is to set the timing and then decide when the texts will be sent. For instance, once a new user opts-in, you may choose to be patient for a day and then send a welcome message.

The next step is setting a reference name for your message. It could be a ‘welcome’ or ‘thank you’ message for opting in. You can also personalize the message using the first name.

If you have extra messages in your next marketing campaign, you will create them in this tool as you form a whole conversation flow. The whole conversation is intuitive and easy. You can enhance your sales significantly by using Skipio. Getting to understand Skipio Vs. Textiful will help you make a wise decision.

Highlights in Textiful Review


By now, you could be feeling too delightful about Skipio which is an excellent thing. However, Textiful also comes with its perks.

As we mentioned earlier, this tool integrates with email to assist you in collecting more addresses. It works in a similar way to a keyword campaign except for the fact that you will be asking clients to text back their email addresses.

From here, the tool will automatically add your email to the marketing platform. Therefore, you will get an email address in addition to a text opt-in.

Textiful offers all the customary whistles and bells such as drip campaign setup, multimedia texts, shortcode campaigns and support, and list segmentation. The most advanced features in this tool include zip and city code information.

You will capture this from phone carriers at no additional cost which will help you segment your contacts better by location data. These highlights will help you become more informed when it comes to Skipio Vs. Textiful discussion.

Data Collection: How to Get Started With Textiful

Textiful data

Even though you can solely use Textiful for text blasts, its primary role is data collection. You start by setting up a keyword to help you set up any campaign.

Like Skipio, this is a message you send to your target audience and request them to reply with a particular keyword. Once they do this, it will prompt you to send out a series of data collection messages.

To collect emails, go to the main navigation and check the keyword button. The next thing is to click on the ‘Edit Messages and Settings’ tab.

Choose ‘Collect Email’ that is on the left-hand navigation. At this place, you will be able to customize the messages together with a follow-up. Make it clear that the user should respond with his or her email address.

Once a user responds using the keyword that you entered initially, the system will send them a follow-up message requesting their email address. If they respond, it will prompt Textiful to add all the incoming addresses to the email software you are using.

You may also choose to send out a follow-up message to those who fail to submit their email addresses and this is highly recommendable. Set the time delays as per your desire and it can range from a few minutes to several days. You can re-craft the message requesting for the email.

The Process:

However, email addresses are not the only data that you will get from Textiful. Go to the data request tab and you will get several options there. These include favorite color, zip code, first name, and many more. You need to send this in a series like a keyword message > first name collection message > email address collection message > favorite color collection message.

You can segment your users into various groups depending on the responses that they provide. With Textiful, you can also choose the plan for text marketing only without the included data collection.

Text Marketing Software: Final Thoughts

Text Marketing Software

Text marketing is something that is worth exploring regardless of your niche or industry. The best text marketing software largely depends on your overall goals.

Skipio is probably the best platform if you wish to go all-in with text message marketing. However, if you want a software that will integrate seamlessly with the other marketing efforts, email to be particular, then Textiful will come out to be the best.

Whatever choice you make, the ability to engage with your audience and promoting your brand through text messages is an incredible opportunity for all brands. Make sure that your business is not missing out on this golden chance.

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