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Top 10 Social Listening Tools You Should Use

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Social Listening Tools

One of the most versatile online platforms is social media. You can virtually use it for anything like discovering the latest memes, news, to getting updates on the most recent celebrities. Using social listening tools will help you get the most from this platform.

It can benefit the lives of both personal users and brands. Social media is an excellent way of connecting with users on the platforms that they are already using 24/7. Social media is less disruptive than print advertisements or emails. The reason is that it uses native advertisement options.

Most people disguise this paid advertisement because it follows the natural form of the platform where you post it. In addition to promoting your products, services, or brand, social media will help you maintain the reputation of your brand.

It closely resembles interviewing or straight-up surveying of customers about their thoughts. Therefore, social listening tools are essential to your brand. It is good to understand the meaning of social listing before exploring the various social listening tools.

Meaning of Social Listening:

The term social listening refers to the process of monitoring the social media platform of your brand. Social listening tools allow you to view the direct mentions of your brand. You will also see the customer feedback, discussions around related keywords, industries, competitors, and topics.

Once you analyze this data, you will get great insights and act on the opportunities. The process of social listening has two sections. The first one is social monitoring that tracks your conversations and social mentions.

The second one is actionable responses and analysis. It helps you to make improvements that meet customer requirements. Social listening tools will help you to find the root causes of social conversion. It also implements changes that improve social media strategies in the long run.

Now that you understand the importance of social listening to your brand, we can explore some of the social listening tools in the market. From this info, you will not fail to get a perfect one that meets our requirements.

Why You Should Use Social Listening Tools:

Several things can motivate you to use social listening tools for your brand. These include;

  1. Customers feel happy when brands respond. It will make them feel that you are hearing them on social media. It will help you to craft the best responses for your brand.
  2. You can track the entire growth of your business. When you have more negative comments that can affect the reputation of your brand, these tools will help you to provide clarity and reverse the trend.
  3. Social listening tools helps you to discover new opportunities. You will know the concerns of your customers and make informed decisions.
  4. The tools help brands to increase customer acquisition. It is one of the best ways to increase your reach through prospects.

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Top 10 Social Listening Tools You Should Use:

1. Hootsuite:


Hootsuite tops our list of the top social listening tools you should be using. The tool allows users to view all their brand mentions, comments, and messages. It takes place across several social channels in a single concise dashboard. You can also respond to all these messages from that single platform.

Hootsuite also allows users to track their leads and influencers. You can do this in a list that you can import and share with other people within the company.

Hootsuite provides three plans that are different from its customers. Therefore, you will not fail to find the perfect strategies and solutions that will fit the needs of your business. It is one of the social listening tools that offer practical solutions to social media marketers.

2. Social mention:

We cannot talk about social listening tools and leave behind social mention. It is a simple tool that allows people to search for any keyword on various social media platforms. Social mention pulls up all the mentions of the keyword you are searching.

The keyword can be a related term, brand name, or the person across all the social media platforms that you choose. The tool will also rate these mentions for scales. The first one is a strength which displays the likelihood that people are discussing your brand online.

The second scale that social mention uses is sentiment. It shows the ratio of negative to positive mentions. The third is Passion that shows the probability that the individuals who are mentioning your business will do so more than one time.

The last scale that social mention uses is reached. It shows the range of influence of your brand across multiple users. These features make social mention to be one of the most useful social listening tools in the market. You can start using it today to get all the above insights into how your social campaigns are performing.

3. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social

The social media management software of Sprout Social offers solutions that improve the interactions that you have with users. The tool provides Twitter Listener reports and dashboards to analyze their presence on Twitter.

Besides, the tool utilizes real-time brand monitoring for searching brand-specific keywords and real-time brand monitoring. It’s among the few social listening tools that offer consistent priceless insights for tracking and improving the brand’s social strategy.

Once you know how this tool works, you will discover that it is an easy to use but highly resourceful platform. The solution should not miss out on your list if you are planning to market your brand on various social media platforms.

4. TweetReach:


This tool is excellent for any company that wishes to analyze its reach on Twitter accurately. You can use this tool to analyze the exact number of Twitter accounts that have reached the hashtag, person, or keyword that you have chosen. You will agree to the fact that very few social listening tools give you these insights.

TweetReach also gives users analytics on the number of impressions. You will also see what other users are mentioning and when they post the tweets among other analytics. Therefore, it is one of the best resources when shopping for social listening tools.

With this tool, you will discover your most impressionable followers. These are the people that you should be using your tweets to target. You can use the tool to achieve your social media marketing goals.

5. BuzzSumo:


If you have been in digital marketing for some time, BuzzSumo is not a new terminology in your ears. The tools allow users to see the number of shares and impressions particular posts are having with a shared domain.

It is one of the best social listening tools to use in analyzing your brand on Facebook. With BuzzSumo, you will get insights about the reach of all your Facebook posts. You will also see the posts that have the best performance on Facebook.

The tool can also tell you the days and hours of the week that are best to post. The tool analyzes the times when most of your followers are active on social media. It is an excellent tool that will help you to target your audience in the best way possible.

It will also give you suggestions about the most appropriate length for your social media post. These insights are critical for anyone who wants to succeed in social media promotion.

6. HowSociable:


HowSociable is a tool that allows you to track twelve social media platforms free of charge. It comprises of platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It also includes other communication channels the WordPress blogging website.

You can search your brand name on HowSociable and analyze the performance of all your social media sites. It is an ideal solution for anyone who is looking for all-inclusive social listening tools.

HowSociable gives each of your platforms a numeric score. It will help you to tell the sites that are performing well. You will also tell the ones that need improvement to deliver better interactions with the users.

Most people like this tool because of the kind of services that it offers. Imagine analyzing all your social media pages from a single platform. It is one of the best inventions in the world of social listening tools.

7. Keyhole:


The list of top social listening tools will not be complete without talking about keyhole. The primary focus of this tool is Instagram and Twitter analyses. It gives rich insights about the performance of your brand on these two platforms.

Keyhole allows users to track usernames, mentions, hashtags, and many more on these two social media platforms. Besides, this software provides fantastic heat maps that display how engagement and mentions with your business differ in various regions globally.

It allows you to understand your target audience better. You can also get to understand the demographics in the best way possible. It is a resourceful tool that you need to use for your social media analytics.

8. SumAll:


The SumAll social listening tool is an excellent solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. This tool helps people to analyze the correlation in their social channels. It can also help you to save time by scheduling automated posts.

The tool has so many metrics that have a relationship with engagement on all platforms. SumAll will also give you brief email updates each day. It is one of the features that sets SumAll apart from other social listening tools.

It compares the metrics of the previous week to the ones of the current one. It will help you to track your growth efficiently. You will be able to make the necessary adjustments appropriately.

9. Mention:


Mention can track millions of sources of content over 42 languages globally. Therefore, this social listening tool allows users to monitor the mentions of their brand all over the world. When looking for social listening tools, this one has a high level of utility.

Also, you can select the type of content you would like to tune out. Therefore, you will only pay attention to those trends that matter to your brand. There is no wasting of time in measuring irrelevant metrics.

It is a competitive social analysis tool because it allows you to compare your business across two or even more competitors. You can make sure that your content has a high level of relevance to your users. It will help you to become more relevant in the market.

1o. Hubspot:


If you are looking for social listening tools that will allow you to build marketing campaigns, Hubspot has the answer. Also, it allows you to share content such as landing pages and posts. You will automatically share content to different channels on social media.

Besides, Hubspot allows users to discover the best posting times. You will find all these functionalities in a single tool. You can also compare how your brand is functioning across different social channels. Hubspot will help you to track the number of leads and visits that your brand receives

Therefore, Hubspot goes beyond social listening. It is an all-inclusive inbound marketing tool that will benefit your whole team. It will help you in integrating social as a critical element of your brand. You need this tool in the day to day operations of your brand.

Social Listening Tools: Final Thoughts

One of the most versatile tools online is social media. You can use social media for nearly anything. However, it does not make sense to use a tool that you cannot track its performance. You need to understand the effect of the software you are using on the performance of your brand.

At this point, social listening tools come in handy. There is a long list of social listening tools in the market. You can choose one depending on the platforms that you are using for your brand. Besides, the metrics you would like to measure will help you to choose the right social listening tools.

The most important thing is to ensure that you are making an educated decision. Apart from the tools mentioned above, there is still a long list of social listening tools in the market. It is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to learn about the performance of the brand’s social media pages.

These tips are critical if you’re going to increase the reach of your brand. To get the most from social listening tools, feel free to contact [email protected].

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