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Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tips That Work

By Moses Siringi October 19, 2019 Form Image 1682 Views

Social Media Marketing Tips

Would you like to see your business grow to the next level? One of the things that you need is a successful social media marketing strategy. This article will give you some of the social media marketing tips that you need to implement. Social media marketing is a dynamic powerhouse that drives sales, creates quality leads, and solidifies branding. However, it can also turn out to be a big task-oriented and time-wasting activity. You have to make sure you are implementing the right social media marketing tips to succeed.

The secret is to learn how you can create, carry out, and also measure your overall plan strategically. There are some challenges that a business that is trying to succeed in social media should overcome. One of the aspects you need to handle carefully is carving out sufficient time.

You also need to measure the results metrics properly and create high-performance content. If you don’t handle these elements well, they can tank your plan. You don’t want a strategy that will leave you with a big goose egg as your outcome.

With proper planning, you will increase the likelihood of reaching and even exceeding your payoff. You will get a lot of excitement about social media marketing. This article lays down a step by step guide that will take you to the right path of success.

These social media marketing tips will help you to rock your marketing strategy on social media. It is the best way to increase your return on investment.

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tips That Work:

1. Identify Your Goals:


The best business plan is to begin by setting your goals before implementing any new plan. The same case applies when you are dealing with social media marketing. You can be the best seller of furniture in the region but fail if you sell ice cream.

You need SMART social media marketing tips at all times. A vague goal such as ‘get more business’ is not specific. You need a goal that will help your brand to pinpoint your objectives and also create success measures. The goal should narrow down to what you exactly expect from your initiative.

The goal should be measurable to tell you whether you achieved your objective or not. You also need to tell whether you missed the goal by a certain percentage. Therefore, you have to set these standards for your goals.

A good goal for your social media marketing will also be attainable. It is quite frustrating and demoralizing to have goals that are out of reach. It is productive to stretch in order to attain a certain objective. However, you should not go overboard with your expectations.

The other important aspect of your social media goals is that they should be relevant. You need to tie your social media goals to the overall goals of your business. It could be to strengthen, increase website traffic, or build an audience among others. Your social media marketing goals should relate to the broader picture.

Lastly, you need goals that are timely. Times and dates will make sure that you are accountable to the goals of your company. Breaking up a large project into mini-goals will make sure that you stay on track. You have to make sure that each of them has a practical deadline.

Company goals are basically the ‘why’ component of the business. After this, it is time to decide on the ‘who’ which takes us to the next point.

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2. Identify Your Audience:

Identify Your Audience

Want your message to be effective? You have to design it for the people that you are targeting. You need to develop a relevant buyer persona if you want to succeed in your social media marketing. There are three things that will help you pinpoint your target audience.

The first tip is to review your happy customers. Clients who are happy about your products and services are a prime starting point while building your buyer persona. Closely study their demographics, industries, and goals to understand who you should target.

The next thing is to nail down to their pain points. What are the questions that your products and services answer? There should be a way in which your products make the job of the buyer easy. You will only show value for your business once you organize this information thoroughly.

The third point is to survey customer support. You need to talk to those individuals who are on the front line. Get to understand the questions that come their way most often. Once you know this, you will know the direction to take in your social media marketing.

You need to publish content that will interest and engage your target audience. From here, you now need to move to the “where’ of your social media marketing.

3. Choose The Best Platforms:

social media platforms

One common mistake is cultivating followers on more social media platforms or half a dozen. The person who is managing the social media will get off track, overwhelmed, yielding puny results.

We all know that the social media giant is Facebook. LinkedIn also helps businesses to get a huge online presence. However, not all companies should focus on both of them.

You need to understand the people who need your product or service. Your offering is a primary determinant of the social media platforms you select. Facebook is the best bet if you want to sell to your consumers directly.

If you are targeting an audience that is young, Instagram and Snapchat may give you the best results. LinkedIn will give you a golden ticket if you are marketing to other companies.

The other thing you need to evaluate is the platforms your competitors are using. Put on your investigative hat to understand the platforms that your competitors are using. You need to look at their followers and also study their social media presence.

It is among the social media marketing tips that will give you the best insights. However, this does not mean that you should be on all the channels that your competitors are using. However, check out for competitors who have tons of engagements and followers. It will help you to choose the social media platforms to put on top of the list.

A successful social media marketing strategy will take you a lot of time to manage. It is better to select one of the two platforms and heavily invest in them. It is meaningless to choose six to ten channels and then spread a thin message in them.

The best social media marketing tip is to concentrate on a few platforms. It allows you to specialize and become an authority figure in those platforms.

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4. Hire a Highly Qualified Manager:

Qualified Manager

You need some unique qualities to become a savvy social media marketing manager. The common mistake that business owners make is choosing an individual with the lowest rates per hour. The other temptation is choosing a person with the lightest schedule.

You need to think of a person who has the right qualification to handle the job. The top qualification of a social media manager is strategic thinking. You cannot succeed in social media marketing unless you have a strategic thinker behind everything.

Closely examine the candidates who apply for the job. It is good to discuss with them the short term and long term goals of your business. The individual should know the process of laying outposts, choosing content, and engaging with followers. All these elements should work in a way that will build towards success.

The second qualification of a good social media manager is having excellent organizational skills. A person who runs social media campaigns should use a step-by-step approach to lay out the strategy. The manager needs to handle his time and control his calendar well.

Therefore, make sure you hire a social media manager who has excellent organizational skills. The last thing to look for in this professional is branding expertise. This figure may not be the ‘face’ of your brand but they are the ‘voice.’

The social media manager should understand your brand at a granular level. He should also possess excellent spelling and grammar mistakes. He should also exhibit high levels of professionalism in all situations. Hiring the wrong manager will have adverse effects on your brand.

5. Deliver Consistency:

Deliver Consistency

Your social media initiative will stand out when you nurture it constantly. Throwing up a picture here and a blog there will not build a prosperous marketing strategy. Keep your target client in mind while writing and sharing content. Some smart choices are webinar invitation, new white papers, and blogs.

The second social media marketing tips is curating content. You can fill the social media calendar by posting information that is relevant to the industry. You can also publish information that is written by other authors to fill the social media calendar.

However, quality is critical whenever you are posting content. Don’t pay more attention to quantity at the expense of quality. The critical tip here is to avoid posting sales-y content. The challenge with such posts is that they turn your audience off.

The last tip on this point is that you should a good listener. You can use some tools to listen to what your target audience and competitors have to say about your brand. The information will guide you to know what you need to share.

6. Woo Influencers:

Woo Influencers

Close to 50% of consumers look for influencer reviews while shopping for a product or service to purchase. Therefore, you cannot overlook the recommendations from influencers when marketing on social media.

The reason is that customers have a lot of trust in influencers. These personalities have established a high level of credibility and hence their recommendations matter a lot to users. Therefore, you need to find out the experts of the product or service that you are selling.

Influencers always have a large following on social media. Therefore, you need to network with these professionals to succeed. Reach out to these dynamos and build relationships with them. It is the best way to expand your branding message.

The next step is to extend an offer to these professionals. Be careful to answer the question ‘what does it hold for me.’ They can promote their brand on one of your webinars or join you on a trade show.

You need to bring value to the industry influencers as you strive to build these relationships. No one will want to be part of a program that does not help them.

You also need to monitor what is taking place. Watch the information that the influencers are posting about your brand. You have to make sure that this message is cohesive to your brand image. If they tried your product and did not like it, you should have this information upfront.

Always pay attention to the influencers and communicate with them. Be aware of what they say so that there are no nasty surprises. It is one of the most practical social media marketing tips for your brand.

If you use Instagram, you can use Instagram stories to increase your reach as you collaborate with the influencers. Most people are using these social media marketing tips to take their campaigns to the next level.

Instagram stories are the second most popular format when marketing on Instagram. The platform reaches out to over 500 million users daily. Research shows that Instagram stories are 15 times faster in comparison to the other types of feeds.

7. Grow Your Audience:

Grow Your Audience

You will enjoy better results when you have more eyes seeing your message. The person managing your social media should look for ways of increasing followers across all social media channels. The most important thing is to use platforms that are relevant to your products or services.

The best starting point is your current customers. Make sure those customers who follow your social media platforms are happy. These customers value industry information, new content, and product updates. When you do it well, the message will prompt them to re-purchase.

The next category to target is content fans. People who digest your content and run across are prime to follow you on social media. It is crucial to encourage these users to subscribe to your blog. You should also make it easy for them to follow you for future updates.

The best way to increase your followers is through contests. The last thing to take advantage of at this point is paid ads. Attracting organic traffic is an excellent strategy but we have brands that prefer paid adverts. It is one of the best social media marketing tips to grow your followers.

Ads are an effective way of reaching out to your buyers. You will get people who would never have gotten an opportunity to come across your message. It is an excellent solution for anyone looking for the best social media marketing tips.

8. Engage Your Audience:

Engage Audience

To succeed in social media marketing, you should look for ways of increasing the engagement you have with your followers. This should also take place with the people that you are targeting.

The response comes on top of social media marketing tips under this point. One thing you need to understand is that the management of social media is not a one-way street. You need to respond to your new followers in person.

Address issues fast and answer all the questions from your followers. You should also impress other pots by liking and commenting on them. You cannot expect other people to appreciate your posts when you are not doing the same.

The second tip that is crucial is tagging. Have you discovered that some of your fans have an interest in a particular piece of information? It is good to tag them whenever you post on that topic. When you show such a personal touch, you will take your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

The third trick under these social media marketing tricks is linking. It is good to include links in some of your posts depending on your goals. If not, your followers will not know the step you would like them to take.

Link to other CTA (call-to-action), your website, and blogs. It will also help you to attract links from other websites. The best way to develop a successful social media marketing strategy is to encourage consumers to take action.

The last tip here is to make good use of hashtags. Use valuable hashtags to help your audience to cut via the enormous amount of noise.

Decide on a list of hashtags that your brand will be using in advance. Hashtags and neon internet signs that will make sure that your message is more discoverable. It is an effective secret for anyone who is looking for social media marketing tips for his brand.

9. Measure Your Results:

To close the loop, you need to hold the social media results up to the set goals. You need to see how the target compares with your actual achievement. If not, you will not have an idea of the strategies that are paying off and the irrelevant ones.

The first key metrics deals with the number of your followers. Get the total number of new followers that every platform receives. You need to compare this with your total goals.

It will be meaningless to look for social media marketing tips unless you measure your results. The most interesting social media channels will always attract new followers. You need to know the extent to which you bet new followers on social media.

The other metrics are your comments, shares, and likes. You need to assess the level of engagement that your target audience has with your social media posts. You will have a positive indication when you receive likes, comments, shares, and retweets. You need to note the content that receives the biggest responses.

It is also important to measure your clicks. These metrics will show you the performance of your social media efforts. It will tell you whether your content moves sales or not. It is good to know the number of clicks that come to your website or blog.

It will also show whether your followers took the next step. Your social media marketing efforts will succeed when you have a higher ability to draw visitors to your sales funnel.

The next metrics that most people overlook in social media marketing are downloads. When your audience visits your landing pages, they can take several actions. One could be to download high-value content such as white papers chalk and eBooks.

Such responses will tell you that you are on the right track. It is good to know the number of websites that take place on your website.

The last key metrics to social media marketing are leads. This is what you expect to get at the end of the day. A successful social media marketing strategy will raise the number of qualified leads your company gets.

This metric will tell you so much about your social media marketing efforts. You need to practice a lot of patience when looking for leads. It will take you a lot of time to nurture strangers to become leads. The case remains the same even with consistent posting and fantastic content.

However, if you do everything rights, these leads will eventually trickle in. Therefore, don’t give up when you think that the results are taking too long to come by.

10. Lather, Rinse and Repeat:

Apart from showing where you have been, your metrics also map out where you should be going. Therefore, you need to take the metrics that you gather and use them to massage your message. Most people overlook this idea when looking for the best social media marketing tips.

One type of content may create more engagement. You may also discover that certain posts attract more attention on particular days or specific times of the day. The content may also perform well on one platform and not another.

This data will help you to edit your strategy and hone it. You will realize an ever-increasing result for your social media efforts.


A successful social media marketing strategy poses several challenges to any business. You can easily take a wrong turn and end up with results that are less-than-thrilling. You may also begin on a high note and loss commitment or record a burn out along the way.

It is advisable to maintain your focus on these top ten social media marketing tips. These strategies work and you will be surprised by the volume of traffic that you will attract. You will increase the volume of traffic on your website leading to new leads.

These social media marketing tips will give you a high ROI on your efforts. It is what the leading brands in the market have been using to gain a competitive edge. will help you to develop the best social media marketing strategy.

Do you have any questions or comments about this article? Feel free to drop them here for further discussions. We have a team of social media marketing experts who will respond to all your queries.

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