Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Separating social media optimization from SEO is impossible. The two marketing strategies are interwoven deeply. The focus of these strategies is building a solid online presence and naturally attracting your target audience to the brand.

Therefore, a powerful social media presence will boost your ranking in the search engine. Several tips can help you to realize maximum potential from your social media optimization efforts. It is one of the best ways to get to the top of the SERPs.

The top ten social media optimization tips that this article focuses on include;

  1. Integrating social media into your website
  2. Focusing on keywords
  3. Growing your follower base
  4. Encouraging external inbound links
  5. Optimizing your posts for the search engine
  6. Sharing high-quality content
  7. Social bookmarking
  8. Micro-blogging
  9. Including Keywords in your social content naturally
  10. Creating social content that is worthy of social links.

In the next section, we are going to look at each of these social media optimization techniques. It is an excellent way to get your website at the top of the search results.

Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization:

1. Integrating Social Media Into Your Website:

Integrating Social Media

Blending your website and social media will help in boosting your online presence and promoting your brand. Fully exploiting social media on your company website is not a hard thing.

The first thing would be to integrate social media sharing buttons on your website. It is the best way to integrate your social profile to the site.

Include direct links for your social media profiles to the website. Also, include the links of your website on your social channels. These actions will help you to maximize the benefits that you get from social media optimization.

You also need social media sharing options on your blog post. Social media platforms such as Google Plus and Facebook enjoy high web authority. Therefore, linking on such channels is considered to be high-quality links.

You may have a relatively new social media profile, but it will begin to rank highly in the SERPs. The reason is that a social channel like Facebook has a high authority overall.

Allow your users to log-in or sign-up using their social accounts. Adding these features to the functionality of your website will deliver an excellent user experience. You will also experience a significant rise in conversions of registration.

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2. Focusing on Keywords:


You should align your social media and keywords to give your social media profiles maximum exposure. Keywords have a critical role to play in social media optimization. The most important thing is to use the keywords naturally.

It will help you to come up with the best social media strategy for your brand. Smartly structure the use of keywords to succeed. Also, target these key phrases in your social media page, company info, and social profile details.

However, add the keywords naturally so that your content does not look promotional and spammy. When you add foundation-level keywords to your pages, it will increase your visibility in the search engine. The action will also help you to rank highly in the social network searches.

Therefore, focusing on keywords will take your social media optimization efforts to the next level. Make sure you are using the most competitive keywords in the industry to succeed.

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3. Growing Your Follower base:

Follower base

You could be having a Twitter and Facebook page for your company but still struggling to get traffic from them. If this is the case, you need to re-think about the social media strategy that you are using.

Requesting your friends to make likes or getting fake likes will not help you much. The number of connections and followers on your social media profile has a significant influence on your site’s ranking.

However, Google has some stringent rules that create an open playground. The quality of followers is a significant ranking factor. You can do a lot of harm to your ranking by purchasing thousands of proxy followers.

The secret of social media optimization is growing your followers organically. The process is slow but highly effective in the long run.

To grow a network of organic followers, you should post engaging content consistently. The content can take the form of useful tips, informative articles, crisp and short videos, fun facts, and many more. You have to get the kind of audience that will hook up your website.

Uniquely present your brand and update to your users using the same voice. As your audience continues to increase, your visibility in the search engines will increase.

One of the best examples to share engaging content consistently and grow your following is Oreo. The brand knows the kind of content that can move their audience on social media. Most of their content goes viral after a short period.

It has the best Facebook campaigns in the market. The brand has highly entertaining cream vs. cookie videos. Social media optimization will be highly successful as you continue to grow your follower base.

Currently, this brand has one of the hugest following on various social media platforms. It has 14 million followers on YouTube, 599K fans on Instagram, and 42 million followers on Facebook. However, the number keeps on growing each day. We can confidently say that the professionals are doing a commendable job.

4. Encouraging External Inbound Links:

Encouraging more external websites to link to your content is a good SEO practice. It is an excellent way to take advantage of social media optimization. Strive to get diverse external links as this will increase your authority in Google.

Therefore, you should strive to get diverse links that are related to your website. It will only be possible when you publish high quality, engaging content on your social media platforms. When you begin to post such content, you should rigorously promote it by sharing on discussion forums and existing threads.

This exercise will help you to maximize external link sources. It will also make sure that you come up as an authority figure in the industry.

5. Optimizing Your Posts for Searches:

Posts for Searches

To extend the visibility and reach of your posts, you should optimize the posts for the search engine. You can increase the engagement of your posts by using a strong anchor. You can go for a video, well-designed infographics, an article, or link to a detailed case study.

You need an attention-grabbing, descriptive, and short title irrespective of the content type that you choose. This exercise is crucial in your social media optimization campaigns. As you share your content, well optimize that text that forms your title for the search type.

However, several people are struggling with this exercise. You can frame your title with a specific query. You can also improve your title by adding a few seasonal keywords to it. The action will make sure that you climb up the ladder in the search engine.

You will not succeed in social media optimization unless you optimize your posts for the searches. This exercise will make sure that your website stands out from the crowd.

6. Share High-Quality Content:

High-Quality Content

The changes in Google algorithm are enormous. However, the importance of high-quality content remains unchanged from the onset.

Consistently producing and sharing high-quality content on various social media platforms will increase the ranking of your website. High-quality content serves as the back born of social media optimization.

The meaning of high-quality content is that it should add value to the readers. No one will take the time to read through an article that does not make sense to him. You need blog posts that are educative, entertaining, and informative.

When your content adds value to your audience, so many people will begin to show interest in your brand. When you consistently produce great content, you will easily pass across your message and enjoy good readership.

One thing that you need to avoid is publishing promotional content. Let everything that you post help readers to make an informed purchase decision.

7. Micro-Blogging:

Microblogs are small in comparison to the regular ones. The length of these blogs is typically one to two sentences. You can use them in sharing short pieces of info, video links, images, articles, and different forms of tips or news updates.

The internet has several microblogging websites like Posterous, FriendFeed, and Tumblr, among others. You can use microblogs in fueling trending posts on social media. The good news is that you can manually or automatically direct them to your social media platforms. It all depends on the nature of the microblogs that you are using.

Microblogs are a great source of steady and crisp information to customers. It is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness.  When you generate high-quality content consistently, it will give your website a high level of exposure. It will improve the authority of your domain and improve your social media optimization.

8. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is the act of submitting website links to your social sites. All the links that you submit are public. It helps in participating in public discussions and networking and many more.

Do you think you are doing the same thing in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? You need to understand that there are specific websites for bookmarking. The most popular social bookmarking sites are, Bizsugar, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

The web pages that you bookmark ion these sites will help you to earn high-quality backlinks. It will give your backlinks a significant boost. High-quality links are good at increasing the Google ranking of your website.

Therefore, it is vital to market social bookmarking as a critical element of your SEO strategy. It is one of the best social media optimization techniques on the market.

9. Include Keywords in Your Social Media Content:

The search engine optimization of your site and social media efforts have a deep connection. You can improve engagement using your social posts. The secret is to include relevant keywords in your social posts and content.

Include the keywords you select carefully in your hashtags, posts, and links. It should take place whenever you are sharing content on your social media platforms. The practice will increase your ranking in the SERPs. Also, it will increase your brand visibility to a great extent.

In some cases, carefully choosing a hashtag post can work magic and make your sites more searchable. Using trending hashtags and relevant keywords will also assist followers in finding your profile. If they find your content to be engaging, there is a high chance that they will click through to visit your website.

Therefore, you cannot ignore the use of keywords while creating your social content. It is a critical element for social media optimization. Readers engage with your content first before interacting with your brand. It is content that will motivate the readers to visit your website.

10. Creating social content that is worth of Social Links:

Social Links

Social posts have a huge ability to go viral. The good thing with this content is that it is not only limited to social channels. You can aggressively use then in eBooks, blog posts, articles, and engaging presentations and videos.

Therefore, when you develop compelling social media content, other brands and people will want to refer to it. The content will help you gain backlinks to your website and social media profiles. It will also help you to increase your authority in the search engines.

With the right content, social media optimization will become quite easy. The most important thing is to make sure that you have content that will appeal to your readers.


In summary, there is a rank between the search engine ranking of a website and the social media pages. Therefore, you should pay close attention to social media optimization if you want to increase your visibility.

Therefore, social media is an extension of the general SEO practices. It has a direct impact on your brand identity, reach, online presence, and popularity. The best brand to help you reach your social media optimization goals is The strategy we use depends on your industry.

Have any comments, questions, and additions to this post? Feel free to share your sentiments with us for further discussion.

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