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Social Media Tips

We cannot run away from the fact that the demand for social media among entrepreneurs has been on the rise. However, a large number of people who own small businesses do not feel the savvy for social media. It is a high time to learn and apply the various social media tips if you want to take your brand to the next level.

Social media has so much to offer especially to small businesses. Most of the big brands that you see used social media to grow to where they are. Therefore, no one can underestimate the importance of social media marketing in the modern generation.

This article presents ten social media tips that will help you to grow your brand. It is one of the best ways to change the story of your brand for the good. You can choose any of them depending on the nature of your target audience.

The guiding principle is to have a clear understanding of your market. You need to target your audience depending on the platform they spend most of their time. Before looking at the various social media tips, it’s good to understand why social media is important for small businesses.

Why Social Media is Important for Small Businesses:

i) Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness

A small business will not grow unless it increases its visibility. Most consumers spend their time on social media, making it the best platform to build your brand awareness. Create relevant social media platform for your brand and use them in networking.

ii) Cost-Effective:

The challenge that most small businesses have is that they operate on a budget. You don’t have a lot of money to spend on your marketing efforts.

Signing up on social media is free, and it’s cheap to run marketing campaigns on these platforms. Therefore, you can be sure of a high return on investment from social media advertisement.

iii) Customer Engagement:

Customer Engagement

One of the best platforms to interact and engage with your customers is social media. You increase your chances of conversion when you engage with your customers.

Set up a two-way communication process for you to understand the wishes of your customers and meet them. It is an excellent way to pass across your brand message to your target audience.

iv) Improving Brand Loyalty:

When you have a high social media presence, your customers will find and connect with you quickly. It is the best way to increase customer loyalty and retention.

All businesses strive to develop a loyal customer base. Social media will help you to develop a bond with your customers. It’s the best direct communication channel between the business and its customers.

v) Healthy Customer Satisfaction:

Social media is a vital communication and networking platform. You can improve your overall brand image by creating a voice for the company.

When customers post comments on your web page, they will receive a modified response and not a computerized one. Customers perceive human responses to be natural and in a positive light.

vi) Marketplace Awareness:

Marketplace awareness will help you find the wants and needs of your clients without communicating with them directly. It is among the most valuable advantages of social media for small businesses.

Watching the activities of your fans on social media will help you know their interests. Social media will give you a better understanding of your customer needs.

vii) Brand Loyalty:

Brand Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty will make your brand more powerful. When you post on social media and respond to customer quarries, it will build a positive image in the hands minds of your customers.  Regular interaction with your clients shows that your brand cares for them.

viii) Increased Traffic:

Increasing Traffic

Social media is good at increasing the amount of traffic on your website. You will get more inbound links when you share high-quality content on your social media platforms. It is one of the best ways to get conversion opportunities.

ix) High SEO Ranking:

Social media presence is a critical determinant of ranking in the search engine. SEO requirements keep on changing when it comes to calculating SEO ranking. When you share your content on social media, it will send signals of constancy, integrity, and validity to search engines.

You cannot get all the above benefits unless you implement the right strategy. Here are the ten social media tips that will help your small business to grow.

Top 10 Social Media Tips For Small Business:

1. Select the Best Platform and Stick to It:

social media platforms

One thing you need to appreciate is that social media networks are not equal. Various enterprises attract different people. These individuals actively prefer and use different social media platforms.

Therefore, it is crucial to figure out your target audience and where you can find them.  Choosing the right platform is among the essential social media tips. To achieve this objective, you will require your buyer personas.

You will also need the profiles of your main types of consumers to narrow down to your target audience. After determining the top social media platforms, come up with the primary marketing strategy. It will help you in expanding your efforts for the other social media networks.

2. Hone the Voice of Your Brand:

Target Audience

It is a good thing to understand that you have multi-purpose buyer personas. Apart from finding your target audience, buyer personas will assist you in developing the voice of your brand.

I know this can be confusing to some of the people who are reading this point for the first time. In a nutshell, it means what you are saying, the way you are saying it or your brand tone, and your intention. It is one of the significant components of your brand personality.

You have to create it with your audience in mind if you want to attract the right people and engage with them. How does your target audience talk? What terminologies do they understand and use? What is their academic background? Does your voice fit the products and services you are offering?

You have to put all these elements of your target audience into considerations while creating your signature voice. It is one of the social media tips that the top brands use for success. It will help your audience to understand that you fit in their world.

3. Set Specific and Attainable Goals:


The main problem that most small business owners face is setting unrealistic goals. Your social media goals will determine whether you will succeed or not. Don’t go for vague objectives that you cannot define or the outlandish ones that are unattainable.

Like any other business initiative, be keen to set SMART goals. The beauty about going for clear-cut goals is that you can accomplish them within the set timelines. Moreover, use a plan to back your social media marketing objective.

These social media tips will make sure that you succeed in what you are doing. You cannot start on this journey before you know where you are going. Goals will also help you to measure your performance against the set targets.

4. Determine Your Posting Schedule:

One of the most crucial social media tips is planning. The attributes of a successful social media strategy do not include posting sporadically or randomly. It is not wrong to post occasionally when you mood hits or when you have an exciting thing to share with your audience.

These spontaneous posts should be an addition to your regular posting schedule. The advantage of consistency is that it heightens the anticipation for your content. It also increases your overall engagement and interest in your brand.

You can use one of the scheduling tools in the market to access all these benefits. The schedule will make sure that you stay on course with your social media publication.

5. Spy on the Competition:


The list of the top social media tips cannot be completed before you spy on your competitors. It will help you to determine the techniques that will work well for your target audience. Check out what the similar brands that have the same client base are doing.

You can learn so much from the successful businesses in your industry. Therefore, you must keep tabs on the competitors who are performing well on social media. However, don’t restrict yourself to spying on these competitors alone.

There is so much you can learn from small brands like yours that are struggling with social media marketing. As you continue to expand your knowledge about the best practices of social media, your brand will grow steadily.

In summary, you can learn from what the competition is doing right and use the insights to grow your brand. Besides, the errors that other companies are making can also be excellent learning points. It is good to have another person try and have errors on your behalf.

6. Do Not Keep Your Fans Trapped On The Platform:

Social media that is in a vacuum will not benefit your brand in any way. You can have many followers and remain active. However, your effort will be meaningless if these people are following your aimlessly. The most important thing is to have your follower take specific actions.

You may want the reader to check out your products and services, or read your latest post, among other actions. You will want to get some leads and sales from your social media initiatives.

Most of these actions take place outside your social media platform. It can be hard to encourage your follower to take these beneficial and meaningful actions off the platform. The secret is directing the traffic to your online store, blog, or site.

Make good use of the available linking opportunities to move people from your social media platform. It is an excellent approach if you are looking for practical social media tips for your small business. Use your bios, stories, and tweets wisely.

You can only get value from your followers when you convert them to sales and leads. It is better to have a few fans who add value to your business in terms of sales.

7. Balance Between Promotional and Human Posts:

One of your primary objectives is to get more customers. However, it does not imply that all your blog posts should have a sales pitch in the caption. You can even avoid adding a link to your online store in some of the posts.

You need to understand that the pushy self-promotion tactic becomes outdated so fast. The approach can become counter-productive an increase your bounce rate. Make sure that most of your posts are more human and not promotional.

Show personality and encourage readers to engage with you in all your posts. Allow your followers to know the fantastic people who are behind what your brand offers. The genuine and emotional connection will drive sales better than a full-time advertisement.

Look for the best ways of implementing these social media tips. 24/7 promotion on social media can do more harm than good to your brand. You don’t want to implement a strategy that will harm your reputation.

8. Wisely Choose and Use Visuals:

It is not hard to see why social media is among the most powerful senses. People use sight to develop feelings, adopt an opinion, and collect information. The sight will also help you to take the most appropriate actions while responding to what you have seen.

Most social media marketing professionals advocate for the use of high-quality videos and imagery. It will help you to leverage the power of vision for better business results. It is an excellent way to promote a positive opinion for your brand.

It will make readers to form a strong emotional bond with your mission, story, and brand as a whole. Visuals are excellent when it comes to moving people to take particular actions.

Some of these social media tips will help you to take your brand to the next level within a short period. The key is using high-quality images that communicate your brand message.

9. Engaging With Your Audience:

Engage Audience

Social media is all about creating meaningful engagements. Human beings appreciate accessible brands that appreciate their supporters. Using all opportunities to engage with your followers will make you become that brand.

Asking people to share their preferences, dislikes, likes, and opinions, etc. will help you display your interest. Be keen to like and respond to all the comments from your readers. Some actions may appear to be simple by they go a long way in growing your brand.

Some of the interactive features that you can use include Instagram and Facebook live. These platforms take engagement on social media to the next level. Invite passionate promoters to submit content to your social media platforms and share it with your audience.

These are some of the best social media tips to engage with your audience. Therefore, schedule some time for just engaging with your social media followers. You can be sure that your followers will thank you for taking such actions.

10. Keep on Learning:

If you are starting with social media marketing, you shouldn’t be an expert in all the areas to realize your goals. As you start small, put on the mindset of learning, and you will go far. Spend some time every day on various social media platforms.

Familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of the social media platforms as you try to learn new things. You will discover that you will accomplish so much than just rushing through the whole process. There is no need to try and force outcomes when you can get what you want through learning.


The social media tips in this article will help you to develop a substantial presence online. The most important thing is to make sure that you attract the right people to your website through social media. Using these social media tips will help you to grow your small business.

Even the leading brands in the market today started as small businesses. Take advantage of social media because most consumers spend their time there. The guiding principle is to choose a platform that is relevant to your business.

Have you been using social media for your small business? Share with us some of your comments or challenges here.

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