How Customer Relationships Can Be Improved Through Social Selling?

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Social Selling

Are you familiar with the term ‘social selling?’ Well, it is a process of maintaining long-term relationships with your customers through social media engagement. But, of course, it is unnecessary to engage with your customers through social media only. Still, due to the immense popularity of these channels, social selling is mainly happening through social media nowadays. 

Marketing your business and acquiring new customers is only one part of the larger business puzzle. Another piece of the puzzle is to keep nurturing those people so you can develop long-term customer relationships. This article will go over why developing customer relationships is so meaningful and share some strategies to get you started.

What Is Social Selling?

The process of relationship-building with customers for generating sales is known as social selling. This is frequently done through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, but it can happen either online or offline. Social selling works if you have a strategy and find the time to develop online connections with your customers and prospects. 

This involves interacting with their content, offering valuable insights that aren’t a sales pitch, communicating relevant content to their problem areas, and more. So, it is a B2B and B2C social media marketing strategy that involves using social networking sites to generate leads, sales, and one-to-one connections with customers. 

Why Is Social Selling Important?

Due to the immense popularity of social media marketing services, organizations’ and customers interaction has changed. Therefore, social media must be viewed as a channel for real-time communication and feedback.

So, just because you’ve acquired a new customer through lead generation or a sale, it doesn’t imply your job is finished. You must cultivate client relationships on social media so that they return again and again. If you apply social selling in your sales strategy, customers will begin to advocate for your company and aid in its promotion.

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, and building solid relationships with your consumers is a terrific way to keep them interested in your company. Customers who are enthusiastic about your business will not only continue to purchase with you, but they will also tell their friends and family about you. 

Therefore, Building good client relationships is an essential aspect of company and marketing. In addition, it’s less expensive and better to keep existing consumers than trying to convert new ones.

How Can Customer Relationships Be Improved Through Social Selling?

Sharing relevant content, communicating directly with potential buyers and consumers, brand building, and social listening are all examples of social selling strategies. It’s a technique for generating leads in which salespeople communicate directly with their prospects on social media marketing services. So, let’s find out how to improve customer relationships through social selling.

1. Using Social Listening

Social listening means you monitor specific keywords and topics online to ensure your find notable mentions of your brand or related items. If you use Sprout’s social listening tool, it will let you collect information on what people are saying about your brand. With this information, you can improve your online marketing strategies

In addition, you can also use this knowledge to publish a list of blog posts or learning resources that your audience wants to view. If you publish these posts, it will increase your brand awareness among the audience. You can even make more informed decisions to help customers solve their problems.

2. Listening To Customer Feedback

Many companies ask for customer feedback, but when you do something with the feedback, that counts. For example, you can encourage your customers to post feedback on your social media posts. It will help them start a conversation, and if you reply to their feedback, be it positive or negative, it will help you connect with them.

If your customers know that you care about their opinions, they will be your loyal customers. For example, you may launch a new product and ask customers about its opinions using a social media poll. If you implement your customers’ suggestions, it will generate their loyalty, which will undoubtedly be beneficial to your brand.

3. Personalizing Customer Experience

Another benefit of social selling is improving customer relationships through personalization. For example, you may add a live chat widget on your website to answer customer questions. Your audience will be able to interact with a real-time assistant who will address them by their names. So, it will make the interaction more lifelike.

You may use some creativity in your content marketing services to improve customer relationships. For example, if a digital marketing consultant uses email marketing, he can address the customer with his name while sending the mail. If you want, you can also add a personal touch in the body of the mail as that will improve customer relationships even more.

4. Creating A Relatable Brand Voice

Social media should be fun, so use it in a way that makes your audience relate to you. For example, you may sometimes notice brands release certain memes that make the audience jump in joy. It starts a conversation that the audience participates in without knowing how much they are helping the brand.

So, use content marketing services and social media marketing services tactically to make your brand relatable to your customers. You can also use the millennial lingo to build an instant connection with your audience. Looking at your competitors and seeing how they relate to the audience is also helpful in this context.

5. Offering Incentives And Rewards

Everybody loves free gifts. That’s why putting up some giveaway contests on festive occasions can be an excellent strategy to build customer relationships. The contests should also be easy so that your customers take part in them willingly. For example, you can share a post on Instagram and ask your customers to post a new hashtag on the content and tag a friend.

This is an effortless task on your customer’s part, and it also broadens your reach in no time. After the contest is over, the digital marketing consultant will choose which hashtag was the best and give that customer certain rewards. It will help your brand engage with your customers more significantly. 

6. Sharing User-Generated Content

Customers love it when they buy a branded item and post its picture on social media. They also love to tag the brand because it elevates their social media profiles. But, they don’t know that these posts also help the brands build stronger customer relationships. 

Such posts are called user-generated content. If a brand shows how the other customers are happy with their products, it generates more trust in other customers who were having dilemmas about the company before. But, you must ask the customer’s permission whose post you will use in your campaign.


We are highlighting the importance of building customer relationships through social selling in this article, and we have stressed the use of social media marketing channels in this context. But, you may wonder why haven’t we highlighted the offline aspects of social selling to build customer relationships. Well, that’s because we think social selling is more impactful when done online rather than offline. So, give this article a thorough reading, and apply these tips to your business now.

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