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Top 10 Website Design and Development Tips to Increase Revenue

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Website Design Tips

“Would you like to design a new website for your brand? You need to learn some web development and website design tips to help your site to stand out from the competition. Your web design has a direct impact on the performance of your brand.”

Why You Need to Learn Website Design Tips:

A good website should motivate visitors to take the next step of buying or contracting. The initial step is the conversion that occurs when your leads convert to become clients. Your website should not have a lot of traffic but a low conversions rate.

If you have the above problem, you need to find out why this is the case. Several factors can contribute to this problem. Web design can have a significant impact on the choices that buyers make. Website design tips will make sure that you are getting the best from your website.

Recent surveys reveal that assessment of products takes close to ninety seconds. Visitors will give your website at most eight seconds of that time. Design elements contribute close to 94% of the first impression. Besides, 75% of users will use web design to judge the credibility of your brand.

Most of the people who visit your website for the first time are not ready to buy. These users are investigating various options and comparing your brand to others. Look at how leaders in your niche design their websites to gain valuable insights.

Customers know how to differentiate between a good and bad website. You should be careful about the user experience. The website should not confuse or frustrate your customers.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best practices of web design. These web development tips will help you to enhance the optimization of leads and business success. You will also learn to avoid common web design mistakes. Some of them include cluttered layouts and lags in the site’s loading time.

Top Website Design Tips to Increase Revenue:

1. Key Website Design Tips: Keep Your Branding Consistent:

Branding Consistent

Consistency is crucial when looking for top web development tips. Web design that does not have consistent branding is confusing and stressful. You may come across a brand website that is all over the place.

It can be hard to tell how their logo and the brand color looks. You also need to know how the brand positions itself and the kind of services that it offers.

The best design practice for business websites having consistent branding. Stick to the predetermined brand logos, colors, and verbiage on each page of the website. It applies to typography, iconography, images, and videos. Each part of the web design and development should support the story of your brand.

2. Mobile Friendly:

One of the best website design tips to increase revenue is creating a mobile-friendly website. You can develop a nice-looking website when you view it on a laptop or desktop. But the same site can be hard to navigate, unorganized, and cluttered when you view it on your tablet or cell phone.

You can be sure of losing potential leads if your website falls under this category. 80% of consumers will not continue to engage a website that does not display on their devices. You cannot blame them because the experience is frustrating.

A responsive design will adjust the size of your browser. It will make it easy for users to get the information they are looking for without any stress. Responsive web design gives all the devices a code that adjusts according to the screen size.

The number of people who are using mobile devices to access the internet is on the rise. Thus, responsive web design is becoming the norm in the modern world. It allows users to get information in two adaptable perspectives. These include mobile and desktop versions which form the basis of website design tips.

3. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

Email is one of the old methods of connecting people. But it still keeps customers in the loop of your content and services. 77% of business executives prefer to get marketing communication via email.

Thus, emails are still relevant and hence you need to impress email marketing. The email capture form of your website should sync with the email marketing system. The approach delivers seamless connectivity and access.

Your target audience should not keep on searching for the email sign-up icon. The best web design practice is to place this icon in the footer or header of your website. Email marketing falls among the most effective website design tips across all industries.

4. Fast Loading Time:

page loading speed

One of the most crucial website design tips is the loading speed. Adding even one second to the loading speed of your page can reduce your sales by 27%. The average website size grew by 32% in 2013. The size of websites increases over time, and this can have adverse effects on the load times.

According to a recent survey, 47% of users expect a site to load in at most two seconds. Moreover, 40% of your visitors will leave the website if the page takes more than three seconds to load. Some tips can help you to keep the loading time of the site at the least.

You need a high level of skills when implementing these web development tips. Over time, you will discover that it is not a hard practice to implement.

The best website design tips to reduce loading times include:

  • Implement the Content Delivery Network:

The CDN takes the static files of your website like JavaScript, Images, and CSS. It delivers them on the servers that are close to the physical location of the user.

The servers will load faster because they are close to the physical location of the user. Professionals have different ways of implementing these web development tips to give you the best results.

  • Use New Image Formats to Cut the Size of Your Images:

Close to 61% of the page weight of any website on the desktop computer comprises of images. You can save bandwidth by switching between different quality and different size images. It will help you to reduce the weight of images by 20 to 50 percent without compromising the quality.

  • Work on Your Cache:

The cache stores the cached versions of your static resources. This process increases the loading speed of your web page and minimizes the server lag. When a user visits your website, it will serve the cached version unless there are some changes. It will save a lot of requests to the server hence increasing its speed.

  • Check the plugins on Your Server:

Most plugins bring new features and functionality to the website. A website that has several plugins will have a lot of work to load. It is among the website design tips that most website owners are not aware of.

  • Enable HTTP and Keep-alive Response Headers

The HTTP requests are simple because they grab and send one file and then close it. The process is simple but not fast. It allows the server and web browser to agree to use the same connection in grabbing and sending many files.

  • Allow Compression:

You can compress resources to reduce the number of bytes that the page is sending over the network. It is important to optimize your web content for compression. This can be done through the creation of consistency across the CSS and HTML code.

5. Create Strong CTAs:

The primary goal of any website is attracting a large target market. It should also tell customers what the brand offers. The ultimate aim should be to entice the user to complete a particular action. It could be signing up for a newsletter, setting up a consultation or downloading a case study. You need a strong call-to-action to convert the visitors of your website into new clients or leads.

A strong call-to-action should be part of your initial website design tips and not an afterthought. Positioning it in the right place of the web layout will make a lot of sense to your target market. For instance, you can place the ‘Learn More’ button on the top section of your web design.

Once the visitors know your company or brand, put the ‘Contact Us’ button at the lower section of the web design. These website design tips apply to any industry or brand.

 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


One of the simple but most effective website design tips is SEO. The practice gives your website a high ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Include relevant keywords throughout the readable and compelling content on your website.

It is crucial to add all the essential elements and SEO tags like XML sitemaps and schema. A reputable digital marketing company can help you to optimize your website. It will allow you to get a higher ranking in the search engine. You cannot increase revenue unless you apply these web development tips.

7. Website design tips for Easy Navigation:

Do you remember that statements of the beloved classic character of the 80’s Ferris Bueller? He stated that life moves pretty fast and you could miss it if you don’t stop and look around once in a while. This quote becomes meaningless when you are dealing with the load time of your website.

Users prefer to take the shortest time to get what they are searching for. People want simple navigation and the shortest loading time. Thus, you have to optimize the viewer experience of your website. It helps to increase the competitive advantage of your brand.

The most important pages on your website should have the highest accessibility. You can achieve these web development tips by;

  • Limiting the navigation menu bar to four to six options. The main navigation of most websites is at the top of every page in the header. As a result, horizontal top-level navigation has become a web design standard.
  • Search bars are crucial especially if your website has a lot of content.
  • Place the contact information in the right-hand corner and make sure it is visible.
  • Sticky ‘back-to-top’ buttons enable the users to scroll down to the content of their heart. It also allows them to go back to the top with the click of a button without having to scroll. You can be sure that nobody has all the time to do that.

Once you implement these web development tips, you can be sure that your pages will be easy to navigate.

8. Social Media Website Design Tips:

Social Media

No one can underestimate the power that is behind social media. You can use various social media outlets to drive content and promote your brand. Thus, you need to link your social accounts in any place that you can like guest posts, blog articles, and emails, etc.

Over 72% of websites have social media icons at the footer. It is one of the best website design tips to increase revenue.

The social media icons will steer your audience outside the website. Put this icon at the footer of the website as it can increase bounce rates, cost your traffic and even hurt results. Most visitors explore the website for a while before locating the social media icon. It leads to less skewed data for generating metrics on your website

9. High-Quality Photos:

High-Quality Photos

HubSpot reports that human beings can recall up to 65% of visual information for 72 hours. These people only recall 10% of the information that they hear over the same period. 37% of the human population are visual learners.

You can help your audience to gauge your content and brand by featuring quality photos. Professionals can help you to implement these web development tips.

High-quality images can help you to convert your online leads by;

  • Garnering more views to your website hence increasing your chances to convert
  • Enhancing user engagement thus visitors spend more time on your site
  • Reducing the bounce rate hence high ranking and more traffic
  • Forming a link between the company and customers. There is a high possibility that users will select your services.

10. Colour Scheme Website Design Tips:

Colour scheme is one of the most important web development tips. The color scheme of your website should exemplify the personality of your brand. Your text colors and background should provide enough contrast. If not, your visitors will have challenges reading the content. The users will conclude that your website is not appealing. Customers will recall your content more if you have an appealing site.

Website Design Tips: Final Thoughts:

It is good to apply all these website design tips if you want to increase revenue. You need to create a pleasing, innovative, and fast web design. It’s advisable to give this task to web development and internet marketing professionals. These experts will help you to get the best results.

These web design practices will make sure that your visitors trust and don’t reject your website. It is the best way to gain a competitive advantage in the niche and increase the productivity of your brand. Therefore, you need to take your time and conceptualize these website design tips for the best results.

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