Viacon- A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing Agency

Viacon- A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

“The journey of a thousand miles,

Begins with one step.”

                                                                                                                    Lao Tzu

Why Viacon Digital Marketing and Technologies Was Born?

With over ten years of experience gathered from working and troubleshooting at senior designations in some of the biggest Digital Marketing and Creative Agencies in India, we felt the need to start Viacon Marketing and Technologies.

Viacon was born out of a struggle to establish the most credible, transparent and honest Digital Marketing Agency in India. In order to do things that we felt were ethically right, and implement and execute ideas that offered the absolute best for our client, we started Viacon.

The cluttered and confusing world of Digital Marketing is guided by an inherent and selfish pursuit of profit at all costs. This translates into clients being cheated of hard-earned money by scrupulous agencies that promise the stars, but offer unsatisfactory levels of work.

We have set for ourselves ambitious goals; goals, which we believe will be fulfilled if our spirited and enthusiastic team works with a level of aggression, that will catapult not only them but also the company to heights that very few digital marketing companies have ever seen.

What Does Viacon Digital Marketing and Technologies Stand For?

Viacon stands for a belief, a conviction that has at its foundation the following 10 pillars-

1. Expertise:


We do not hire employees; rather we invest in team building. Every one of our team members is an all-powerful unit of technological and creative brilliance in themselves. Our team members are recruited only after a 3-step process that tests their skills, problem-solving capabilities, and people-centric approaches. We invest in the strength of character and recruit teams that exhibit the core values of our company. From skilled SEO Managers to creative Graphic Designers; from brilliant developers to artistic content writers; our teams perform and delivers at the highest levels.

2. Experience:


The higher management team of Viacon has over ten years of Digital Marketing experience individually. Working and delivering to some of the biggest brands in the world on Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Design and Development Projects, and Big-Budget PPCs. This industry experience is crucial when it comes to strategizing and assessing client specific requirements. Working with over 100 national and international brands, and delivery on time and affordable solutions have benefitted us with vast industry experience.

3. Commitment:


One of the strongest pillars of Viacon as a Digital Marketing Agency is commitment. We are committed to providing the best possible digital solutions for our clients based on their requirements and budgets. We do not shy away from being honest and speaking our minds about what we feel would be best for you. This means that even though a particular solution adopted by you, would be beneficial for us, in terms of remuneration, if we feel that it is not the right strategy or solution for you, we would advise against it.

4. Dedication:


Our team at Viacon is dedicated to helping our clients at all times. Each one of our team members, including the highest management, will be accessible to you on the phone, email, skype, or any other channels 24×7. We work according to the needs and demands of our clients, rather than focussing on weekends and holidays. We feel this is what makes us different, professional, and dedicated.

5. Honesty:


Even though digital is supposed to be a truly democratic and transparent domain, many digital companies try to manipulate the services and the costs to the client. One of Viacon’s core pillars is honesty! We do not only expect honesty from our team members between themselves, we also commit to being honest with our clients at every step of the way. That is what makes us unique, that is what gives us the ‘V-Factor’ in Digital Marketing.

6. Credibility:


Every one of our clients, no matter where they are based- Sweden, Netherlands, South Africa, or anywhere else, will vouch for our credibility in terms of delivering work, and releasing payments. We are very proud of the fact that we are one of India’s most trusted and credible Digital Marketing Company, dealing with foreign clients.

7. Affordability:

We are not here to make profits, nor are we here to be yes men to brand managers. We are here to offer services, rather than be servile. If you compare our services, and our pricing, with some of our competitors, you will understand our intentions for offering you a Digital Marketing solution. We are India’s most affordable and cost efficient Digital Marketing Agency, offering expert services for a fraction of the costs.

8. Relationships:


While we value your business, we value our professional relationship with you more. That means working extra hard to ensure that you as our client is satisfied with your agency. This is for the same reason that brand managers, and marketing heads, even though they leave their companies to continue to have us on board with them, whenever. We take great pride in establishing relationships that go beyond work, deadlines, projects, and ROIs.

9. Technology:


Viacon, unlike many other Digital Marketing Agencies, invests heavily in the latest and most technologically advanced platforms. We have at our disposal tools from Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, ActiveCampaign, Sprout Social, Buffer, and many more, which we continuously use to help our clients and their businesses. This means that in terms of technological investment, our clients are certain that their agency is the most dynamic.

10. Creativity:


We are dreamers, artists, divas, social butterflies, poets, visualizers, strategists! More than anything, Viacon’s team is a curious medley of personalities, always looking to create something radical, a break from the norm. To be a full-scale Digital and Creative Agency, imagination is necessary, and that is the only way to be successful. Change is our constant companion, and that is just the way we like it.

Viacon’s Aim: To Be The Number 1 Digital Marketing Company in India:

We are an ambitious, young, and aggressive team, and we have one single motive- to be the best digital company in India. To pursue that, we have not stopped from developing different verticals and evolving digital marketing solutions for the 21st century.

The company is also an incubation center for brands who want to transition from a physical brick and mortar presence and foray into the digital wilderness. We promise to make their transition easier, affordable, and transparent.

We are also developing our own product platforms, that we feel will help us offer many digital services to our clients and brands over and above what other digital marketing companies are currently offering. This includes innovating and creating various diverse products, platforms, tools, and services.

Even if a brand does not have the financial resources to set up their digital presence in terms of their company website, e-commerce platform, social media marketing, and other digital wherewithal, we at Viacon will strategize your digital solution in a way that is completely free for you! This is a big statement, but we will bear all the risks, the investment, the manpower, and the technology.

Viacon’s List of Digital Marketing Services:

Viacon Marketing and Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a 360-degree Digital Agency offering brands a complete and holistic range of digital marketing services and solutions, no matter what the scale or the budget of a particular brand. We find solutions that work for you and your brand.

1. SEO Services:

SEO Services

SEO services is a business investment. It is also a long term investment. A great SEO strategy integrates all other channels of digital marketing like SMM, Content Marketing, and website development. As the Number 1 SEO Services Company in Kolkata, Viacon has always worked with a ‘people over machines’ philosophy. Developing strategies based on the search behavior of your customers.

2. Website Design Services:

Website Design Services

The design services of Viacon will help enhance your brand’s presence on the internet. We mix great art with potent strategies to create perfect digital solutions for your brand. Our designers keep themselves aware of the latest from the world of design and developments. They refer to platforms such as Behance, Awwwards, Theme Forest and others regularly. We also test the website design on various browsers and platforms to ensure compatibility.

3. Website Development Services:

Website Development Services

At Viacon, We believe in creating a value that adds better experience to your customers who visit your website. This, in fact, has been a secret recipe that most of our clients are growing their ROI with our website development services. We believe in niche orientation. It simply means the web development tasks are undertaken by experts, and not interns or makeshift and stopgap folks.

4. Content Marketing Services:

Content Marketing Services

Great content from Content Marketing Services is what people share with friends, save for later, and remember down the line. When it really hits, content is as close to brand magic as you get. Today, there is more content around us than ever before, and the challenge for a brand is to stand out. At Viacon Content Marketing Services, we are creating content that resonates with your customers and brand philosophy.

5. App Development Services:

App Development Services

Today, most of the websites are interactive in nature. It simply means they react to user queries and wants. Viacon provides intuitive, user-friendly and extremely lightweight web applications for a variety of platforms and end users. Viacon Marketing and Technologies has an expert team of app developers that work on both Android and IOS platforms. They bring to life some of the most complex and integrated app services to clients.

6. Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing Services

Being active on social media will get eyeballs for your brand. Doubt anyone who tells you anything contrary to the same. As a Creative Agency offering Social Media Marketing Services, we help brands reach out, engage, connect and converse with their fans on social media pages.

7. Blogger Outreach Services:

Blogger Outreach Services


With over TEN years of experience in the Blogging and Outreach Community, we felt the need to create a platform. A stage based on trust, credibility, affordability and on-time delivery. With over 1000 Content Sites to choose from, we have an expert team of over 50 in-house outreach specialists. These experts are regularly updating our database and building relationships. Delivering only after verifying metrics from Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster.

8. Business Incubation and Development Services:

Viacon’s aims to be India’s Number 1 Digital Incubation Platform for start-ups and single entrepreneur businesses. We offer tech and manpower solutions, along with working with owners and brands for their e-commerce platforms. We do all this ‘FREE OF COST’, with our only aim being to establish a relationship with the brand.

9. Branding and Strategy Services:

Branding and Strategy Services

Our proven expertise and skill-sets are agnostic to industry, product, and service or individual. Viacon collaborates with companies to bring clarity to their brand. Viacon works with brands in order to build a personalized marketing plan and therefore, foster genuine customer experiences.  We develop meaningful content and engage people with actionable brand experiences that spark the human connection. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results.

Viacon: Be A Part Of The Journey:

Our intention at the end of the day is to create value for our clients.

With this conviction, we plan to embark on a digital journey. A journey that will take us to the zenith of being the Number 1 Digital Marketing Company in India. We invite all to be a part of this journey as job seekers, job creators, advisors, friends and family members.

It’s time to partner with a ‘Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency- Viacon.’

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I am so grateful that you have taken the time to consider collaborating with Viacon to serve you. While we are proud of our work and the results we will help you achieve … it is the relationships we build that will endure. I look forward to working closely with you and your team.

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