Women Empowerment: How To Empower Women Through Digital Revolution

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Women Empowerment Through Digital Revolution

Women empowerment has become a brand now. It is more than just an initiative. It is one of the processes that will benefit our society and help it grow diversely. And with the digital revolution that we are experiencing, women empowerment has come a long way. But this is not enough, women have more miles to go in the world of personal branding

In order to understand how to empower women through the digital revolution, we first need to understand some basic things along with women’s strength. 

1. What is Women Empowerment?

2. The Actual Meaning Of Women Empowerment.

3. How Important Women Empowerment Is.

4. Some Of The Projects On Women’s Environment.

5. Some International Seminars On “Women’s Empowerment And Its Problems.”

What Is Women Empowerment?

What Is Women Empowerment?

Yes, we all know that the very process of empowering women is called women empowerment. But what does it mean to empower women?

There are basically five types of women empowerment:

1. Social empowerment.

2. Educational empowerment.

3. Economic empowerment.

4. Political empowerment.

5. Psychological empowerment. 

When we are saying “empowering women,” we need to consider all these five aspects of women empowerment. The word empowerment in the term “women empowerment” implies accepting and including people or women into the process of decision making. 

Meaning Of Women Empowerment

With the definition of women empowerment, I have also dictated what empowerment means while we are using it with the word women. In past days, males were the center and only to take part in the decision-making process. But they are not the only social animals. There is another part of our society which consists of women. 

Men and women both complement each other. So, it is also important to include women in the decision-making process. This is vital for harmonizing society. And in order to do that, proper education and psychological empowerment are vital for women. And this empowerment should be implicated in politics and the economy mostly.  

Why Is Women Empowerment Important For Development?

Why Is Women Empowerment Important For Development?

It is clear that women empowerment is important for development. Whether it is the development of a family, community, or country, women play a huge role in developing a healthy society. 

Women are the mothers. They are the nurturers of new lives, so it should be clear that without her we won’t be able to build a healthy world. In order to guide the future generator and give them the proper education, ethics, morals, and knowledge, mothers are the workforce behind this. 

When women lead fulfilling, safe, productive lives, they will be able to reach their full potential. And their full potential will speed up the overall development of our society. Women also help in furling the sustainable economies along with benefiting humanity on a large scale. 

What Are The Projects On The Women Empowerment Through Digital Media?

There is no doubt that society and we have taken women empowerment on a more serious note and initiating several projects for empowering women. As we all know, the digital revolution is also playing its part quite well in empowering women just as it increases brand awareness. The UN Women or the part of the United Nations that is working dedicatedly for women empowerment is using a particular hashtag on the digital media platforms along with several other hashtags. 

Some of them are






The hashtag “#genderequality” is the priority here and used in a diverse way to represent women’s part in this society. In order to celebrate international women’s day on 8th March, UN women have started the #womenhistorymonth. They are also conducting webinars for their different projects in different countries or regions. 

There are also some local or regional groups or organizations that are working hard by putting a lot of effort into empowering women. The saddest truth is that women are those who still

have vivid images of women’s empowerment and somehow they are responsible for the injustice that is happening to them. So, several projects are also conducting to make them aware of it. 

International Seminar On “Women’s Empowerment And Its Problems”

United Nations Women

United Nations Women or the UN Women is a well-known name in the sector of women empowerment. They are working on a regional basis in different countries and continents, just like the UN Women India looks after all the projects related to Women Empowerment in India. The place of women is not similar throughout the globe.

Different regions require different initiatives and processes of implementing them. So, along with some international seminars on women empowerment, some national or continental seminars are also taking place in different countries and continents. 

The United Nations have conducted four World Conferences on women. They are

  1. 1975 in Mexico City.
  2. 1980 in Copenhagen.
  3. 1985 in Nairobi.
  4. 1995 in Beijing.  

The Beijing world conference is then following up every five years. So, the last one will take place in March 2020. It was the 64th session of the Commission. It was all about the 25-year review and appraisal of the Beijing conference. 

Empowering Women Through Digital Revolution

In this digital age, we always prefer the digital solution to almost everything. Our life is revolving around the revolution or digital world. And when I am saying “we,” I mean both men and women. Women empowerment is becoming more and more superior day by day, and we can not ignore the part that the digital revolution has played. 

As I have mentioned or discussed earlier, with some hashtags on women empowerment in digital media platforms, we can make more women aware of their potential and basic rights. Social media offers easy access to the whole world, which is being used by activists to spread awareness. Just the way we are using the digital revolution in order to increase brand awareness, we also need to use it for the awareness of women empowerment. 

Miles To Go

Yes, women have come a long way, and by holding the hand of the digital revolution, they will continue to cross more miles. There is one thing that we all want to keep in mind that the war is not between men and women. It is between the injustice that has happened or still happening with women. The agenda is to empower women, not to cast aside men. We all need to go more miles together for “women empowerment.”

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