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  • Client: Dorothy Jones
  • Date: 10-08-2018

About The Project

Online Marketing Tools is a one-stop solution for all small brands who are looking for software advice for their businesses. The owner had an idea of creating something on the lines on Industry leader, Capterra.

He was however, unable to find the right resources to do so. He wanted to keep costs at a minimum. But, no agency wanted to execute the project on a WordPress platform. They wanted to go for a PHP set-up.

The owner reached out to us with the idea in July 2018. He wanted to have the entire website done in a very short span of time. This included content writing and blog writing. Including reviews for technical software and tools.

We suggested that he go for an Affiliate Model set up and created his Affiliate Membership with several software providers.

Result in Graph

  • 31.7%
  • 100%


  • 36.3%
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  • 64.51%
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The Problem

The herculean task of planning, designing, executing, and creating content, all on a shoestring budget was challenging to say the least.

  1. Creating so many functionalities including review sections:

The ideal way to build OMT would be through a PHP .NET Core framework. That was the opinion of our chief developer. However, this development would have exhausted the owner’s entire budget. As there was a massive database work required, we needed to look at other avenues.

  1. Creating technical content for the Website:

The team was tasked with not only creating website content, but also writing reviews of sophisticated software. No matter what you say, writing a review for an Accountancy software is not an easy task. However, given the limited budget, we were forbidden to hire content experts.

  1. How to Generate Revenues from the Website:

A key challenge was exploring arenas and avenues of revenue generation. We could not go for traditional models like link building or sponsored posts as the owner was very clear about the authenticity of the model and his website. We had to look at other non-traditional models of revenue generation.

The Solution

We made the following suggestions and acted on it-

  1. Creating functionalities with WordPress-

As the owner was not technologically sound, we created the simplest custom WordPress set-up with the help of our expert WordPress design and development team. By using several plugins, we were able to create 90% of the required functionalities that he was looking for.

  1. We created an Affiliate Marketing Model for revenue generation-

We contacted all the software providers who had affiliate programs and created OMT’s affiliate accounts on each platform. We also worked with the team to help in creating templatised review and link insertion tabs to help the owner do it manually in the future.

  1. Writing Technical Reviews and Analysis of Software Tools and Products:

Writing software reviews can be a challenging ask. Even if you can ask the best content writers to do that, they will take some time to get used to it. We sat down with our brilliant content creation team and worked out a strategy. Within two months, we were able to create 60 pieces of product reviews and blogs for OMT. By this time, the design and development had already been done.

Skill Set used

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