• Site: https://snov.io/
  • Client: Valerie Frolova
  • Date: 15-02-2019

About The Project

Snovio is one of the most reputed and trusted Email Verifier and Validation Tools on the market. It works as an extension and helps in email marketing. It is a perfect tool for Marketers, Head Hunters and Sales Professional. The best part about Snovio is that the tool perfectly works on LinkedIn as well.

In terms of innovation, Snovio’s parent company is right up there with some of the top innovation and software based companies in the world. We were also fortunate enough to work with their sister concern, Famm.io. This is a Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management Software. We are currently working with them.

Result in Graph

  • 57.8%
  • 100%


  • 33.5%
  • 100%


  • 74%
  • 100%



The Problem

As we had to build a site from the ground up, the problems were of a different kind.

  1. New Site with absence of SEO Friendly Website Content:

    Snovio was an entirely new venture. As such we had to help them create SEO friendly content for their website. They also needed help with their Blog Section. We worked with native UK and USA based writers to create the perfect SEO friendly content for their site. Our SEO team did a complete survey and Keyword Research. We identified a list of 100 Top Keywords and got cracking on the first ten right away.

  2. No Backlinks:

    With such a high profile client, it is essential that the backlinks are created on high authority sites. Our aim was to build 100+ backlinks every month. However, in our 6 month contract, we were able to build 673 backlinks in the budget of 600 backlinks. We worked with some of the top publishers to seed content and links. We also created High Quality Long Format Content that helped us with Guest Posting.

  3. Local SEO and Directory Listings:

    Even though Snovio is a Scandinavian based company, they wanted to do Local SEO in USA and UK. To this end, we worked with several local contacts in USA and UK and aimed to set up their Local SEO bases in the relevant countries. This involved setting up GMB, Yelp, and other business listings. This was a tough ask as we had to use our skill, expertise and negotiations to cross connect Local SEO activities.

The Solution

We made the following suggestions and acted on it-

  1. SEO Friendly Website Content:

    We created keyword friendly website content and converted short articles to over 1000+ words. This gave the articles brevity and helped us refurbish old content. We also helped create their Blog Section as a repository of rich keywords. This helped boost their Inbound Marketing credentials as well.

  2. Good quality external links (Total- 673 External Backlinks in 6 Months):

    We created a Link Building Strategy, which involved Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting. We worked with some of the best tech bloggers to seed content and run lead generation campaigns. Our target was 600 backlinks. However, the skill and expertise of our Link Building team helped create 673 permanent backlinks.

  3. Set up a Content Marketing Strategy for Snovio:

    We always advise clients to have a strong Blog presence. This helps in accelerating Google crawling and Google indexing. It also helps refresh content and provides rich keywords. Our Content Strategy involved doing keyword research for titles and creating 2000+ word content. Our expert team of content writers was able to execute the content flawlessly.

By doing the above three activities, we were able to execute a near perfect SEO strategy over three months. This helped Snovio with improvements in search rankings, backlinks, improved metrics and more leads.

Skill Set used

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