• Site:
  • Client: Ejaz Ahmed
  • Date: 10-06-2019

About The Project

Tour and Travel Blog is the brainchild of a young, enthusiastic and ambitious travel blogger. The site aims to be a one-stop platform for all things related to travel. Its expertise lies in offering new information that is not available on generic travel platforms and blogs.

The owner reached out to us in March 2019 and asked us to develop a Custom WordPress Theme Blog Development. We worked with our designer and developer on the processes and the execution.

She also wanted to quickly compose some pieces of content for the site. We hired a travel writer and created more than 50 content pieces/blogs within a month. Her intention was to earn from the website through sponsored posts.

Result in Graph

  • 20%
  • 50%


  • 45%
  • 100%


  • 30%
  • 68%



The Problem

As we had to build a site from the ground up, the problems were of a different kind.

  1. Finding an Aged Domain:

In order to improve DA, DR, Alexa Rank and others, finding an aged domain from the travel industry was critical. Luckily, for us, our contacts were able to give us ‘’. We ran it by the owner and she liked it immediately. The cost? Free (as we are a full-scale content marketing firm, we exchanges a few services with our contact). End result- the client got a three year aged domain.

  1. Plagiarised Content on articles that were already written:

The client had some articles that she was compiling with the help of a Freelance Content Writer. We ran all the articles through our Premium Copyscape Software and found glaring red flags. We corrected all the content that was plagiarised and created fresh content for her for all the remaining topics that she had.

  1. A New Design that was not similar to any other website:

She wanted an affordable design and development process. We showed her several hundred travel inspired WordPress themes. However, she did not like any of them. She wanted her website to stand out completely. With a shoestring budget, this was quite difficult.

The Solution

We made the following suggestions and acted on it-

  1. Removed Plagiarised Content and made all Articles 1000+ Words-

We created keyword friendly travel content and converted short articles to over 1000+ words. This gave the articles brevity and helped us refurbish old content.

  1. Good quality external links (limited to 5):

We created a custom PSD Design for her new website. In order to keep costs down and also integrate all functionalities, our expert WordPress development team developed the PSD from scratch. This helped us keep the model flexible and we could add as many customizations as possible.

  1. Set up a Content Marketing Strategy for

Monetizing a website is a painstaking task. We asked our content marketing team to work out a quality guest posting strategy for the website. This helped us get fresh content for our site. We also started accepting link-building projects from other agencies and brands. Long story short, the daily earnings of the website is over $100 USD.

By doing the above three activities, we were able to deliver a fully functioning custom designed and developed WordPress website in under a month!

Skill Set used

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