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Why Work at Viacon?

Viacon has always been about improving lives, giving opportunities to young and ambitious professionals, and powering change. Whether it is using and innovating upon the latest technologies, or benefitting clients, we have never taken the short route.

Top International Clients

Our business units work with top international agencies located in New York, Singapore, Dubai, London, and Sydney. With 0 Indian Clients, our aim is to connect and work with a truly global and international diaspora.

Fastest Growing Organization

In the last three years, we have grown from 3 members to 75! Whether it is in terms of physical office space, the number of clients, or the expansion of our business and tech products, there is growth everywhere you see.

Learning, Training, and Development

We heavily invest in the learning and development of our members. Whether it is helping them with the top paid tools or fulfilling their dreams of taking an Online Course for skill development.

Our Core Values

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller

Everything that we have been able to achieve here at Viacon has been largely because of the contributions of our great team members. We have been able to achieve success, productivity, and growth in a short span of time thanks to our core values.

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Whether it is working with clients, or sharing information about the business, transparency is at the core of what we do. If we are doing it right and from the heart, there is nothing that we need to hide.

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Customer Centric

At the heart of Viacon and its different units and teams are the customers. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of work, within the tightest deadlines, and the promise of greatest affordability. We value our clients deeply.

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Knowledge sharing is a critical part of how we operate. We ensure that our teams are aligned and working in unison throughout. The same is true when we work with clients all over the globe.

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We trust our team members. This is because we believe that if there is no trust, there is no progress. Trust is the very foundation on which we have build the organization. Integrity allows us to be focused towards our goals.

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We are passionate about everything that we do. Our passion stems from being the best and taking on bigger agencies with larger resources. We love the underdog status and that is what gives us strength.

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We know that learning is integral to growing. We encourage team members to keep learning skills, doing online courses, and getting as much exposure as possible. Unless we empower, we are not adding value.

Our Events At Viacon

Building strong professional relationships can only be possible if you take time out from work and create happiness. This is why we love to have fun, hold events, celebrate festivals, and birthdays with as much gusto and fanfare as possible.

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A Word on our Company Culture from

our Founder and CEO

Mashum Mollah- Founder & CEO

For the longest time, I have been trying to define what company culture is. To be honest, I could not come across one definition that is truly representative of who we are at Viacon. I then understood that rather a destination, company culture is more akin to a journey.

It is everything from behaviors and actions, to promotions and resignations. In between you will have growth, evolution, and challenges. You start to realize that a company’s culture never stops, it keeps going on just like a feeling, a belief, a chain of though.

I am no one to define or uphold Viacon’s culture. In fact, It is the team members and employees that have made us, shaped our existence, and developed our culture. I thank them for helping us build this organization.

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