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Create Your Digital Identity with the Best Web Development Agency in India

Viacon offers the most affordable Web Development Services in India. We work only on the latest programming languages like Angular, Larval and .Net Core to offer the best services to our clients.

From highly dynamic websites and technically advanced websites to Custom WordPress Theme Development, no job is beyond the prowess of the number 1 web development company in India.

We also excel in creating custom E-Commerce Websites on both Core PHP as well as through themes such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

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What We Do

At Viacon, We believe in creating a value that adds better experience to your customers who visit your website. This in fact has been a secret recipe that most of our clients are growing their ROI with the best website development services.

Website Development

Viacon is a web development company par excellence. We always let our experts take the lead is designing and developing the best websites for your business. Whether the website is static or dynamic, we use the latest languages and codes to help you stay on top of your digital game.

Payment Gateway

We understand that most brands integrate Payment Gateways to their sites. At Viacon we integrate almost 70% of all websites made with Secure SSL encrypted Payment Gateways. This ensures that your financial data is always secured and fool proof.

Website Maintenance

Our Web Development Services do not stop once we have delivered the website to you. We offer 6 months of Free Website Maintenance Service. This is the best in the industry. We work with your internal teams to help understand every aspect of your website and make the transition easier.

Ecommerce Website Development

Whether you are a B2C brand, or a B2B brand, we can make e-commerce websites for you. From cutting-edge dynamic websites to cost-effective ones from Shopify and WooCommerce themes, our teams are able to deliver anything that you require.

Mobile Application Development (App)

App Development is an extension of your brand’s website. We work with Angular and .Net platforms to help you extract the app from the core programming in no time. We offer expert App Development Services for both iOS and Android. Total time- within One Month!

Custom WordPress Development

Our expert WordPress team creates websites from scratch. The designs are done on PSDs and then coded with functionalities that are required by clients. We promise custom WordPress website and theme development at the most affordable prices.

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  1. 1. Information Congregation

    We only begin Website Development journey after sitting down with you and understanding your needs. This is the most crucial aspect of any web development project. We build on all your information and needs through a systematic flow-chart. This also the stage where we discuss a basic wireframe and templates for your website.

  2. 2. Brainstorming and Ideation

    After we have collated all the information, we start the process of planning the website. This is where the language platform, chat-bots, database, CMS integrations and other technical requirements are defined. We understand that not all brands need similar solutions. Hence, we always tailor make our web development services to the needs of our clients.

  3. 3. Designing the Website

    Our expert web designers create several templates that will help you understand how the website is going to look. We invest heavily into doing things the right way and not through template stores and platforms. We create PSDs, which are then coded. Either way, our designer should allow you to view your project throughout the design and development stages. The most important reason for this is that it gives you the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on the site design.

  4. 4. Development

    In the web development, stage our programmers work their magic by showing you the how the Front End (Post HTML and CSS) will look. This is also the stage where you will be able to see all the database work that is going on. We are adept at coding in the latest languages like Angular, .NET, Laravel and .NET Core. We also have a separate WordPress Theme Development team that is fantastic when it comes to WordPress web development.

  5. 5. Final Testing and Handover

    What separates us from other web development companies is the time-frame that we give our clients when it comes to the testing phase. This is something that we take seriously. There is no point handling over an untested website with faulty controls and commands. We have instituted a separate website testing team that goes over all aspects of your website. We promise you that you would not even need as SEO team, once we are done with your website.

  6. 6. Month Maintenance

    Our maintenance period stretches well beyond what our competitors offer in the market. We ensure that your internal teams are able to understand every aspect of the website. This helps make the transition easier and fulfilling for our clients. We understand how the smallest things can have an impact on your brand. Our maintenance also includes design or content work that you would need.

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